Biggest Problems With Modern SpongeBob

This is a list composed of all the problems that are probably the reason for SpongeBob's drop in quality over the years.

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1 Cruelty

The writers just love finding ways to torture Squidward. He deserves some happiness in his life!

Seasons 1 - 3 were amazing, there were some awesome episodes like Band Geeks, Chocolate & Nuts and Nasty Patty. After the first movie, Stephen Hillenburg (RIP) wanted to end the show, but the writers didn't want to, so the show carried on. Stephen Hillenburg left the cast. Seasons 4 - 5 were okay, they had a few bad episodes. But seasons 6 - 9 were a DISASTER. Especially Season 7. There were some terrible episodes like Pet Sitter Pat, One Course Meal, and a Pal For Gary. There was some disgusting scenes in the Splinter, House Fancy, and Pineapple Fever. Oh, and don't forget the creepy face in Whatever Happened To SpongeBob?. There were two suicide jokes in One Courise Meal. The characters became unlikeable. Spongebob turned into a self absorbant FREAK! PatrIck turned into a prick. Mrs. Puff turned into a pyscho. Sandy Cheeks is now a nerd. Mr Krabs is a greedy piece of crap. The only likeable characters are Squidward, Gary and Plankton. Even Seasons 10 and 11 are crap! - IceBearRules

Seasons 1-3 were AMAZING. Seasons 4-5 were good and I really liked season 4 a lot. Seasons 6-8 weren't really that good... I hated some episodes like Yours Mine And Mine, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, and The Krabby Kronicle. Seasons 9-Present are getting good again. The only problem is that, Its getting more weird. I am excited for the 3rd movie though. :D

I say that after all of whats been happening with the Squidward Torture Porns, Kr. Krabs being a greedy, selfish and even a manipulative monster, PatPRICK's vile nature, people being horribly abused left and right, insensitive jokes made about disturbing issues and terrible stories. I suggest we take the Spongebob show away from the writers before Squidward's Suicide becomes an actual episode. - Virtualman

2 Torturing Squidward

Spongebob: Squidwards stupid mistreatment in Boating Buddies

Me: Ech, You bore me

Squidward is one of my favourite characters in the show I cannot believe they would treat him like this I feel so sorry Squidward he used to be a jerk who got what he deserved and that was funny at first he punished because he was being negative now it feels like he's being punished just because he's Squidward the torture porns are awful instead there should be Patrick Karma Trips and Mr Krabs karma trips as opposed to the older seasons where there Squidward karma trips Stephen Hillenberg (If you read this comment although I doubt it) please tell the currents writers that it ain't funny it was funny in episodes like Jellyfishing I Was A Teenage Gary The Lost Mattress because Squidward was being jerk and he deserved it but now he's the punching bag and Squidward does not deserve it end of rant

The older seasons were way better because most of the time, Squidward got injured for actually good reasons ( The Camping Episode as an example ). Now he's getting hurt or humiliated for little to no reason.

Yeah, in the older episodes it made sense why he got hurt, because earlier in the episode he was acting like a jerk, so the stuff that happens to him is 100% justified, nowadays Squidward gets punished for doing absolutely nothing

3 Patrick Turned Into a Dick

There was one episode in S2 where Patrick actually irritated me (Dumped). It feels like something from S6. - IcetailofWishClan

It really goes to show just how far this once timeless show has fallen when Patrick: arguably the best character in the show has become the absolute worst ever. Especially in episodes like Pet Sitter Pat, The Card, Driven to Tears, Rule of Dumb and that toxic piece of crap Yours, Mine and Mine. - Virtualman

Pet Sitter Pat, Big Sister Sam, and the god awful piece of writing known as Yours Mine and Mine. - DCfnaf

It sucks. He was spongebob's best bud. Now in a lot of episodes (although not all, ex: Goodbye Krabby Patty (best episode in a very long time), he is a bully, or a prick. Especially in the diary episode. - USGC

4 Mr. Krabs is a Monster

All he cares about is money. He even would chose a small amount of money over spongebob. - Oliversky

I'm starting to think he's the bad guy now

The writers ruined what was once a very likeable character I want the old krabs back!

He became mental.

5 SpongeBob Acts Like a Spoiled Toddler

Like in Breath Of Fresh Squidward when Squidward was enjoying his employee of the month party and was pogo dancing with Patrick, and then SpongeBob had to go throw a little hissy fit and say nobody pogo dances with Patrick but him, what a spoiled little brat

He cries for stupid reasons, and cries when he doesn't get his way. Doesn't that sound a lot like a spoiled toddler?

