Top 10 Biggest Problems with TheTopTens's Community in May 2017


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1 People Complaining About admin

I'll be honest here. I'm mixed on this one for right now. While I lean towards liking admin because he can sometimes be of great help in situations regarding abusive users, he's been recently acting lazy and not as hard-working as he usually is. I understand running a website 24/7 is difficult, but I'm sure admin is capable of being able to address things more quick and consistently like he's supposed to do. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My one thing, if you don't like TheTopTens, then leave! - micahisthebest

People want to kill admin just for making a policy

2 Good Users Retiring

I wish they didn't leave

3 The Amount of Good Users Getting Suspended

Why did they get suspended?

4 Bullying

Unfortunately, it still proves to be a major problem on TheTopTens. What's worse is that many bullies get away with their misdeeds. I've tried ignoring bullies on this website, but even so, I'm still forced to endure their hatred of me just because I like things they dislike and I dislike things they like. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I've been bullied by Lion King and Lion Guard fans for hating that movie and show. Ever heard of personal opinion? Also, I want everyone in the world to be aware that Disney's The Lion franchise is the worst franchise in the world because of how controversial it is and how it unfairly overshadows everything else for no good reason.

You're being bullied by shoving your opinion down our throats and objectively saying it's the worst franchise. - DCfnaf

5 Quantity Over Quality

Some users got high stats by working hard, but today, users just get high stats by crapping out stupid lists.

You rarely see most users even try to put effort and detail into their content these days. I've noticed I haven't pumped out any HQ content other than Samurai Jack reviews in a while, so I hope to make more HQ content this summer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 The War Over "The Loud House"

I really hope this war is over now. I wasn't a part of it, but I didn't like seeing the fans and the haters bullying each other over it. The Internet really is a harsh and cold place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It has died out a bit. - micahisthebest

It doesn't go on that much anymore, I'm glad

It is still going strong.

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7 The Amount of Immaturity

It's like on this website, there are rules for what you should and shouldn't like. So dumb.

8 The Lack of Unique Users

See my comment on #7

9 Trolling Users

Thankfully, the trend of joining this website died down significantly. Honestly, I don't see how that's a good thing. All it brings is unfunny drama and conflict to TheTopTens. If any other come on TheTopTens, I'll be sure to report them as soon as possible to keep our website safe from them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not many trolls anymore, though.

10 The "SpongeBob" War

There was a SpongeBob war recently? What happened in that war, anyways? My only hope is that a war doesn't start over anime. Dude, if Sword Art Online haters started to come on this site and harass me for liking SAO, I don't know what I would do other than to retire since they wouldn't respect my opinions even though I try my best to respect theirs and not bully them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Spongebob War? What weapons were used? Lol - NikoX

Hold the MAYO!

But seriously, what was this? - SpectralOwl

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11 Spammers
12 Everyone hates Serena

Regardless of your thought on her, we can at least agree how one-sided the argument is, right? - Frouze

13 Disrespecting opinions
14 Attacking users with hate
15 Haters
16 Lack of Respect
17 Camila Cabello is a #1 target of hate on this site

Like leave the girl alone. I get so pissed off when someone says she "can't sing," or "is a whore." Like just STOP. She's a human being too. And she actually CAN sing, listen to her solo songs. She is not the "annoying chipmunk" you haters see in 5H. It's bad enough everyone on a Twitter trolls her, but YOU GUYS also do it to. Like leave her alone. She's been through a lot.

18 Jackie Evancho being number 1 in all of the best lists
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