Top Ten Biggest Problems with TheTopTens's Community in March 2017

I see you getting triggered by the title of this list.

Don't get offended by this list, this is just a list explaining why the site is really toxic this year, and I'm sure if you read my explanations and entries, you will agree. So don't get your panties in a twist, since I'm not trying to offend you. Anyways, this site has become a poisonous gas cloud that has a hard time fixing itself. Here's why.

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1 "The Great Zootopia Controversy"

Oh boy. This controversy makes me want to vomit up my internal organs and amputate all of my appendages off. It's that awful. What's worse is that I'm pretty much the reason this garbage is happening on here. I made a criticism post to a list that compared The Lego Batman Movie and Zootopia because it felt more like a Zootopia Hate list rather than a comparison list. The author of the list got very offended by the criticism (which makes no sense considering that it was meant to help that user) and went ballistic. The last few lists he made caused him lots of hate and controversy from tons of users on here. I feel bad, but at the same time I feel like the user needs to improve on his work rather than just attacking all of us for criticizing him. Either way, I feel like this will get worse and worse as time goes on. - DCfnaf

I agree with this list 100%, I can see TheTopTens is really declining this year, and I have noticed it. There was actually a fight over Zootopia? Come on, there are better things to do. Also, even though I am not high in stats, I still try my best to do good content. - AnimeDrawer

This controversy is just retarded, so what if someone hates a kid's movie? The user in particular took criticism and acted hyper sensitive. Goes to show this website has a lot of hyper sensitive users. Granted no one's safe from criticism myself included, it's how we all improve. - Grunger92

This was minor compared to other things that happened on TheTopTens - EpicJake

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2 Quantity is Emphasized Over Quality

I'm not saying that all of the users nowadays do this with their lists, as MSBS, CrimsonShark, LightningBlade, and SuperSonic17 are some of the wonderful exceptions to this. However, there are tons of users nowadays who don't really put any effort or pride into what they're presenting to the general public. They don't put in big, heavy explanations as to why they have the opinions they have, but they just choose to throw something out with 5 word descriptions and call it art. Yeah, it doesn't work like that on here. Stat Padding may get you more...well...stats (obviously) but it doesn't get you more detail and more effort on here. - DCfnaf

Well I'm not sure they would say 'HOLY HELL THIS SUCKS'. Wouldn't they say 'This movie sucks, I think they should add etc, etc. But if they say 'HOLY HELL THIS SUCKS' then it is bad. I agree. - micahisthebest

I don't know what to say here. But as for me I see some lists don't show on "newest list page". For example I created a list "Most Unique Abilities of Musicians", and spent a lot of time if this is right or wrong. But admin never approved my list on newest list page. said, the list title wasn't attractive.

on the other hand, when I created some lists like "best posters'. those appear on newest list page. I think that's a problem that some great lists get hidden, and some random lists appear on newest list page. so, its not always users. - zxm

I think some users are just too lazy to add descriptions - Cartoonfan202

And that's a huge problem since we don't know why you feel the way you do then. - DCfnaf

I used to emphasize quantity over quality back in 2015. Now I realize that stats aren't everything after I was criticized for this.

ModernSpongebobSucks, christangrant, Metal_Treasure, and a couple others need to realize this. Stats aren't everything. At least htoutlaws2012 puts effort in his content now. - EpicJake

Why do these specific users need to understand that? Because they have high stats? You seem jealous to me. - LemonComputer

3 Hypersensitivity and Immaturity

A lot of the new users that have joined this website are very weak and young for their ages. These new users cannot take criticism and choose to mope around and complain when someone says that their lists are garbage when they so very clearly are. When we say that you have issues with your work, we are trying to HELP you, not SHAME you. That's the reason this entry is on the list. Criticism is not the equivalent of bullying, and if you keep taking criticism as bullying, you will get worse as a user and not better as a user. I don't get offended by criticism and I don't even get offended by bullying because I know the former is meant to help me so I listen, and I know that the latter exists to piss me off so I don't respond or I don't get angry. - DCfnaf

I've kind of experienced this from lists where people have an opposite opinion of the subject being talked about. For example, doing their best to defend what they like while saying that something completely unrelated is "trash" in a way. And then trying to argue with them is almost impossible... - Swellow

Criticism is different from bullying, and not a lot of users here seem to understand that - Cartoonfan202

A Lot Of Ass Holes Seem To Have This Problem. They Can't Take A Joke And This Is Why I Have Been Suspended Before In My Old School.

