Top 10 Biggest Problems with Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Quest For Glory is one of my favourite video game franchises of all time, it consists of five games, with the second one being my favourite. The third one however, is really dissapointing and the worst in the series, here are the biggest problems I have with this game, keep in mind that I don't hate or dislike this game, I just think it's worse than the other four games in the series.

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It Was Completely Unnecessary

This game was never planned to be created. At first, there was going to be four games in the Quest For Glory series, So You Want To Be A Hero, Trial By Fire, Shadows fo Darkness and Dragon Fire, as you see, Shadows of Darkness was originally going to be the third one instead of Wages of War, but during development of Shadows of Darkness, the directors thought the player wasn't strong enough (seriously? ) to procced to Shadows of Darkness. - darthvadern

It's Much More Light-Hearted Than The First Two

This is one horrible flaw, the first one had a balanced story both dark and ligh-hearted, the second one was more of a dark story seeing as the hero was pretty strong by then, and then we get Wages of War, which was so light-hearted it was unreal for a Quest For Glory game! It's not like Mario when it can be either dark or light-hearted! This game had like; one or two dark moments, and that was near the end! - darthvadern

Few Side Quests

Oh gods! This is infurating! There are barely any side quests! ok, the paladin or fighter and wizard get some few side-quests, but my problem is that THERE'S BARELY ANY SIDE-QUESTS FOR THE THIEF CAHRACTER! Like why! - darthvadern

Extremely Rushed Towards The End

I mean, I'm completely opk with the twist near end, but the problem is how rushed it is! The Lost City, sounds like an exciting town you can explore, right? WRONG! There's ONE background for the lost city! ONE, BACKGROUND! Didn't you have time for more? - darthvadern

Boring Biomes

This is such a bad thing! This game had savannahs and jungles as main enviroments, two of my favourite biomes! Yiu know the game isn't good when you favourite biome in the game is one of the problems with the game! First, there's the savannah, which is super boring and flat, it looks super boring too! Well, at leas the savannah has a bunch of stops so it's not ENTIRELY boring. Then we have the jungle, which I thought would be better but it turns out to be even WORSE! For starters there's barely any stops! so there's barely any reason to be there, and worse the backgrounds itself look so bland and horrible! No interesting trees or anything, just completely still and empty! But here's the worst things about the biomes; 1. You don't get to explore the backgrounds! You're just walking on a map, waiting for you character to get somewhere, and then you can get stopped by enemies! So boring! But here's where it gets worse! 2. The soundtrack used when in the savannah or jungle is awful! It's ...more - darthvadern

It Prevented Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire From Being 2D

This might come of as a biased choice or a comment saying "that's not how you judge a game", but this item is mostly filler and more reasons I dislike this game. If this game weren't made, then I'm sure QFG5 would have been so much better! Look, I'm not a modern graphics hater that hates everything that's 3D, but Quest For Glory is not suppose to be in 3D! It gets too complicated and everything went wrong with that one, shame, because QFG5 had potential, but this game runied it! - darthvadern

The Soundtracks

Oh why? The soundtracks in this game range from decent to horrible! Like how did we go from the spooky theme of Ad Avis in QFG2, or the classic battle theme from QFG1 to THIS! Just, NO! Stop! There are like three-four songs in the game that are good but THAT'S IT! - darthvadern

You Are Forced To Use The Mouse To Play

Why do I have to use the mouse? Who can't I use the keyboard? It's much easier and less annoying! - darthvadern

Weak Plot

This was one of the main things that made the other games in the series good! They had an interesting plot that made you addicted to the game,but here's it's so bad! So, the two tribes, the simbani and the leopard men are planning war because they stole an important thing from each other (what? ) and they refuse to give each thing back, so the hero must stop the war, *sigh*, was that the best you could come up with? - darthvadern

Lack of Character Development

It's nice they gave Uhura and Rakeesh some more background, but that was the only good thing it did! The new characters are so underdeveloped it's unreal! Like, who are the leopard men? Why do they know magic? So many questons that are remained unanswered! - darthvadern

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