Biggest Problems with Mario Haters

Mario, an icon of Nintendo and the entire world of video games. He has plenty of fans and for good reason. But he also has haters for not so good reasons. Mostly because of Mario is Mental. Maybe I should have called the list biggest problems with Mario is mental

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1 Most are game theory fanboys or Luigi fans

Thanks MatPat. You created this hell of a fan base and took innocent Luigi fans with you.

2 They believe in Mario is Mental
3 They claim he's overrated

He's the main character of the franchise and Nintendo. Of course he's overrated - Randomator

If he was overrated he'd be getting praised left and right which is what Luigi happens to get, so I'd say Luigi is the true overrated brother and not Mario. Obviously Mario gets more exposure in the media because he's the mascot but that doesn't make him overrated that just makes him the mascot. - SweetBasil

4 Most like the Mario franchise

You like the Mario franchise but hate the main character? �" Oh well have fun playing 64,super sunshine,super galaxy and super galaxy 2 - Randomator

5 They claim he's bland

You could make the same argument for someone like Yoshi who receives no hate whatsoever - Randomator

6 Claim that he treats Luigi like Garbage

Okay so he stepped on Luigi's foot. Seriously? That's your reason to hate him. 1.) they are brothers and brothers mess with each other all the time. It's perfectly normal.2.) I'm pretty sure you have got your foot stepped on at some point no big deal. Terrible reason - Randomator

Even I think this is a lie and I'm a Luigi fan

7 Claim that he abuses Yoshi

Who pushed the jump button over that pit? Hmmm oh yeah that was you the PLAYER. - Randomator

8 Claim that he has 3 girlfriends

He did have three girlfriends but he didn't cheat on all of them at least. He dated Pauline first when he lived in Brooklyn/NDC, then Peach, then Daisy was a 1 time fling, and then he went back to Peach. - SweetBasil

Daisy is just friends with Mario - ParkerFang

Seriously? so what though? There is nothing wrong with that. - Randomator

9 Claim Bowser is not the villain

You think a good guy would turn innocent people into stone

So does this mean peach is getting her self kidnnaped on purpose

10 Treat him worse than Satan

How do they do that?

This is true - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 Most of them like Sonic better
12 Clams that he never thanks luigi

Did you guys ever play Luigi’s Mansion

13 Claim he kills baby penguins

So do Wario, Yoshi, and Luigi but that's up to the players and not Mario's fault. - SweetBasil

That's the players decision to do that. Not Mario.

14 Claim his fans are disrespecting opinions when they are doing the same thing
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