Top Ten Biggest Problems With the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Kids React is Dumb"

There is a list called "Top Ten Reasons Why Kids React is Dumb". The list sounds like an interesting list at first, until you actually see it. Here are my problems with it:

The Top Ten

1 The list focuses on the kids' personality and not the show itself

Let me list a few reasons for you as to why he thinks the show is dumb:

- The Kids are Biased
- The Kids are Usually Wrong
- They Like Bad Things
- The Kids Try too hard to be funny
- The Kids aren't smart

All of these attack the kids and not the show itself. - DCfnaf

Ahaha wow a person who attacks kids under the age of 13. Now what so we call that? by the way THEY'RE KIDS. PLUS THERE JS SOME REALLY GOOD KIDS LIKE MORGAN LUCAS LIA EMMA CALLIE SYDNEY ANITA SOOO SHUT UP.

2 The list is biased

Saying that you hate a show because of the kids being annoying or stupid makes you a biased idiot. - DCfnaf

First, the kids apparently ARE the show.
Second, "annoying" and "stupid" seem like reasonable complaints, though "stupid" seems a bit harsh.
Third, assuming you know the meaning of "bias," how does it apply. Just askin'.

3 The reasons are stupid

Let's list

- It's Boring
- It's Overrated
- It's Irrelevant
- The Kids are Annoying
- The Kids are Not Smart
- There's a Special YouTube Channel for it
- The Kids are Biased - DCfnaf

4 What do you mean "special" YouTube channel?

1. I tried to find one and didn't.
2. If that was true, you could say the same about elders or teens.
3. What does this have to do with the show being dumb? - DCfnaf

I never understood this either. I mean, 15M subs, you can call them big.

5 It's okay for kids to like Call of Duty but not the kid-friendly stuff on the show.
6 A show being overrated is not the same as a show being dumb

Basically this reason is saying that the show is popular since a majority of people love it. But why does this make the show dumb? Where's the explanation that tells me why? - DCfnaf

7 The show is based on kids' opinions on something so how could they be wrong?

The show tries to get perspective on kids' opinions before they grow up. But it's basically saying that kids are barely right when there are many that have smart qualities. The comment for this reason even says, "I could give better (truer! ) reasons than these kids." Wow. That's just a sad comment. - DCfnaf

They're kids. They can believe what they want.

8 The main reason is that the kids are biased

The Kids are biased because they're KIDS! They're not as developed as we are! So how are they being biased? They're stating their opinions! - DCfnaf

Biased opinions? What?

9 Why is it popular if it is irrelevant?

There are more than 6,000,000 subscribers on the channel. So this show is barely (if not, isn't) irrelevant. - DCfnaf

It's not that hard to amass 6 million (if that's not hype) viewers of limited capacity.

15M subs is not irrelevant,

10 It's just plain offensive

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11 The kids are not annoying or dumb
12 It's Ageist
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