Also Criticism Is Not Bullying. - AlphaQ

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4 We Barely Get Any Unique Users Anymore

Every user here is literally the same person to me. Everyone loves rock music, gravity falls, Nintendo, Michael Jackson, etc. and everyone hates Justin Bieber, Frozen, Liv and Maddie, Donald Trump, Pop Music, etc. Guess what? IT IS GETTING OLD. In fact, it's gotten SO old to the point where people just write on their profile pages, "I'm just your average joe who likes Rock and Metal Music." Is that seriously where we are going now? What's worse is that users who DO bring something interesting like SplashMoun10, someone who enjoys talking about Park Rides, they barely get any atttention for it since they aren't doing the same lousy crap that gets attention like elimination games, dating lists, pointless comparisons, and more. - DCfnaf

There isn't really such thing as a "unique" user. This site is a general interest sight after all, expect people to have similar views no matter what. - Swellow

I like Gravity Falls, Nintendo, and Michael Jackson. Rock music is good, but I prefer classical. I don't like Justin Bieber, Liv and Maddie, and Donald Trump. I dislike Frozen not hate it, and some pop music is good. - Cartoonfan202

Everyone knows that all users are just 1 person with 10,000 accounts. How else do you think they all think and act the same, brainwashing? - JustAnAccount

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5 Elite Rustlers

Elite Rustlers are users who piss people off because they think it's funny. Sure, they say they aren't being rude or offensive, but you read that definition carefully. You know what they are. That just sounds like a more fun and clever set of words than "bullying pricks". They're really just bullies who say they aren't bullying but that's exactly what they are doing. While you may not be using your superiority to make others do things you want them to do, you're still being jerks and you're still making people angry. - DCfnaf

Criticism isn't bad. After all, I am a critic. However, I don't make long paragraphs about how awful a certain user is just to rile them up. - DCfnaf

I really have no idea why some users still jeer or bully others for the sake of becoming popular, It's so lame and shameful..Still some don't understand and make lame jokes and posts about others...Pity - Ananya

I have nothing against these users. But I think its odd that mean users are getting praised and nice users are getting ignored. - Cartoonfan202

Britgirl is very nice and she's one of the most popular users, and mean users are usually infamous. - PeachyBlast

I used to be one. Now I'm retired from rustling. - AlphaQ

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6 People Complain Just for the Sake of Complaining

Literally every comment I see nowadays is, "Holy HELL, this game SUCKS! " "Well, this movie is going to be awful" or "It looks dumb so it IS dumb! " What happened to the formal, hilarious, and positive users that were on here? I want you to know that when you complain, you drain the rest of us and make us miserable. What's the point of constantly saying something sucks when you could just talk about stuff that's good or stuff that you like talking about? However, these people just don't stop and they keep whining about the same thing over and over again. What's worse is that these people can't take your advice to heart and they keep complaining about it. - DCfnaf

"It's overrated because its poop". Ugh... - Cartoonfan202

I hope those complainers do not become critics. They would be bad at the job. - DCfnaf

Kind of the reason I stopped being a "critic" - whining about music you don't like isn't fun at all. - Swellow

People just say the subject is awful, without really explaining why. Sure you think the movie is atrocious, but whats wrong with it?

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7 Bandwagoning

I've always hated bandwagoning. If you have a different opinion than someone else, that's okay. Not everyone will have the same opinion, so you don't need to change yours in fear of criticism. As long as you respect the fact that an opinion is not fact and not everyone will like the same things, it's all right. - Elric-san

I'm under the impression that to be on this site one has to love metal, The Lion King/The Lion Guard, and Bayonetta and defend those with your life while hating Frozen, pop music, and Princess Peach. It shouldn't have to be like that.

I am not even a fan of The Lion King, but I do like metal. I don't even defend the Lion King. My favorite music is punk, which is not even the most preferred on this site. Princess Peach is not even bad, but I am not a fan of her. - AnimeDrawer

Bandwagoning is beyond stupid and idiotic. Not everyone's gonna have the same opinion as you, but that doesn't mean you have to change your opinion or anything. Why should you care if someone doesn't like what you like? It's your opinion. You really don't have to change it ya know.

The Zootopia Controversy was all bandwagoning. No real opinion given. Just bandwagoning because people thought it made them look cool.
And people that have all the same opinions, also bandwagoning to look cool. I can just tell. - naFrovivuS

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8 Many Popular Users that People Liked Have Declined in Terms of Their Quality and Personality

This is really upsetting to me. Hopefully they can improve. - DCfnaf

Can you give some examples please - Cartoonfan202

I Think I've Gotten Better. - AlphaQ

Just like Pop! - EliHbk

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9 Troll Users are Joining Left and Right

That this is happening and more and more things are now requiring one to "sign in" (making lists, adding to lists of a certain length, flagging comments for review) cannot be a coincidence.

