Biggest Problems with Peach Haters

I'm not a fan of Peach, but she has the dumbest hater fanbase

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1 Claim Peach is useless

She's the reason Mario cares about going out to defeat bowser - Randomator

Not every game has Peach kidnapped. She was able to kick butt in games such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World where she doesn't get kidnapped. Also, the DS game Super Princess Peach has Mario kidnapped and Peach has to rescue him rather than the other way around like usual.

2 Claim Peach can't defend herself

As if you could do any better against a Godzilla turtle dragon king known as Bowser - Randomator

3 Claim Daisy or Rosalina would be better at running a kingdom

Daisy isn't going to rule in the mushroom kingdom and Rosalina is not a princess - ParkerFang

They're all useless, Zelda is better than them

Daisy couldn't defend herself in super Mario land. Rosalina has no history of running a kingdom. She's just the mother of the lumas - Randomator

4 Claim Bowser is a better ruler

He's a king so he has more experience. Peach is still only a princess. Her parents are probably dead. - Randomator

5 Most are Daisy fans

Or Rosalina's, Zelda's. - ParkerFang

6 Claim Peach is bossy

They're finding pathetic excuses to hate her - ParkerFang

What evidence do you have? - Randomator

7 Claim Peach abuses toad

That is Toads job he just being brave. The one in smash just takes his job way too seriously - Randomator

Toad Defends Peach and that's a Good Thing
Peach Doesn't Abuse Toad - ToadF1

8 Claim Peach inspired Pink Gold Peach

That was Metal Mario - Randomator

9 Claim the kingdom is chaos

Some of them have watched too many theory videos - Randomator

10 They say she's sexist

Yet they love characters who are far more sexist

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11 Claim Peach is rude to Mario

He gets the coins that he collected. Mario just has not upgraded his house - Randomator

She never Was - ToadF1

12 Most Rosalina fanboys say that Rosalina is prettier than Peach

That's their opinion but they take it as a fact - yunafreya648

13 They only hate her just because she is a damsel in distress

Witch is Dumb - ToadF1

14 They claim her to be a Mary Sue when she isn't

I find her kinda Mary suish but still she isn't - ParkerFang

Yes is

15 They're not honest

True - ToadF1

16 They're honest

They are Not - ToadF1

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