Top Ten Biggest Problems with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

So yes! THE RISE OF SKYWALKER IS OUT! But get this, IT'S NOT GONNA BE PLEASING FOR LONGTIME FANS! Pardon my caps, I just want to get your attention. Anyways, I'm pretty sure you saw my post already, but it's obvious that Rise of Skywalker is not a good movie. And these are the biggest issues with it. Add more. SPOILERS BELOW OF COURSE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TURN BACK NOW IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED

The Top Ten Biggest Problems with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

1 Palpatine Summoning Thousands of Star Destroyers

Just think he had a lot of years to build this up. Plus it wasn't just Palpatine. It was Palpatine and all his followers. Plus if he did it in the previous movies people would become even more suspicious. - 2storm

Why it's a problem, because if he had THIS MUCH ABILITY TO DO SO he could have conquered the entire galaxy with ease. Why wait until this state when he's hooked to some weird machine? - NuMetalManiak

2 Leia's Death Scene

Much like Leia's lines, her actual death scene felt horribly rushed and wasn't a proper way to end the character. Sure, she gets a decent funeral, but the problem is, Leia just inexplicably dies without warning, and only during a time when Ren and Rey are having a lightsaber battle. It just doesn't add up. - NuMetalManiak

3 Palpatine Sending Kylo Ren to Kill Rey but When Rey Comes to Him He Wants Her to Kill Him

Maybe because he knew Rey wouldn't kill him. Palpatine always has a plan. Maybe his plan was to kill Rey the whole time. For example, when Rey was supposed to kill Palpatine maybe Palpatine was going to slow her down and steal her powers. - 2storm

This makes NO sense, unless somehow he knew that Kylo Ren wasn't gonna kill Rey. Basically at the beginning Kylo reaches Exegol and threatens Palpatine, but is given the promise of ruling an armada (the item I mentioned earlier) and sent to "kill the scavenger". Of course we find out that Rey ends up being the granddaughter of Palpatine and when she comes, she is ordered to kill her grandfather. What? - NuMetalManiak

4 Leia's Lines

Leia's lines were all mostly non-sequiturs, which ruined all of her scenes. It's a shame too, because it's all they had to work with, but every line was absolutely awkward. - NuMetalManiak

I think I have to disagree. I think they did really good for what they were given. - 2storm

I don’t really think they could do any better. Carrie’s dead. - Misfire

5 Snoke Was Wasted

I'm pretty sure this item is on the Last Jedi list too, but Snoke turned out to be (spoilers) a puppet controlled by Palpatine. And the worst part is it's only mentioned ONCE. - NuMetalManiak

Snoke was meant to pretty much be Palpatine without actually revealing Palpatine. - 2storm

6 A Powered-Up Palpatine Can Decimate an Entire Resistance Fleet with Force Lightning

Noticing a trend with the Palpatine-related items. He can summon an armada of Star Destroyers AND can use extensive Force lightning to single-handedly cripple the Resistance fleet. Again, if he had the ability to do so then why not sooner rather than later? - NuMetalManiak

Remember Palpatine took the force from both Rey and Kylo. It is pretty justified in my opinion. - 2storm

7 C-3PO Being Initially Forbidden to Decipher Sith Language

Alright, C-3PO was one of the best things in the movie, but Poe is right in the sense that how come C-3PO can translate over a million languages yet his original programming is forbidden from translating Sith langauge? They had to wipe his memory in one of the sadder moments of the film (he does get it back, and is still a nice comical character), but this part is kinda dumb. - NuMetalManiak

It's Ancient Sith. It is forbidden to speak. It's like saying Voldemort's name in Harry Potter. - 2storm

8 Palpatine’s Return
9 Force Healing

Oh god the Force healing is bad. For some reason, Force healing is here, yet it wasn't in any other film beforehand. Rey uses it twice, and Ben uses it at the end too. At no point do any of the other films use Force healing. I guess it's because some wounds are too fatal? I am unsure, but it leaves WAY TOO MUCH SPECULATION. - NuMetalManiak

I'm pretty sure this was reintroduced from the comics in Mandalorian - 2storm

It was already a thing in the EU (although it isn’t canon anymore) and The Mandalorian. Just letting you know. - Misfire

10 Hux Isn't a Good Spy

Basically Hux being the incompetent one in the First Order turned out to be the Resistance spy out of nowhere. And his reasoning? He doesn't care who wins, he just wants Kylo Ren to lose. It's just pure jealousy. Of course he doesn't make it out alive here. - NuMetalManiak

Agreed - 2storm

The Contenders

11 The Entire Plot Was Stupid

Entire plot = Rey, Finn, BB-8, Threepio, Chewie & Poe go on fetch quest

Rey goes off on her own because Force senses

Conflict happens, usually involving Kylo Ren

Finn screams "REY! "

More conflict happens

Repeat this four times and you basically have the movie's plot - NuMetalManiak

12 Rey is Now a "Somebody"
13 Rose Has No Role

That's because everyone hates her. She was kinda a useless character anyway. - 2storm

She's a secondary protagonist for one of TLJ's plots and wasn't a good character in them. Here, she is relegated completely to the background. While Finn is more of a main character and gets shipped with Jannah (a new character who actually is more interesting), Rose got next to nothing for her this time around. And some were actually hoping she'd turn up better this time. - NuMetalManiak

They could’ve just let her join the trio, but they didn’t.
Kelly deserved better after how the “fans” treated her... - Misfire

14 Rey and Ben Kissed

yuck - sonictiger

15 More Planet Destroying Weapons
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