Movie Review/Rant - The Emoji Movie

MegaSoulhero (Takes a deep breath) I just watched the Emoji Movie. Sony's most recent film. The trailers for it made it look pretty bad. A movie about emojis is such a stupid idea. So I thought that this movie would be bad. And after watching it, I can safely say..... IT WAS ATROCIOUS!!!!!!!

WHAT IN THE WORLD!? THIS IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST, MOST IDIOTIC, WOW!!!! Anyway, the main character named Gene, voiced by TJ Miller, is supposed to be a "meh" emoji. However, he's able to express himself with more than one emotion. Causing him to be different from the rest of the emojis. To avoid being deleted, he has to go with a hand emoji named Hi-5, voiced by James Corden, and a hacker emoji named Jailbreak, voiced by Anna Faris, and they travel through a bunch of different apps to find a code that will help Gene just have one emotion. And throughout this journey, we don't care about what happens to the characters BECAUSE THIS MOVIE IS STUPID!!!! What were they thinking!? I can't imagine WHY they thought a movie like this would be a good idea! Not only is the movie stupid, it's cliché! We've seen the whole "be yourself" kind of message done so many times in movies! And it was done even better in those movies! The entire movie is basically a mixture of Wreck-it Ralph, Inside Out, and the Lego Movie but with out all the things that made those films so great! Even the robots that chase Gene around look a lot like the robots from the Lego Movie! There is NOTHING original here! There's also this one plot twist that is very similar to Wreck-it Ralph!

The character Gene is very bland and uninteresting! I like TJ Miller, but this was his worst role by far! Hi-5 is absolutely annoying! He's supposed to be the comic relief but he's just so unfunny! Jailbreak is the best character in the movie, and I still thought she was boring! Anna Faris has been in worse movies but I don't know why she agreed to do this! And the relationship between Gene and Jailbreak is very forced! Absolutely no development! Sir Patrick Stewart plays the poop emoji. Such a waste of a celebrity! He's barely in it and only has a few lines! All of his lines are poop jokes! And yeah, none of the humor was funny! I didn't laugh once! I didn't even smile! Oh and speaking of smiling, there's an emoji called Smiler who always smiles. She's the villain because a lot of villains like to smile in a creepy way. It's just very annoying. I also thought the movie was very mean-spirited! So if an emoji is a malfunction, they get deleted? WHAT EVEN!?!? THAT IS JUST WRONG!!! There are a few scenes that focus on Gene's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Meh. Since they're "meh" emojis, they always look bored and speak in monotones voices. Which is what they're supposed to do. But if that's the case, don't have scenes focusing on them! It just makes the movie even harder to sit through! It's just so painful! The entire movie gives me physical pain!

Part of the plot revolves around a human character named Alex and the emojis we see in this movie all live in his phone. Which is, again, very similar to Inside Out! Alex is too nervous to talk to a girl he has a crush on, so he communicates to her using emojis. So wait, he is scared to talk to her but was able to get her phone number? What? That doesn't make a lot of sense. By the way, in the movie, one of the characters says that emojis are the most important invention in the history of communication! So basically if you get into a horrible accident, just send someone an emoji and everything will be fine! Wow this movie is stupid. After Alex accidentally sends the wrong emoji and some apps on his phone start going crazy, he decids to go to the phone store and get his phone wiped. He does know that he can easily go into settings and reset the phone. Right? This movie is pretty much full of plot holes! The resolution at the end is just one big deus ex machina! It makes no sense!

Spoiler Warning

At the end when Alex is erasing the data from his phone, he sees the girl he likes in the phone store and then finally sends an emoji letting her know how he feels about her. And then, after the phone is almost done having its data erased, he unplugs it and everything on the phone comes back. WHAT THE HECK!? That's not how phones work! When the phone is nearly done being erased, the stuff that has already gotten erased stays erased! It doesn't just come back when you unplug it! I hate this movie so much! Seriously! Did the writers do any research!? Also, Gene gets to keep his ability of making multiple expressions and people are able to use him if they want to express multiple emotions. Which again, doesn't make any sense BECAUSE THEY CAN JUST TEXT MULTIPLE EMOJIS!!!!

