Top Ten Biggest Problems with Daisy Fans

Daisy Daisy Daisy... Oh god how she has an annoying fanbase. Here's their biggest problems,

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1 They primarily attack Rosalina fans

Thank god I was on here to stop the constant Daisy worshipping and Rosalina bashing. I am a hero and the rest of you are too. Lol. - DCfnaf

I know right?... Plus, they think Rosalina replaced Daisy when she did not. Rosalina is just a new addition to the Mario cast.

I hate it when this do this to me and the other Rosalina fans. And I'm a good fan to! I'm not rabid like them!

They send death threats to Rosalina fans as well - yunafreya648

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2 They attack you if you say anything bad about Daisy

Yep - ParkerFang

3 They hate every other female Mario character

Daisy fans are really aggressive for example one of them leaves really mean comments about the other girls like Mona, Wendy, Captain Syrup, Queen Bee but he always defends Daisy and Rosalina.

She's still better than Waluigi. But her fandom is cancerous - yunafreya648

Because they're "girly" - ParkerFang

Some even hate on Toadette and Birdo - Randomator

4 They complain about how Daisy hasn't been in a major game

Super Mario Land enough said - Randomator

Not every fan is like this - just a few less informed ones don't know about her appearance in Super Mario Land. - Entranced98

She's now confirmed in Super Mario Run - hunnyqueen09

5 They overreact to everything
6 They are obnoxious

Yep - ParkerFang

7 They like baby Daisy

Please don't attack me. I messed this reason up. I made a mistake it happens. I'm human - Randomator

I typed this wrong. It should have been: They ignore that Daisy lead to the creation of baby Daisy - Randomator

So having a perfectly harmless opinion is a problem... - Entranced98

Oh - ParkerFang

8 They hate Peach

Weren't they friends at one point? Anyways Daisy wasn't any better she's just the damsel in distress for her big moment in Super Mario land - Randomator

9 They always scream "Hi, I'm Daisy"
10 They are as bad as the Waluigi fanbase

Waluigi's worse

I'm taking about Smash bros - Randomator

I find Waluigi worse but Daisy's still bad - ParkerFang

Waluigi is just filler and Daisy isn't - yunafreya648

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11 They bully Peach fans

Because they like the character - ParkerFang

12 They make Rosalina look bad by comparing her to Peach

You mean they compare her to Daisy - yunafreya648

I hate when they call Rosalina a clone when she isn't! Rosalina is blonde but her blonde is lighter and better than Peach's. They hate Rosalina for three reasons.
1. Rosalina is a peach clone
2. Rosalina replaced Daisy in games 3. Rosalina is a new character

13 They act like Rosalina is everywhere

They're right

14 Everyone defends them and it's so annoying
15 They send death threats to those who say a positive opinion on Rosalina
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1. They primarily attack Rosalina fans
2. They attack you if you say anything bad about Daisy
3. They hate every other female Mario character



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