Biggest Problems With Modern SpongeBob

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21 Stupidity
22 Frightening faces V 1 Comment
23 Plays same annoying songs, none of the old ones appear
24 Mrs. Puff is a Psycho

Not even her fualt - Theawsomeyoutuber275

25 Suicide Joking

It can be funny. - LordDovahkiin

Why did you make plankton suicidal Nickelodeon,why!

26 Character Torture
27 Grotesque-Looking Side Characters

Why waist all that time and animation on a character who's only gonna appear in 1 episode? Or the more common approach of only having them in the episode for only a few minutes, not to mention the fact that more than half the time the way the character looks makes you wanna vomit (Madam Hagfish was the worst) or how about that guy from the Squirrel Records episode, he was pretty nauseating to look at

Nicholas Withers is one of them, his face looks way too much like a realistic human face, and looks like a character from Shark Tale.

Their wasting the work on just Throwaway characters.
does it make it interesting? NO
is it neccessary? NO

28 Spongebob Turned Into A Creeper

I don't blame squidward for wanting sponge bob to go away, it really feels like SpongeBob is in love with squid ward and it's really creepy

The friendship between SpongeBob and squidward has became phsycotic.
and SpongeBob would literally make a scene to attract squidward.
he's basically like the overly attached girlfriend meme.

29 The Characters Have Become Caricatures of What They Used to Be
30 The fact that people like it
31 Terrible Morals
32 Boring
33 The Series Kept Going Way Past Where It Should've Ended

The series was supposed to end after the movie, but they kept it going with different writers. These writers have obviously never seen the first seasons of spongebob, and so that's how the show went from one of the all time greatest to the all time worst.

34 Spongebob turned into a creepy stalker!

Like in Boating Buddies and Squid's Visit

35 The Stupid Townsfolk

I was so mad when they sided with Patrick in Stuck In The Wringer, Patrick had essentially crippled SpongeBob for life, especially considering the fact that he'll eventually starve to death because he can't eat, and yet, they think SpongeBob was wrong for screaming at Patrick

36 Mrs. Puff Getting Arrested

She has always been arrested. - LordDovahkiin

37 Plot holes
38 Stupid Plots
39 Spongebob is downright creepy

In "Boating Buddies" he literally shows signs of being a serial rapist.

40 Overly Detailed Animation
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