Biggest Problems with New Super Mario Bros Series

Ah yes New super Mario Bros. The series that was supposed to reflect the classic games (Super Mario Bros, SMB3 and Super Mario World) but it falls short for several reasons.

Side note: The original game (DS) is actually decent. And Luigi U doesn't count

The Top Ten

1 Way too easy

Don't. Touch. Anything.

I'd agree with this list if it weren't for that ONE challenge! - Spicygarlic

If only you could collect 1,000 coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of 100...

More like way too hard to impossible. - Gehenna

New super Mario Bros 2 enough said - Randomator

2 Repetitive formula

But in the first game:

1. Peach Captured
2. Go through 7 worlds and fight Bowser Jr and some random bosses
3. Go through World 8 and fight BOTH Bowser Jr and Bowser.

Summary of the New Super Mario Bros Series

1. Peach captured
2. Go through 7 worlds and fight the koopalings
3. Go through world 8 and fight Bowser
4. Rinse and repeat - Randomator

You do not fight bowser jr. in nsmb2

3 Koopalings

They would be better as Tower bosses, while the Castle levels should have original ones.

Nothing is wrong with them. They're actually big fan favorites, even before New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out.

"Nothing is wrong with them" except for the fact that they are lousy filler bosses that do the same thing every time. Sure there's a new gimmick but it's still the same principle jump on their head 3 times - Randomator

I actually like that they appear in the games, I get nostalgic feels when I see them, but I can definitely see why they are hated. - darthvadern

I can see how they are nostalgic in a way. I hate them because they are so repetitive but I respect your opinion - Randomator

They're so annoying

4 Same worlds

It always works like this:
World 1: Grass
World 2: Desert
World 3-5 (Any order): Snow, Forrest, and Beach
World 6: Rock
World 7: Clouds
World 8: Lava
World 9: Star
More variety would be nice.

I would really like if they removed the could world considering they are very dull, they are only boring athletic levels that feel like World 1 except way harder.

Even some ROM hackers have made the Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography in each post-NSMB1 less recycled from Super Mario Bros. 3. I mean, these three games could have been like Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros. Next and Newer Super Mario Bros. DS (or maybe Other Super Mario Bros. U), right?

It’s always the same 8 or 9 places.
Grass Desert Snow Water Jungle Mountain Clouds Lava. Can’t they mix it up a little bit

5 Nothing "new"

Need Proof? Look no further than New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe - Randomator

Yes. I totally agree. NSMB2 and NSMBU are both perfect examples. It feels like the same game with mediocre gimmicks - Randomator

NSMBWii- multiplayer (now you just play all at once)
NSMB2- Coins (they already exist)
NSMBU- baby Yoshi/game pad/Nabbit-(mediocre additions) - Randomator

6 No new characters

I hate koopalings

*cough cough* peachette *cough cough*

They need to use girl characters lout only good ones like Toadette and not things like Daisy or Rosalina.

We don't need Wendy

7 No new music

They could've been based on the soundtracks of the ROM hacks I've mentioned.

Actually there's like three new soundtracks. But yeah, the rest of the soundtrack is like ported from previous titles. - darthvadern

And for the love of god can we stop with the “bah” music please? It’s really getting old - Randomator

8 No new enemies

Never really bothered me. - darthvadern

9 Nothing original

Propeller Mushroom lets you fly
Acorn- lets you fly
Tanooki leaf- lets you fly - Randomator

10 Multiplayer is a problem

Multiplayer just doesn’t work well here - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Yellow and Blue Toads as player 3 and 4

Toad was bad from the beggining already, enough said. - darthvadern

One toad is fine in my book but why two? They play like exactly the same! Why couldn’t they have added Daisy? Or Wario? Or Heck I’d even be okay with Waluigi. - Randomator

12 When someone gets hit or gets a power up, the screen pauses

That's a game changer because.? - Qryzx

13 Female disempowerment

Come at us, 20th Century Super Mario haters that attack this list! >8(

14 Every game feels like more of the same

Except the original on ds and the wii followup. The wii u followup(remake included) and the direct sequel to the ds game are examples of the same formula.

15 Atrocious gimmicks
16 Lemmy only uses his ball

A ball isn’t a weapon

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