Top Ten Biggest Problems With Rustlers

Oh boy, this list is surely going to heat up a lot of people, even if not many will realize this is criticism towards rustlers. In case you don't know what a rustler is, it's basically someone that rustle and sometimes critisize users who are very sensitive to say edgy jokes and stuff. They rustle them as a form of criticism and to drive them off a certain website and stuff. Oh boy. You probably know me as the controversial leader of the resistance known as the anti-rustlers and I surely have my reasonings for not being a rustler, so I'm going to do list about the biggest problems with rustlers and why I won't switch side. So here's the list!

Note: This list isn't targeted at a specific person or to bully rustlers. It's simply criticism to those who are rustlers and what you really need to improve on. Because as of now there's surely a lot of problems to fix. Response posts are welcome unless it's legitimate bullying

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1 They will start pointless arguments with you if you disagree with them on something controversial in their eyes

If you're going to find an unpopular opinion you will simply have to respect it. There are tons of users on this site alone that have a lot of unpopular opinions, such as liking Gen-18, certain users or not liking rustling at all. If you are caught up saying something controversial about the community on TTT there will most likely be a rustler saying something to trigger said person or just start an argument because they can't respect the opinion. This generally isn't something visible on TTT, but once you go on BAND you will see a lot more. So my criticism to rustlers here is to start respect opinion and don't attempt to start an argument - darthvadern

Rustlers like being edgy for the sake of being edgy, it's best to ignore one if they're annoying you than overreacting and giving them the reaction they wanted from the start. Also, hate to say it but this list is a load of skag crap.

This is a genuinely good list. I approve it very much.

Anyway, the reason I am anti-rustler is because the rustlers make fun of autism.

They are just stupid. - TriggerTrashKid

2 Their hypocrisy

In all honesty and out of profound truth, they have got to be one of the most corrupted and the most toxic people on this site. Even one of the most toxic and the most corrupted group of people I've ever seen on the internet and maybe my life. It's really a pity and a shame that they disbanded for good. Oh well, at least they will perish out of the limelight and out of existence. However, it's much worse because the people who aren't even rustlers and are even associated with them possess their own mindset filled with such toxicity and corruption. For me, I would happily see the site die alongside with the other people I very much despise.

Well, I hate everybody here. - Kevinsidis

Honestly I don't think I have met a lot of people that are as hypocritical as rustlers. They seem to always find one way or another to be hypocritical at best. There have been a couple of times rustlers have been hypocritical. There's one example that's kinda hypocritical and kinda not. A famous claim by rustlers is that flame wars is what keeps the site alive / interesting. However flame wars result in retirements, and wars such as the infinity war eliminated over half of Gen-18, so if anything it was making this site anything but less alive or interesting. Now I see the point about it being interesting but flame wars are only interesting when they're active. The results of the flame wars will do the opposite. You gotta look into the future and realize a flame war won't last forever. However there are times rustlers are more hypocritical. So as you know, rustlers claim that cyberbullying isn't real, and that you really just need to block the one who's bothering you. When it comes to ...more - darthvadern

Haha true - TriggerTrashKid

Strange.You say rustlers have no respect for people who don't support them yet you think Twilightkitsune is a traitor just because she supports rustlers.SAD. - DarkBoi-X

3 They think sensitivity is all about not being able to take jokes even though being sensitive doesn't mean you just can't take a joke

Sensitivity isn't all about not being able to take jokes and stuff, let alone hypersensitivity. Being sensitive could also mean you get more sad than a standard human when you for example hear a very sad story, or that you will react strongly to unpleasent stories such as cannibalism and such. Point is you need to learn not all hypersensitive people are bad. And if they react to sensitive to edgy jokes and stuff it may have to do with something that happened during their past and s - darthvadern

Yeah that's right - TriggerTrashKid

Uh, no, we don't. Sensitivity over a tough subject is completely fine. Getting sensitive over something childish and petty is where we get annoyed - Therandom

4 They overreact when criticized

You mean they CAUSE people to overreact by constructively criticizing them? - 445956

Sounds less like the rustlers and more like Gen 18 users such as yourself to be honest - DCfnaf

That would be the case back during the infinity war, but now there are barely any hypersensitive anti-rustlers (of course there's always some but this time not many at all) anymore - darthvadern

Nope, they just defend their claim that people of your type are parasites. - MrCoolC

Every user needs criticism because no one is perfect. Not anti-rustlers, not neutral users, not rustlers, not GOATs, no one is perfect, and criticism is needed for all of those three people groups. If I'm a parasite for criticizing these people then you gotta learn how to take criticism - darthvadern

How dare you criticize me! How dare you make this list! - A Rustler - TriggerTrashKid