To be honest, this is a good thing. - ProPanda

This happened with MANISHMAHAPATRA. He kept asking people to look at his lists, but thankfully he is gone now. - micahisthebest


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10 Great Users are Retiring Left and Right

Yeah, can't they just visit and chat instead of saying "I'm retiring for good because there's nothing to do" - micahisthebest

Unfortunately, that is true. And this is coming from someone who joined about 1-2 years ago. - IcetailofWishClan

CastlevaniaFanboy128 and others that have contributed a whole lot to TheTopTens retired from the site. Even PositronWildhawk doesn't come on as often. People that have contributed great stuff to TheTopTens just don't contribute anymore. - DCfnaf

Yeah, jack2244 did 5 TIMES! - EliHbk

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The Contenders

11 Lack of Respect

Was there any respect in the first place? This website is used to downgrade everything and everyone and everywhere we see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. - JustAnAccount

12 Almost Identical Lists

Some lists are exactly the same but at least one word in the title is changed - Cartoonfan202

Just count how many lists there have been for "Top 10 Best Disney Movies" - PeeledBanana

13 Bullying

I agree bullying is something I have no tolerance for. - DylanRob

Bullying Is Worse Than Everything. - AlphaQ

This is the worst problem right now.

CONSTANT posts, comments and lists to bully users in one way or the other, Usually the hated ones who are so much bullied. Still with such a brazen attitude some people just don't stop. I really have no idea how it can make one feel good or 'cool' by doing so...Shame. - Ananya

Laughing, cyberbullying isn't real. - Puga

14 Gen 17

This item is not valid at all. The reasons why some of the newer users have been disliked have already been mentioned on this list, plus it's really unfair to slam a few decent users based only on who joined around the same time as them. - Entranced98

You know, complaining about this generation isn't going to make it any better, is it?

Gen 16 was good because the number of good users outweighed the bad ones. Gen 17 is bad because bad users outweigh the number of good ones. - TwilightKitsune

Probably the worst generation we've had? - micahisthebest

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15 Pointless Comparison Lists

There is a reason I dedicated an entire post on how people make these lists. - SteelCity99

I Only Make Them For Joking Causes. - AlphaQ

Still... - Ananya

16 People Keep Complaining About Admin

Why does everyone hate admin?!? Everyone puts him on there 'worst users' and they say, he makes the site worse. HE CREATED THE SITE! We wouldn't be on here if it wasn't for him. Stop the lack of respect for admin now! - micahisthebest

Other than being strict, admin has done a pretty decent job. Must be the annoying bandwagon in. - AlphaQ

Honestly, I don't have any problem with the admins, Don't see anything wrong with them either. - Ananya

He deserves it - GamerMike35

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17 The Never Ending War Over "the Loud House"

Both the fans and haters are guilty. The fans attacked some of the haters, while the haters stereotype the fans and attack them for no reason even if the fans respect opinions. One of the haters even told the fans to commit suicide. - Cartoonfan202

The haters aren't any better than the fans. The haters often generalize the fans as people who disrespect opinions, which is plain hypocritical because they don't do it either. - NiktheWiz

Oh god, I don't understand the fuss over this cartoon. It's okay at best. I've watched it, it's just fun for the sake of being fun. - isaaonrtdmtr

I don't really car, it sucks to me but whatever you think is ok, unless you say otherwise!
Open-Minded ---> - EliHbk

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18 Hypocrisy

They don't want people to touch their favorite interests but they keep on doing that to them, Double Standard! - Neonco31

A prime example is this list.

19 Disrespecting of Opinions

I seemed to get attacked by some annoying metal/LP fans for like pop and rap better than metal and for hating Linkin Park. Could this please stop? - AlphaQ

There are loads of examples, but I don't have time to name them all:
1. On my old account, I said that Kion from The Lion Guard was a good character, and then I got attacked with dislikes and hate comments.
2. This was one of the biggest problems in the Zootopia War.
3. TopTenners now go by this stupid logic "If they don't respect my opinions, I'll disrespect theirs". Even if someone isn't respectful of opinions, you should still respect theirs! - Cartoonfan202

20 Lack and Restriction of Content

Swearing is good 4 Kids admin Wot. - AlphaQ

I used to be a big image contributor (Alongside MSBS and Metal_Treasure) during 2016. Then suddenly, Admin decides to implement a severe restriction, allowing us to only put in images of existing items with images and the only way to apply a first image is if it is your own list. And I'm not the only one to fee disappointed.

Also, considering that creating a list has now become more difficult, I think its time for new content and features to be included on the site. Why not include a discussion thread between different people where us users can come together and have lets say a "Page Admin/Moderator" who would decides who gets to contribute and who doesn't. How about a forums where you can post new information daily and alert people of the news or anything interesting. A memorial application to pay tribute to deceased TopTenners. The possibilities are endless. - CrimsonShark

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