Top 10 Biggest Problems with the List "Top Ten People Who Despise Jackie Evancho"

Wow this list is terrible. So many issues with this list I have to point out.

The Top Ten

1 It's just plain rude

To be honest, you could replace Jackie Evancho with any other music artist and this list would still suck. Even Justin Bieber.

2 Misleading title

I read the title and thought this would be a list about SPECIFIC people that don't like her. I was way off.

I’m happy this list doesn’t refer to me at all. After all, I love Jackie Evancho...

3 It calls people who don't like her "Dumb Idiots"

No Evancho fan would use such bad grammar, this one is obviously posted by a hater-troll.

4 It tries to be factual, but fails at all points

On of the submissions was "People who don't realize that classical music is a fundamental root to music"
Okay, we can all understand that, but music evolves, dang it.

Wait, you expected ANY list at TTT to make sense?
Very few [if any] lists here are either true or correct, much less make sense.
That list did not try at all to be "factual".

5 WTF Submissions

Criminals? Murderers? Nazis? Okay, these fans have gone too far.

Nazis are “very fine people”, accord8ng to our president...

6 Apparently hating her is a "crime"

Really? Not liking her makes you a criminal? Screw you.

7 The fans clearly don't know the music some listen to

Not everyone listens to autotune abused music, you know. Some people that don't like her might listen to Pink Floyd.

The funny thing is, people who actually got to see Pink Floyd [and other HOF acts] "live" back in the day, is exactly who are Jackie Evancho fans today.

8 Even the haters took a swing

"Sane people" is legitimate, considering it's OKAY to not like something. But then there were submissions like "Everyone."

9 It's just confusing

Some submissions were...odd, I found a few specifics, and then there were those few submissions that made me want to just throw up.

10 Most of the submissions were sent by little kids

Most of the comments too.

The Contenders

11 Rude comments

I read some of the comments, wow...I can't believe people fell for this list.

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