Biggest Problems with TheTopTens and the TheTopTens Community in 2019

These are some of the biggest problems with TTT and the TTT community in 2019.

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These things were insane. You had to do them every time you saved a list draft or saved a remix, and twice when submitting a list. At least they are gone now - darthvadern

It happened to me at least three times. Those things popped up every 10 seconds when I was trying to make a list. - RogerMcBaloney

Thank God they’re actually gone now. Still dumb that they were even introduced. - Randomator

I think they are sorta gone now but back in June, it was hell. - DarkBoi-X

2 The lack of creativity

Man... right now, TheTopTens is lacking all kinds of creativity. Same list subjects, rehashed after rehashed. Tons of self moderated lists popping up everywhere about users favorite movies, cartoons, songs, etc. Barely any unique users being unique. Etc. Honestly, TTT is currently lacking a lot of creativity. Sad. - RadioHead03

Why Does this Remind Me of this Logo Called High Quality Video? And Like I'm Constantly Mentioning, I've Made Clones once. (See Number 11)

Excellent list! I agree with every item and you explained it well. This year is among the worst years for TheTopTens. I'm sick of seeing all these low quality duplicate lists and most of Gen 20 is just meh. ~ Userguy44

To be fair nearly every idea has been done on the top tens. - egnomac

3 Low quality lists

Clones Their Annoying! And why Does this User (No Not you, Someone Else) Made Me Make a CLONE LIST? (Sorry for All Caps) Look, I Desperately Motivation. Or else I'm Going on Hiatus (On Making Lists Not The Website It Self) And that Probably Explains Why I Have 130 Lists! That User Can Make Lists Herself! Talk about Being Selfish. And this Applies to All 16 of these Problems! And I Almost Teared Up From this By the Way. Gen-20 is Nothing but a Selfish, Uncreative, Mean-Spirited, and Pretty Mediocre Generation. Sorry for that Rant. (And this is Coming from a Gen-20 User)

You're Right. I Mean I Have (And there's Proof) CLONES! Clones! Please Help Me!

Some of the lists right now are really low quality. Most of them are either self moderated lists, reasons why this character should get beaten up by another character, rehashed lists, etc. These are definitely some low quality lists, and they aren’t even good. - RadioHead03

I Got to Agree with you on that one! There's This User Who Makes EXTREMELY Low Quality Lists About Bashing on Children and Boys.

It's a good thing I'm improving with my content. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

4 Allowing other users to edit list descriptions

Whelp, That Season 10 SpongeBob List Is Going to become Worse... No Really, Who's Idea Was this? Why Did they Do this? Do they Really Want that Season 10 SpongeBob List Even More Corrupt? There's So Many Questions on this.

Wait, it's a thing now? I'm extremely inactive now but I bet I'm gonna have some fun with this. I hate this site too much now anyways - SpectralOwl

I like it actually. I'm pretty sure admin always revises the description from what I heard - darthvadern

Who approved this? This is such a stupid idea. Some dumb@ss user is going to mess around with other people’s lists, and probably type in Penis or something. This was a huge mistake. Someone should of thought this through. - RadioHead03

5 Bandwagoning is still present

I Know quite a Few Who Bandwagon On Something that I Like (Madeline the DIC Animation).

I still see a lot of bandwagoning on here. Most of it is on Captain Marvel, Frozen, and other things. Seriously it’s annoying. We get it, you hate that specific thing. But you don’t have to tell us 24/7. - RadioHead03

Sadly - darthvadern

6 Lack of motivation

This is the main reason I took a one month hiatus - darthvadern

Yeah that was a big problem for me in May and I almost retired because of it. Even now I’m starting to feel the same way as I did then thus why I’ve only been making content related to football because honestly I’m really unmotivated at the moment outside of the NFL stuff. Hate to say it but things are looking pretty bleak for me at the moment - Randomator

That And Trolls Ruining My Lists Almost Made Me Go on Hiatus Once as Well (Though Mine was 3 Days).

7 The lack of unique users

When was the last time you saw a unique user on here? Most users from Gen-20 or Gen-19 have been making average content along with boring personalities, and not being original. There are a few new users on here that are pretty unique on here, and making it big. But most of the new users on here are barely unique, and average to say the least. - RadioHead03

I find the movie community on TheTopTens to be extremely uninteresting, with very little to no criticism and reasoning on critiquing and talking about movies.
A lot of users on TheTopTens wouldn't take a chance on watching different movies that are solely based on watching huge blockbusters and superhero movies. - BurnAux

There Are Some Unique Gen-20 Users (Like SamanthaRosie or Shadomatrix). But Some of these Users are Either Unoriginal or Advertisers (The Ones that Come up At 3AM). Heck, Even I'm sometimes Unoriginal! (See Number 2)

Yeah most users are boring now I guess from the lack of ideas and creativity for lists. This is coming from an old user that retired but came back - Manlypants

Gen-20 is so uninteresting. The only users worth giving a damn are Votebotingsucks and shadomatrix honestly - darthvadern

8 There are still hypersensitive people getting offended over everything

There's Also Another User Who Ruthlessly Disrespects Other Opinions Over the Fact That His Favorite Show (I'll Give You a Hint: Liv and Maddie) is Hated. So Yeah, RadioHead03, You Forgot Another User.

