Biggest Problems with the Koopalings Fanbase

The Koopalings... Bowser's 7 bosses. They have built a fanbase. But boy are there some problems with it.

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1 Are completely unorganized

There's 2 types of koopaling fans.
1.) fans of all of the koopalings
2.) fans of an individual koopaling
The two types don't really feel connected. Type 2 fans typically don't like the rest other than 1 maybe 2. So in reality it's 7 fanbases inside of 1 - Randomator

2 Primarily attack Bowser Jr.

Bowser jr fans are harsh to the koopalings too so stop blaming just them

Because he's better than all of them and koopaling fans know it - Randomator

Bowser Jr. Is the only one with a personality

How can any of the koopalings have a real personality if they barely contribute to the plot? Bowser Jr has some personality because he actually does something to contribute to the plot of Super Mario Sunshine. - Randomator

3 Say they have unique boss battles

Haha nope it’s the same principle every time. Jump on their head 3 times - Randomator

4 Complain that Bowser Jr. stole Ludwig's throne

Bowser Jr has done way better in 3 main game appearances than Ludwig could ever hope to be in all of his game appearances - Randomator

5 Complain they aren't in enough games

Umm they are in just about everything! From paper Mario and Mario & Luigi to Mario Bros to Mario kart. Heck even smash. What else do you want? Mario party? - Randomator

6 Don't realize how overrated they are
7 Think they are unique

They just seem like clones of each other that look like Bowser - Randomator

8 Too much fan art

He has a point

Honestly it’s almost as bad if not worse than the Sonic Fanbase - Randomator

9 Think they should be Bowser's kids when it is confirmed that they're not and that they're just his minions

Actually, Nintendo made a statement that Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, but the rest aren't. So until they release another statement, we have to assume the other Koopalings are adopted or that they are partners in crime. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Think they are underrated

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11 Don't realize they are clones
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1. Primarily attack Bowser Jr.
2. Complain that Bowser Jr. stole Ludwig's throne
3. Are completely unorganized
1. Are completely unorganized
2. Complain they aren't in enough games
3. Say they have unique boss battles


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