Top Ten Biggest Problems With Modern Hollywood

The Top Ten

1 Remaking & Rebooting Everything

We didn't need a new Total Recall and Robocop so soon.

2 Multi-Part Adaptations

Started with Harry Potter, continuing with Hobbit, Hunger Games and Twilight

3 Too Many Sequels

Were People really begging for another Grown Ups Movie

4 3D Movies

Why does everything have to be 3D now.

5 Over budget Movies

2013 was the year of bombs because of this and they can't simply lower the budget, do things have to always be over a hundred for each blockbuster.

6 Action for the sake of Action

Nothing against Action but not everybody is gonna enjoy a movie simply because of the action.

7 Less Risks/More Of The Same

This is why everything is sequel/remake/reboot and adaptation.

8 Less Original Ideas

Cause Zombies, Vampires & Wars are the way to attract people right? I say not! - Curti2594

9 Pandering To The Lowest Common Denominator

Looking at you Sandler

10 Over Producing

If Hollywood keeps releasing so many movies a week eventually the studios will have too many bombs and e industry will collapse under its own weight.

The Contenders

11 Virtually Anyone Can Be Famous Due to Reality TV
12 It's Way Too Popular
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