5 They will always get away with things while others don't, because they are "sarcastic"

Literally the sole reason everyone doesn't hate rustlers, but that doesn't excuse some of their actions. Even if the anti-rustler is coming up with decent points and trying to be calm about things, the rustler will really just act like a kid and get away with it while the one trying to hold a serious conversation will get much crap. Some of them literally make the biggest deal because I like a certain user most don't and kicked me from a BAND because of it. If you seriously are going to kick someone for an opinion then you gotta learn how to respect opinions. And really, if an anti-rustler began being sarcastic like this, they wouldn't recieve the same treatment back, for some reason - darthvadern

If rustlers were liked because of the things you stated but weren't sarcastic with their humour, I'm afraid the perspective on rustlers would've been different for many users. - darthvadern

I do like trolls/rustlers, but on my old account I made a joke one of HDIG'S lists called "Reasons why bricks are better than cats" I made a joke calling him Trump, and he got offended about it - ToddHoward

Sarcasm is an art! - TriggerTrashKid

Well they make edgy jokes so yeah they will have to say there are because dumbass sensitive people can't take jokes. - DarkBoi-X

Hypersensitive people aren't even that bad. I have hypersensitive siblings and one of them can take a joke, they just get extra sad when hearing sad stories. Not all hypersensitive people can't take jokes - darthvadern

6 They consistently bandwagon and/or obsess over certain things

Says the guy who later made a list about what he obsess over. - MrCoolC

No one likes bandwagoning. It's annoying and gets old after a little while, same with obsessing over something, for tons of weeks. We get it. You hate/love something. However you really gotta learn to not shove it into other people's faces - darthvadern

Got it from one example I see - iliekpiez

Fortnite hate. - TriggerTrashKid

7 Their arrogance is unbelievable

Very rarely have a seen a rustler that isn't consistently promiting themselves. They consistently whine about how they should be the administrators and how terrible the policy is even though they rarely abide by the rules in the first place. And most rustlers are just teenagers or young adults that aren't even that much experienced yet and should start mature - darthvadern

Just wanted to eliminate a rustler who I found extra immature - darthvadern

Yup - TriggerTrashKid

Indeed. - Kevinsidis

It sure is. Rustlers are idiots in my opinion. ~Camaro6

8 They don't have any respect for people who don't support them

Never have I seen a user who doesn't agree with rustlers that hasn't been attempted to rustle or given a relatively low score. Heck, back in the day when I wasn't an anti-rustler yet but I supported Gen-18, a couple of rustlers have been attempting to rustle me because of it, and this was when I didn't even care much about them - darthvadern

They should have - TriggerTrashKid

And do you sensitive people have any? - DarkBoi-X

If the anti rustlers say stuff against us,I think it’s fair to say stuff back - Therandom

We anti-rustlers for the most part just criticize rustlers because we don't like their intentions. Rustlers (like usually) overreact to it and start rustle you by usually calling them words first so you're being a bit hypocritical - darthvadern

9 They go too far with jokes without realizing they can offend some people

If rustlers are going to be here like "Take a joke", I'll tell you something. Not everyone likes edgy jokes and stuff. And it's not because they're "sensitive", but some people just don't like edgy jokes because it can start pointless rivalries with those who are sensitive - darthvadern

And they just can't take jokes - TriggerTrashKid

It's actually the oversensitive people that you guys defend that can't take jokes. - DarkBoi-X

Jokes are jokes.Sensitive people are parasites. - DarkBoi-X

They do obviously those jokes to get a reaction out of you and that's what They get when people like you and your anti-rustler party get offended over a simple dumb joke. Just don't be oversensitive and this drama wouldn't happen. - B1ueNew

We anti-rustlers aren't even oversensitive. The oversensitive ones are already banished since long ago and now we just criticize rustlers, even though they overreact too much - darthvadern

10 They are obsessed with their ranking on user ranking lists

In a way, that is true. But this item ties with "Their arrogance is unbelievable" as well - darthvadern

Basically Any Troll User Except for Barneythedinosaurrocks. - Rainbowkid38

The Contenders

11 They state their opinions as facts

Indeed they do, wether they are being "sarcastic" or not, it's something that gets very old. There aren't any fact-based rustlers unfortuanely - darthvadern

12 They can't tell the difference between being imposed as a joke or threat

It's true for God sake! God Lee! - Kevinsidis

13 They don't realize harsh criticism isn't always necessary

Harsh criticism is what made the infinity war possible in the very first place, as there was a harmless lists and tons of user went harsh on that user even though the list wasn't even that bad, it just had a few flaws. I guess rustlers just use harsh criticism so that they can find hypersensitive users. But even then if you all just unite and become friends it would be much better because hatred wouldn't be nearly as big on this site - darthvadern

They are just morons - TriggerTrashKid

That's because when we use nice criticism parasites,uh I mean sensitive people can't take it. - DarkBoi-X

It solely depends on the sensitive person. A few sensitive people can take nice criticism. And if they can't take nice criticism then of course harsh criticism will work much less, don't you realize it? It will end up in a war - darthvadern

Harsh criticism brings about change, many people know this. NC was given harsh criticism, and it results in him becoming one of the best gen 18 users around - Therandom

14 They are elite
15 They think they are better than everybody else
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