I'm pretty sure it's dead for the most part already - DarkBoi-X

I don't see any. Most are irrelevant - darthvadern

People like this are annoying. - Gametoon

9 Not many interesting users

You're Right. Heck, I'm Not Interesting Either. And Not Calling Names, But There's this one User Who Basically Ruined My Reputation. (One of the Users Mention on Number 8). But Question: Am I Interesting?
(Me Personally, I Find a lot Of Users more Interesting than Me. And this is Coming from a Gen-20 User.

Pretty much the same as item #6. Not many Gen-20 users stand out and most Gen-19 users aren't active and not standing out. Besides, most users don't even make interesting content. ~ Userguy44

See my comment for Gen-20 and later Gen-19 - Gametoon

True true - darthvadern

10 No notable updates to the site's interface/features

It should be worth noting that TTT barely updates itself in a meaningful way. There's hardly any way for a user to personalise their accounts or how the site should look for them, and there hardly any features that are being introduced. Not to mention how image uploading has not only become stanlgnant with apparently thousands of images awaiting approval, but certain images never being uploaded. - CrimsonShark

There have been...and they're the worst updates possible. Look at the new voting system. - Gametoon

Most updates are uninteresting - darthvadern

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11 Stat padding

Basically every user who makes tons of uninteresting duplicate self-moderated lists. I mean, challenge yourself and put effort in your lists. Also, make remixes instead of duplicate lists. - Userguy44

See Your List of "Worst Things about Self Moderated Lists" For More Information.

Most of these Lists are Self-Moderated as well.

I'm a stat patter - Oliversky

12 Gen-20 and later Gen-19

I'm really just a user who's "there" currently. Nothing interesting. - Gametoon

Not to mention over half of Gen-19 disappeared from nowhere and turned irrelevant - darthvadern

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few great Gen-19, and Gen-20 users on here. But most of them are... average. Especially Gen-20, one of the most boring Gens i’ve ever seen. And I know Gen-19 was later in 2018, but Gen-19 In 2019 was probably the worst out of all the Gen-19 years. So many hypersensitive people, and troll feeding. Gen-19 was definitely bad this year, and Gen-20 is really boring so far. - RadioHead03

Gen-19 sucked from the start - iliekpiez

13 Spam posts

These are honestly really annoying. Most of these posts are scams, or someone making a post making the title, and that’s it. For example:
Minecraft. And it would be under best video games of all time list or something. These are absolutely annoying, and unoriginal. - RadioHead03

#### spam posts! Burn them in the fiery pits of ####! #### Spam posts! - darthvadern

14 Bullying

That one is one of the biggest one because I followed this user and she told me whats my name and I told her and then she told me she thinks I was dead - hcraw17

Thankfully not big anymore - darthvadern

15 The Admin

Recently a made a list of the best movies of 2020 and it got approved because the movies had a release date. Two days later it was removed because it's not 2020 yet. What!? - darthvadern

It's not a smart idea to make a 2020 movie ranking list before the year starts, and I wish there's a feature that voting an item is prohibited until it's released. - BurnAux

The site needs a new one. - Gametoon

16 Complaining about an item being ranked higher/lower than another item

I've been hearing this a lot from the "Best movies of 2019" list, and they complain about a movie not being ranked number one, which is a very dumb reason to moan. - BurnAux

17 Very few new lists

Somehow Ideas Are Still Coming In My Head - Oliversky

It's sad - darthvadern

18 Thought Police

This is a problem throughout social media

"And now ya do what they told'ja" - xandermartin98

19 People who whine about the policy

How is this a problem? - Userguy44

Can You Stop!

20 Trolls are taking over

See All the Episode Idea Lists for Proof.

I haven't noticed it - darthvadern

I miss Barneythedinosaurrocks through. - BorisRule

There aren’t many good trolls around anymore unfortunately. ~ Userguy44

21 Spamming comments
22 Very few voters

Personally I've experienced more voters on my lists this year than 2018 or 2017 - darthvadern

23 Dimash Kudaibergen Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergenov, commonly known as Dimash Kudaibergen (born May 24th, 1994) is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dimash is best known as a contestant of Chinese talent show "Singer 2017" where he was declared a runner-up. He is also known for possessing a wide more.

Has been a problem since like 2017 but whatever. - Bammer73

Not a 2019 problem - darthvadern

24 Whiners
25 Opinion disrespecters
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