He cries like every episode. I can only really remember spongebob crying a lot in the older episodes in I think the episode was called 'Grandma's Kisses' (it was about spongebob's grandma). If modern spongebob was in ripped pants, after he figured out what he'd did wrong instead of singing & telling everyone about it, he'd just cry until they magically get better. How annoying I don't even think little kids find crying that cool or entertaining

Spongebob has been the iconic character of the show and even for Nickelodeon. So when he became Spongebob Crybaby Pants, he became annoying, stupid and even someone you want to smack

6 Almost Everyone is Unlikable

Everyone except Gary, Plankton, Squidward etc. - PatrickStar3

Except spongebob, gary, sandy, mrs puff, and pearl

7 All the Filler

Spongebob is a crybaby, in seasons 1-3, he had a reason to cry but in older seasons, he's a crying brat, nick should'of let go instead of making these

If your episodes don't have enough plot to fill up the running time, don't make it at all

The filler is real!

Putting filler is a perfect sign that the New writers are running out of ideas so they use cheap scene that justs waste your time. they think it can make the show more interesting. guess what it doesn't.

8 Plot Recycling

This is a clear sign that a show is running out of ideas and the perfect example is in the Season 7 Episode: Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy which has Plankton stealing Sandy's fur pelt and uses it to disguise himself as her to trick Spongebob to give him the Krabby Patty Formula which is already a ripoff of Imitation Krabs but there's more, later on there's an episode called Grandma's Secret Recipe where Plankton disguises himself as Spongebob's grandma to trick him into giving him the formula. Then there's Shellback Shenanigans when Plankton disguises himself as Gary to get the formula. I wonder who's next... - Virtualman

The worst part is that it's becoming more and more noticeable every time

In the modern spongebob episodes, recycled plots make the show go on lazily

One time Spongebob gets a high tech spatula when his breaks. Another time Spongebob broke his spatula and in an attempt to get the secret formula, Plankton gives him a high tech one. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought for a brief amount of time that they were the same episode. Heck, obviously the writers, too!

9 SpongeBob and Patrick Act Like Toddlers

SpongeBob is not a sea sponge he is a cleaning. Its bringing an inanimate object to life. He would behave stupidly.

Is SpongeBob 5?

Squid baby says it all

Spongebob mostly acted like a toddler (though not a spoiled one like in the newer episodes). Patrick rarely acted like a toddler in the older episodes (he did act babyish & again he didn't act like a spoiled one).

-the toy store episode: they run & follow signs to a toy store only to find it isn't open the second they find it. THEY START RIGHT THEN & THERE BAWLING LIKE BABIES because IT isn't OPEN RIGHT WHEN THEY FOUND IT! So glad that construction worker came in & yelled at them for it (something I'm sure we all wanted to do then).

10 Sandy's Out of Nowhere Personality Change

Sandy's rocket was literally the only time in the older episodes where she showed an interest in science, then right the f$&@ out of nowhere she's suddenly obsessed with it, now a lot of the newer episodes are just her dumb experiments, I wouldn't mind it so much if they were good experiments, but no, they're the dumbest experiments I've ever seen

Sandy is such a know it all.

Crazy peopless

She became so connected with science that she became obsessed with it.Not only that, you can see in some episodes she uses her friends as her own lab rats. It's dissapointing to see waht she have become.

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11 The Disgusting Animation

The Splinter... That's all I need to say

12 Overly Detailed Animation

I'd honestly say that the new animation is okay. Can be ridiculous at times, but it's not that bad at others. - IcetailofWishClan

13 Its Giant Ego

It pains me to think about this, despite the fact that it's gotten so horrible, it still acts like it's the king of cartoons

14 Gross-Out Humor

I hate the splinter. It's disgusting. It makes me cringe watching it. It has other problems, but it's really, really gross.

The Splinter, Face Freeze, House Fancy, Pineapple Fever...ENOUGH! - DCfnaf

You mean every season from 1 to now

One Corse Meal - BorisRule

15 Unnecessary Specials

The only reason these specials exist is so they can make commercials for it that tell you some big secret or something is gonna be revealed that'll change SpongeBob forever just to fool people into watching it, I mean just try and count all the times in the commercials, promised something that they never actually stay true to in the actual special, like how many times they've said "the Krabby patty formula will finally be revealed", Well guess what? Every single time they've said this they never actually do it, how many more times do the writers think they can pull this trick off, because people caught onto it and stopped falling for it ages ago

Clash Of Trition, Spongebob You’re Fired, A Squarepants Family Vacation, and Ghoul Fools are all examples.

Or As They're Also Called, Ratings Traps

16 It's Not Funny

Season 1 to now

17 Lack of Adult Jokes

Now it's just a bunch of immature jokes that the writers think are adult jokes

Did it ever have any adult jokes, its always been a silly kids show.

Needs more adult jokes - Goatworlds

Now we only got the suicide jokes from OCM and AYHN, the weiner jokes from Krusty Dogs, and SpongeBob blowing a balloon into the shape of a condom in "The Play's The Thing". - Goatworlds

18 No Continuation

I did not add this but for example, in "A Life in a Day", Larry didn't know SpongeBob and patrick when they should know each other since "Ripped Pants"

To be fair, it never had continuity.

