Biggest Problems with Final Fantasy VI Fans


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1 They bash anyone who doesn't like the game

...I wish I didn't stumble onto this list. It's not because I'm a fan, it's because I don't want to interupt someone's privacy. - Gehenna

Listen to all FFVI fans, if you want everyone to love 6 then stop being so rude and brag about how it's the best game. It's so annoying when you guys do that. I know it's your opinion but no need to shove it. - yunafreya648

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

2 They bash VII and other FF games

You all act just as toxic as they do...

I know right? And they say 7 and 8 are trash when it's really 6.

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

Basically VII, XIII, VIII - ParkerFang

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3 Most of them worship Kefka or Terra

I can't stand deluded FVII fans that try to piss on a superior game. What makes you hate VI so much? Just because VI is a much better received game with fans? Besides neither is the most hated game in the franchise. For the record VIII fans also tear on VII so why don't you pick on them too?

I hate Kefka with all my heart this list is awesome

Say something bad about them and their fans will go nuts - ParkerFang

Kefka fans are worse. They're like Waluigi's but worse - yunafreya648

4 They complain about 7 being overrated

When VI is becoming overrated too - ParkerFang

Kefka's trash - yunafreya648

FF 7 and 8 are trash

5 They brag about how VI was the best game

I know it's their opinion but just shut up about it - ParkerFang

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

6 They make stupid comments like "VI>VII"

I know they're doing that on purpose - ParkerFang

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

7 Some bully people

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

8 They bash Sephiroth

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

Mainly because people like him - ParkerFang

He deserves to be bashed.

Hey it's not our fault we like Sephy

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9 Don't realize that no one has to like VI

My friends hate that game because it's got no main character and they love main character/ leader. So that's why they love 7 the most. 7 is popular for many good reasons 6 I don't know... - ParkerFang

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

10 They even say that the characters are better than VII's

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

They are. Cloud is trash hun.

Who caaares? - ParkerFang

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11 Sephiroth and even his remnants are cooler than Trashka

Even though his remnants are underrated. An it's Kefka - ParkerFang

12 They get butthurt

Kefka is still trash - yunafreya648

Yuna is trash

13 Kefka will not always be the best villain but he is a great villain

Seymour and all the other villains>Kefka - yunafreya648

He's just trash so you deal with it - yunafreya648

Deal with it

14 Kefka will forever be trash

Let's not go too far Yunafreya - ParkerFang

15 Ultimecia is better than Kefka
16 Kuja is much more powerful than Kefka
17 They hate VIII because it's a love story

Kefka is trash - yunafreya648

18 They treat it like it's God
19 They think it's a superior game
20 They are trash
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