Top Ten Biggest Problems With Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network

These 3 once legendary channels seemed to have a major drop in quality for several reasons, not just with the making of bad shows
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1 They all think toilet humor is funny

I AM UNCLE GRANDPA AND I THINK FARTING IS GREAT! I actually hate teen titans because they say Stop bullying, but they bully Robin for being short. That should of never happened.

It's true! I haven't seen a single show on ANY of these channels besides Liv and Maddie or Girl Meets World that doesn't have jokes about butts and farts. And yet it's STILL possible to consider these shows two of the worst shows ever! No matter what, I can NEVER like a show, ANY show, without knowing someone, somewhere, considers it the worst show ever made! If you think about it, it's like EVERY SHOW is the worst show ever! Whether it's iCarly, Teletubbies, or even SpongeBob, EVERY SHOW can be considered crappy or awful! This is just one reason why. YET THERE'S A BUNCH OF OTHERS TOO. Some of which are also covered on this list.

Nick has Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, and Rocket Monkeys. Disney has Kirby Buckets and Nina Needs to Go. Cartoon Network has Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa. What's next? - RalphBob

Come on people! Kids aren't in to potty humor. What makes them think kids will like? - nintendofan126

2 Disney loves making shows about teenagers yet doesn't understand how they really act

The ways Disney portrays teenagers are Bitchy, Shallow popular kids, or complete idiots

They make teenagers look like little defenseless kids who get grounded all the time.

All of the guys are either dumb weirdos or pretty boys, and all of the girls are sassy bitches. Everything is just so stereotyped! - AngryByrd

Nickelodeon portrays teenagers to be bitchy, shallow, popular kids as well (probably a tiny bit more than Disney Channel does)!

3 They put too many subliminal messages or too much inappropriate humor in a lot of their shows

On a kids show! That's DISCUSTING!

Even the classic Disney movies have them!

For example, the buttocks on the centaur's head in Hercules, the topless woman in the Rescuers, the word "sex" in the Lion King, etc...

4 Disney is completely unaware of when they take jokes too far

Yeah I don't know about you but to me Disney has become incredibly racist

Yeah! I'm looking at the gluten free joke! So Mean!

This is so true. - Anonymousxcxc


5 All three channels canceled very good shows

Their crying is annoying take a listen if you guys want and youll see

Disney: Hercules and House of Mouse
Nickelodeon: Rugrats, Chalkzone, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Cartoon Network: Ed Edd N Eddy, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Cow and Chicken, Cramp Twins, Baby Looney Tunes

This I agree with. Anybody remember Samurai Jack, or Megas XLR? Cancelled.

Nicks best cancelled shows: Danny Phantom and a few others
Disney's best cancelled shows: Kim Possible, DuckTales, etc.
CN's best cancelled shows: Ben 10, Samurai Jack, Chowder, Generator Rex, and 1,000 others

6 Their new show ideas never have enough story or plot to make it past 1 season

Then they shouldn't even exist at ALL! Whats the point of making new shows and cancelling the good old ones if the new ones can't even have one season? - cosmo

Come on, give us some good well thought out plots to you shows instead of putting together these half-baked ideas and calling it a show

7 Not only do they cancel their good shows, as soon as they get cancelled they try to bury it and make you forget about it

Just like Regular Show in 2017

Nick cancelled Catscratch in Feb. 2007. Then, they wiped their reels in Nov. 2007, removing Catscratch, Hey Arnold!, and many other shows from rerunning.


8 Moving Gravity Falls to Disney XD

I LOVE Gravity Falls so much. But nobody even watches it because it is on Disney. If it was on a different channel it would be so much more popular.

A completely insane decision. Disney Channel doesn't even care about it anymore because Gravity Falls doesn't have...

- A stupid, dumb character
- A whiny teenage girl
- Terrible acting
- The popularity that other shows have (I'm not saying this to insult the show...but it's sadly true)
- Jokes that are insulting to multiple people

Disney doesn't realize that Gravity Falls actually has a good plot, is funny, and has amazing characters. They are idiots. - Minecraftcrazy530

Easily the most cult-followed show-and moving it to a channel that no one ever gets and for good reason too. This show has absolutely crazy fans (me being one of them), and to hardly advertise for it, and when they do, they're crappy advertisements too, and then to move it to an obscure channel?! Why?! - keycha1n

I agree and the fact the new episodes premiere on Mondays now. Mind you when it was on DC still new episodes premiered on Fridays

9 Annoying commercials

I love how literally every single commercial is Disney related. They're kinda just rubbing in your face what a big franchise they are


10 Shows like Level Up or Every Witch way shows that they shouldn't make a series that they don't have the budget make

All the shows like this end with the same results, A show with effects that make you wanna vomit


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11 They're trying to make game shows

On YouTube I saw Disney copied "Who wants to be a Millionaire". they even stole the music and formats of the show, including the hotlines! Look up "Who Wants to be a Villionaire"

So like... Nick Arcade, but crappier?

