Top 10 Biggest Problems With Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is regarded as a awful superhero movie, I view it as a mediocre superhero movie that being said it does have a few problems that are very easy to notice. If I missed any feel free to add them.

The Top Ten

1 Having Too Many Plotlines/ Subplots

There's so many plotlines in this movie, that it's easy to forget what the hell is happening at all. You got the Harry wants revenge subplot/ plotline, the Sandman wants to take care of his family subplot/ plotline, the Peter wants to engage to MJ subplot plotline, The Eddie hates Peter subplot/plotline, and etc. it really didn't that many damn plotlines.

Did I really have 2 c a full sub-plot of emo Peter dancing in the street - Nonpointed

2 The Portrayal of Eddie Brock/ Venom

People were hyped that Venom would be in this movie, but unfortunately Venom ended up sucking in this movie. Instead of being portrayed as a criminal, who gets aggressive, possessed by the symbiote and tries to kill Spider-Man, because he's in his way half of the time. This movie decides to make him as whiny and pretentious as possible, one of my favorite parts of this mixed bag is when Peter forces him up against a wall in the Daily Bugle.

I'm reading that the Tom Hardy Venom is significantly better despite critic scores. - Nonpointed

3 Questionable Casting Choices

Topher Grace as Venom was a terrible casting choice, and Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen could've worked, if she was intelligent and not just a bland love interest character.

Would've preferred Lady Gaga as Venom - TwilightKitsune

4 Constant Filler

There's quite a bit of filler in this movie, especially the "DO THE TWIST" scene, and the "Sandman" killed Peter's uncle subplot that gets proven to be false later on. It could've been better without so much damn filler for Christ's sake.

5 Too Many Characters

It has more characters than necessary, and some of them aren't needed like: Gwen, Venom, and Mr. Stacy.

6 Too Many Villains

I would've been fine, if it was just Harry or Sandman was the villain but unfortunately that's not what happened. It tries to have Venom, Harry, and Sandman as villains in this movie and ultimately doesn't work. I think that Harry should've been the only villain in this movie, considering how he has a good motivation to become one after finding out that Peter is Spider-Man and was involved in his father's death.

7 The Script Went Through a Bad Revision and Ended Up Being Forced

The original script for SM3, was a lot better and more thought out but was replaced with the final version that plagues the movie through out.

8 Deleted Scenes that Could've Helped the Movie

If you want to look up a majority of the deleted scenes, then search for them on YT. And one of those deleted scenes, would've been a scene where Gwen broke up with Eddie. It would Eddie a valid reason, to be pissed at Peter when he starts to date Gwen, there was also a scene with Sandman walking to his daughter Penny again, which would've strengthened his character, and more that I haven't mentioned.

9 The Portrayal of the Symbiote

The symbiote in the SM comics, makes people aggressive and usually violent when it's on them. While it does make Peter violent during certain scenes, it also makes him do questionable things... like dancing and snapping his fingers for some reason...

10 Sony Forced Sam Raimi to Include Venom, Even Though He Didn't Want Him in the Movie

Sam Raimi didn't want to have Venom in SM3 at all, but because Sony forced him to he didn't care about Venom and did a half- ass job with how Venom was written. Which explains why Venom, is probably the most pointless character in this movie.

Sam shouldn't have listened 2 Sony - Nonpointed

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