End of Spoiler

Throughout the movie, in what is basically a Wreck-it Ralph ripoff, the three main characters travel from app to app which leads to the longest commercial for mobile apps! It is not subtle! At all! There's this whole scene that takes place in Candy Crush! In that scene, you hear the terms "tasty" and "delicious" which are words used in the game! They also go to Spotify and in that scene, you hear a bunch of songs that people of this generation would listen to! One of the songs was "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"! No one even cares about that song anymore! They also go to the Just Dance app for no reason but just so they could have Just Dance in the movie. It's ridiculous! There's a scene where Gene's parents go to the YouTube app and they're watching Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! A video that no one cares about anymore! The references in this movie are not going to age well! Seriously! There's also a part when they fly on the Twitter bird! A plot point in this movie is that they have to go to Dropbox! I don't know what to say! This movie is just... wow! Just wow! Nothing makes sense! Almost every review I've seen for this movie has been negative. It currently has an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 1.4 on IMDb! This movie has been getting a lot of hate! But part of me was thinking maybe it won't be as bad as I thought it would be. Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! IT WAS MUCH WORSE!!!!

The Emoji Movie is the worst animated film I have ever seen! It's worse than Foodfight, it's worse than Mulan 2, it's even worse than Norm of the North! Every second of this movie was just painful! It's the most pointless movie to come out in a long time! The whole concept is just stupid! The characters are stupid! The dialogue is stupid! I can't think of a single redeeming quality in this film! Don't watch it! Do not go see this film! It's not even a so bad it's good movie! It's just bad! AWFUL!!!!

Score: 0/10 💩


Well. Said. And that poop emoji you put in your rating for this movie was the icing on the cake. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think if I watch this, I'll go nuts. Ever since it was announced, I knew it would be horrible. What is the point of making a movie about emojis?! Also, what a waste of a cast of people who can be good actors. Especially Patrick Stewart, I feel like a movie like this having an actor as great as him is an insult to said great actor. Sony REALLY needs to up their game, last good animated movie from them was Hotel Transylvania. - Elric-san

"The Emoji Movie is the worst animated film I have ever seen! It's worse than Foodfight, it's worse than Mulan 2, it's even worse than Norm of the North! "

Uh...that's a bit of a stretch, but I respect your opinion. in my opinion, Foodfight makes TEM look like The Lion King. - visitor

I'd say The Emoji Movie is the most pandering animated film of all time rather than the worst animated film of all time. Still, doesn't change the fact that it's one of the, if not, the worst movie of 2017. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It doesn't give my casears and have you seen Rataoing? - visitor

Did you sneak into a theater or pirate it? - Trollsfan536

I found the movie on some website. I don't remember which website though. - MegaSoulhero

Animat's review of The Emoji Movie comes out on Friday, correct? I have seen your comment on YouTube in his recent Animation Podcast confirming it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes. He usually uploads reviews of animated movies a week after they come out. - MegaSoulhero

Just in time for my birthday! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mijnes on 9th august - visitor

I haven't seen it yet but to be honest the hate is kind on it is kind of overwhelming - Neonco31

Wow. Sounds like this movie is the epitome of Hollywood's dumbed down...ness. Nice rant. The irony of that poop emoji at the end, lol. - visitor

Yep its bad, but transformers 5 insulted my childhood, so.. - visitor

Saw it. It sucked. And another Spoiler that pissed me off: How did the robot get through Dropbox and past the firewall? It's like they didn't even TRY. - DCfnaf

I saw it as well. It was a terrible, horrendous cliché ripoff of Wreck-it Ralph, Inside Out and The LEGO Movie!

You may realise that the Jailbreak emoji is a ripoff of Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie. And I was pissed to see the "I LIKE TRAINS" song in the film and all of the other YouTube videos. I felt sorry for the creators of the videos who got some of their content featured in the worst movie of the year.


Maybe there could have been some ways that the movie could've been good.

- Jailbreak is less of a Sombra (Overwatch)/Wyldstyle (The LEGO Movie) ripoff, personality and design wise.

- Also make her hacking gear green instead of purple (to lessen the chances of getting probably sued by Blizzard Entertainment).

-The poop emoji and the poop baby are never present in the film. Seriously, I bet they were only there so they could get a big-named VA in the film. (You could decide is this is a good idea or not. I don't care. Not even what my preference is.)

-The characters are less bland.

-The plot is less cliched and boring.

-Have it be released in theaters in 2015, when emojis were actually relevant.

-Less shoehorned product placement.

-Get some company OTHER than Sony to make it.

Got the list from "How to make Bad Movies Good" on the Random-ness Wiki. - visitor

Rant on the lego ninjago movie when it comes - VideoGamefan5

Megasoulhero, are you going to reply? - VideoGamefan5

I can't promise that I'll rant on a movie if I don't know if the movie will be good or bad. - MegaSoulhero

Ok, but do you think it looks good or bad? - VideoGamefan5

Thry scrapped Popeye movie in favor for this -_- - visitor

Hollywood ran out of ideas - PeeledBanana

I like how there's a character in The Emoji Movie named 'Gene' when there's actually a character called 'Gene' in Wreck-it Ralph. - visitor

I do not hate Sony Animation. I just find them a fustrating studio - iliekpiez