*This is hell.* - mattstat716

12 Cartoon Network's new shows make them seem like they think their shows need a really low intelligence level for kids to enjoy or understand them

"Alright, anybody got any ideas about how we can connect with the stupid kids? Make a bunch of crappy cartoons with dumb characters? Sounds great! " - AngryByrd

Well yes uncle grandpa and Clarence clearly show that we do still have adventure time regular show the amazing world of gumball and the best of all steven universe

13 The three channels are becoming too liberal.
14 Nickelodeon won't stop clinging to Spongebob

This is old news. Now Nickelodeon won't stop clinging to The Loud House.

SpongeBob is so popular that it still keeps running to this day, it used to be good, but then when it's first movie was released and when it's creator retired, the show just went downhill, but I read that the creator came back, which means the show is going to be good again, so lets celebrate.

It's about to hit it's 20th year, and it keeps getting worse each episode, even the new movie sponge out of water was terrible, their main plot about them being superheroes with powers and all wasn't until the very end of the movie, just let it end Nickelodeon

Even with how bad SpongeBob has gotten they're still trying to breathe life into it, they just need to suck it up and stop the show, I can't believe how much Nick relies on SpongeBob now

15 Recycled show plots

Here's how it goes for each channel

Nickelodeon: a pair of brain dead anthropomorphic animals run around, showing their butts and farting all day and use cringeworthy "slang" that they think is cool but it just makes you wanna bang your head against a wall

Disney: a whiney teenage girl who likes to sing (even if she's terrible at it) goes to school filled with the same stereotypical Disney Channel teenagers and has a crush on a 1 dimensional, bland pretty boy, and just a bunch of boring everyday life events

Cartoon Network: the random stupid adventures of some mentally retarded kid, that's it

The big example I keep coming back to when I think of this is after Nickelodeon created Breadwinners and then they created Harvy Beaks, I mean come on Nick, did you really think nobody was gonna notice that

Nicktoons: Lets get some butts up in here! Oh yeah and throw in animals, and add some nudity, get some more farts, and don’t forget pizza! Oh and don’t forget we need some crazy family!
Nick Jr: A crappy version of PBS without learning and only make it for babies. (Excluding YoGabba and Backyardagins)
Cartoon Network: Some kid in a coma with 15 girlfriends in a world a made of food, with toilet humor and a talking pet.
Disney Channel: A girl who wants to sing who goes to a musical high school and has a crush on a stereotypical blondie boy blue eyed and mean girls make fun of her, everyone feels sorry for her and boo hoo people are mean. She has a best friend, and they all hate the “ugly dumb fat” kid with glasses nerd. She can’t really sing, and is a crybaby only because two girls hate her and she can't accept loosing anything.
Disney Junior: Baby Belle! Little Moana! Mickey the mouse baby! Puppies! New princesses only for girls!
Sprout: LEMME REBOOT ALL YA ...more

16 Some of the crappy shows actually have fan bases

Seriously I could be up for hours trying to deduce why and how amazing world of gumball, adventure time, and some of the other shows somehow ended up getting fans

My neighbor loves breadwinners, Henry Danger, and Game Shakers and she is 8 - Ihateschool

Gravity falls is utter trash

17 SpongeBob's one of the only good shows on Nickelodeon

It was good but now it became bad

The new season is God awful and boring

It's the other way around BadBoiDrummer.

18 Adam Sandler guest stars at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards

I feel like I've seen this before... - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

19 Most of the new shows Nickelodeon makes look like they belong on Nick Jr

Sanjay and Craig: Bob's Burgers
Breadwinners: Big City Greens Trash
JoJo Siwa is the Youtube Franchise
John Cina is the Wrestler Franchise
Nick is Screwed for life
Edd Ed and Eddy is dead
And Powerpuff Classic
And almost Adventure Time
And already Apple and Onion
Craig of the Creek Colapses
So does Summer Camp Island
Over the Garden Wall died quick
And Foster's Home
And Billy and Mandy
Teen Titans Go is No
And PPG 2016
And Uncle Grandpa
Cartoon Network is Screwed for life
Disney is Screwed for life

Seriously, it seems like the only kind of shows we get from Nickelodeon nowadays are baby shows, or shows that rely on humor that would only make a baby laugh like breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig

20 Cartoon Network is Not Child Friendly Anymore

No kidding. And the main reason for that is the Adult Swim, which I maybe old enough for. But that doesn't mean I like it. Whoever came up with the idea to put that lineup on that channel is sadly mistaken for ruining the network with outrageous content. And so, I wish to make that programming block go extinct.

21 Sitcoms about whiny teenagers

Exactly what Disney is in a nutshell. Except for Gravity Falls which is too good for Disney Channel by the way.

I'm sick of this already!

22 TMNT is the only Good show
23 Bad shows

Remember ed edd n eddy or Danny Phantom? Or Hannah Montana? Good Shows with good plots and a fantastic sense of Humor, And now the Cartoons are dead with going on annoying Trends and Nickelodeon is still trying with bad actors.

Paw Patrol It's The Worst Show Ever

24 Cartoon Network doesn't air Regular Show anymore.

A show that has ended doesn't mean it no longer exists. I bet CN hates this good show.

25 The channels rarely makes a show with potential
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