The Truth About Sensitive People

Now some people like to hate on sensitive people and think they are all SJW's that hate criticism and jokes but that is only the hypersensitive type, and even then, people go too far. Some sensitive people are only moderately sensitive and can take criticism and jokes but can be sensitive towards it if it's too edgy or too harsh but we're usually sensitive to sad stories and stuff. Did this get you hooked up? Now let's begin with the post

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Hello everyone this is your darth, and today we are going to cover quite an interesting topic. It's about sensitive people. One of the few posts by me that isn't an anti-rustler post kinda, and one of the biggest topics on the site at the moment is sensitive and hypersensitive people. Now these types of people have gotten a bad reputation on here, and I, darthvadern, leader of the anti-rustlers is here to tell you the truth about sensitive people. As you know obviously, I mean I've said this in pretty much all my recent posts, I'm an anti-rustler, who sides agianst the rustlers, who have a strong hatred for sensitive people, but a lot of people who have strong hatreds towards sensitive people usually don't even know what being sensitive actually is, or they don't even know that there are a big variety of sensitive people.

So first off, we need to know that everyone is sensitive to something. Wether it's very sensitive, or not too sensitive, we are all sensitive to something. We can usually divide sensitive people in three groups. The mildly sensitive, the moderately sensitive, and the hyper/oversensitive. However being sensitive, doesn't necessarily mean the sensitive guy has to be sensitive to jokes. A lot of people are sensitive to other stuff as well, such as unpleasent details, sad stories, pain and so on. See how it's getting complex here? A lot of people think all sensitive people are only the third one, and sensitive to jokes, but there's a lot when it comes to sensitive people.

Mildly Sensitive People: So first off there's the mildly sensitive people. A lot of people aren't too sensitive, and rarely show sensitivity, and would be classified as mildly sensitive. They rarely get emotional unless somebody close to them dies, and are generally seen as tough people otherwise because they are rarely emotional. It's usually these people who hate on hypersensitive people as well.

Moderately Sensitive People: Then there's the moderately sensitive people, and definitely among the most misunderstood I must say. As a moderately sensitive guy myself this one's the easiest to explain. If you're moderately sensitive, you're basically in the middle of the bunch. And you can be sensitive to a lot of stuff as well. It doesn't have to be agianst jokes. Me myself generally just hate edgy humour, just slightly sensitive to those stuff. I am generally very, very sensitive to unpleasent details and stuff, like I can pass out if I hear something unpleasent. I myself am a bit sensitive to sad stories as well, whenever I hear something sad. Heck I am quite sensitive to pain as well, might say that I'm oversensitive to pain as well. So as you saw there, being moderately sensitive can also mean being sensitive to a lot of different things.

Hyper/Oversensitive People: Then we have the hyper/oversensitive people, and this will be the most controversial part. Going to get loads of hate but I won't be suprised. These people are misunderstood as well. A lot of people, especially on this site label hypersensitive people as SJW's who can't take jokes, but that's far from true. I mean a lot of people consistently talk about how they are a plague to society and how they are a disease to humanity but simply everyone overreacts about them. This might have to do with the fact that a lot of infamous users on here that were agianst the rustlers happened to be oversensitive to jokes and stuff. This has unfortuanely blinded a lot of users making them think all hypersensitive people are like this, but first remember what I said above. Not all sensitive people have to be sensitive to jokes, but other things as well. This goes for hypersensitive people as well. Heck, I mentioned above how I'm moderately sensitive, but I have a strong sensitivity towards pain, and a lot of people do.

But then we have the topic everyone wants to hear about, the people oversensitive to edgy humour. I'm going to get even more hate for this, but they aren't even that bad either. So these people are generally what has caused sensitive people to get such a bad reputation, but simply one thing needs to be said. There's nothing wrong with being oversensitive to edgy humour, something mildly sensitive people fail to see. If somebody is oversensitive to edgy humour, it might have to do with their past. Somebody may have had relatives that died by something, such as cancer, or stuff, and if somebody makes a joke about it, the hypersensitive one has a right to be offended. It doesn't make you immature if you get sensitive over something like that. Of course, maybe not overreacting too much is something you should do, but they have a right to be offended. People oversensitive to edgy humour may also be oversensitive to it because they've grown up to be as nice as possible or because they don't fully understand it's a joke. But of course, people complain about them not being able to take criticism as well. So this is what I say. Criticize them in a nice manner then. If you do this, they may go nicer, even if you don't think so. A lot of people on here especially don't know the art of criticizing in a nice manner. If you do this, the sensitive one won't act crazy. After all, harsh criticism is what lead to the infinity war. And if the sensitive doesn't listen to the criticism, then ignore them and they will start mature as time goes by, unless the sensitive maybe has some syndrome that makes them act the way they act, they may not, but even then just ignore them. It's the best way

Remember what I said high above in the post, about how people think these people will ruin society and stuff? Well they usually bring up things that hypersensitive people are hardcore trump supporters and SJW's people and how they will ruin society. Now this I agree that they are a big pain to society, but people fail to see, that not all hypersensitive people are hardcore trump supporters and stuff. Them wanting all hypersensitive people going to gulags would mean thousands of innocent lives would also be killed, because not all hypersensitive people are that bad. Heck, these people are only a minority of hypersensitive people. Not every hypersensitive person are involved in politics, which I'm suprised almost everyone thinks so.

Anyways that was my post about the truth about sensitive people. Hope you enjoyed it, and please comment below


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