Biggest Problems with New Super Mario Bros Series

Ah yes New super Mario Bros. The series that was supposed to reflect the classic games (Super Mario Bros, SMB3 and Super Mario World) but it falls short for several reasons.

Side note: The original game (DS) is actually decent. And Luigi U doesn't count

The Top Ten

1 Way too easy

New super Mario Bros 2 enough said - Randomator

2 Repetitive formula
3 Koopalings

Nothing is wrong with them. They're actually big fan favorites, even before New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out.

"Nothing is wrong with them" except for the fact that they are lousy filler bosses that do the same thing every time. Sure there's a new gimmick but it's still the same principle jump on their head 3 times - Randomator

4 Same worlds
5 Nothing "new"

NSMBWii- multiplayer (now you just play all at once)
NSMB2- Coins (they already exist)
NSMBU- baby Yoshi/game pad/Nabbit-(mediocre additions) - Randomator

6 No new characters

They need to use girl characters lout only good ones like Toadette and not things like Daisy or Rosalina.

We don't need Wendy

7 No new music
8 No new enemies
9 Nothing original

Propeller Mushroom lets you fly
Acorn- lets you fly
Tanooki leaf- lets you fly - Randomator

10 Multiplayer is a problem

The Contenders

11 Completely a copy and waste after New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Yes. I totally agree. NSMB2 and NSMBU are both perfect examples. It feels like the same game with mediocre gimmicks - Randomator

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