In Sportz, which was season 10, they expect us to believe that SpongeBob and Patrick have never played sports in their life and don't know what it is.

I'll address the biggest continuity error of them all

SpongeBob standing outside the supermarket with a box of baby worms in Pet Or Pests,
Larry walks by
"hey Larry how it going? "
Larry: Do I know you?

Me: What? WHAT!?! You cannot be serious!

19 It Lost Its Old Charm

Big,big problems! ss

20 Suicide Joking

This happened in two episodes. One Coarse Meal and Are You Happy Now. - DrayTopTens

Why did you make plankton suicidal Nickelodeon,why!


It can be funny. - LordDovahkiin

21 Introduces a New Character Every Episode

Where are many unigue characters in whole series( even modern) which is awesome

22 Plays Same Annoying Songs, None of the Old Ones Appear

Skipping to School plays in basically every episode. - ForestFeline

23 It No Longer Has Appeal to Adults

It's a kids show. Why does it have to appeal to adults unless you want to embrace your inner child.

24 Plankton Seems More Like an Hero Now Rather Than Mr. Krabs
25 Stupidity

It always has been stupid. One of the stupidest cartoons. Spongebob could've joined the Boohbahs.

26 Frightening Faces

Yes, especially in the episode “spongebob in randomland” where squidward sees his own creepypasta form almost scared the crap out of us

Face Freeze in a nutshell... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Squid’s Visit, Face Freeze, New Digs, Whatever Happened To Spongebob?. - ForestFeline

27 The Stupid Townsfolk

I was so mad when they sided with Patrick in Stuck In The Wringer, Patrick had essentially crippled SpongeBob for life, especially considering the fact that he'll eventually starve to death because he can't eat, and yet, they think SpongeBob was wrong for screaming at Patrick

In Giant Squid, they think that just because that a giant Squidward won’t do they’re Landry and plug in the cable etc, he’s instantly the bad guy, almost chasing him with pitchforks. No wonder Spongebob’s been making kids slower thinkers! At least in the sponge who could fly, they know that they’re taking advantage of him because he just so happens to be flying around and being happy but stressful to what he’s doing. Making it Squidward torture themed (worst yet, WITH SQUIDWARD! ) is PURE modern Spongebob and the writers go WAY to far with slow-witted townsfolk appearing in cartoons!

28 SpongeBob is Downright Creepy

In "Boating Buddies" he literally shows signs of being a serial rapist.

29 Mrs. Puff is a Psycho

Not even her fualt - Theawsomeyoutuber275

30 Please Replaces SpongeBob SquarePants with Digimon Adventure

Blame disney for that one.

31 SpongeBob's Voice Got Really Annoying

In post movie episodes his voice got high pitched and really annoying. In season 7 and 8 his voice became unbearable. I miss how he used to sound in premovie where he didn’t sound like a spoiled 5 year old with a cold.

32 The Innocent are Blamed, while the Guilty Get Off Scot Free
33 Character Torture

Now it's not just squidward and's gary,plankton,and sometimes even regulars

34 Grotesque-Looking Side Characters

Why waist all that time and animation on a character who's only gonna appear in 1 episode? Or the more common approach of only having them in the episode for only a few minutes, not to mention the fact that more than half the time the way the character looks makes you wanna vomit (Madam Hagfish was the worst) or how about that guy from the Squirrel Records episode, he was pretty nauseating to look at

Nicholas Withers is one of them, his face looks way too much like a realistic human face, and looks like a character from Shark Tale.

Their wasting the work on just Throwaway characters.
does it make it interesting? NO
is it neccessary? NO

35 SpongeBob Turned Into a Creeper

I don't blame squidward for wanting sponge bob to go away, it really feels like SpongeBob is in love with squid ward and it's really creepy

The friendship between SpongeBob and squidward has became phsycotic.
and SpongeBob would literally make a scene to attract squidward.
he's basically like the overly attached girlfriend meme.

36 The Characters Have Become Caricatures of What They Used to Be
37 The Fact that People Like It
38 Terrible Morals
39 Boring
40 The Series Kept Going Way Past Where It Should've Ended

The series was supposed to end after the movie, but they kept it going with different writers. These writers have obviously never seen the first seasons of spongebob, and so that's how the show went from one of the all time greatest to the all time worst.

41 SpongeBob Turned Into a Creepy Stalker!

Like in Boating Buddies and Squid's Visit

42 Mrs. Puff Getting Arrested

She has always been arrested. - LordDovahkiin

43 Plot Holes
44 Stupid Plots
45 The Characters Became One-Dimensional
46 Annoying Production Music
47 Post-Movie Voices
48 Foot Fetish Scenes

They are fish eww

49 Exaggerated Facial Expressions

Over Exaggerated Facial Animations

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