Biggest Problems with the Waluigi Fanbase

Oh Waluigi. Of all the Mario fanbases, you have the most cancerous, annoying and obnoxious fanbase. Here's a list of their problems.

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1 They think he's the best Mario character ever

He's not the best character. That's everyone's opinion. He sucks

He's there for Wario to be with him that's all - ParkerFang

And they send death threats to people who disagree - Randomator

Waluigi is worse than Hitler

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2 They attack other Mario character fanbases for no reason

Especially Daisy and Rosalina's fanbases, and their fanbases aren't even all that great either. Waluigi's fanbase is still worse though.

I see more so with Daisy's - ParkerFang

3 They always go on about his dancing skills
4 They're just begging for attention
5 They complain that he needs his own game
6 They hate Daisy for no reason

It's because of three lines I believe "Hi I'm Daisy" which is a stupid reason to hate her - ParkerFang

7 They bully Daisy and Rosalina fans

It annoys me so much. Everywhere you see "Daisy is a dumb ugly obnoxious poser useless clone." Or "Rosalina is Peach in a blue dress, she's ugly, she's everywhere, she is overrated, she steals people's spots."

I don't know why they want to pick on him but I think DaisyandRosalina knows everything Waluigi fans do. - ParkerFang

8 They complain that he's not in Smash

When Super Smash Brothers Ultimate came out, the Waluigi fans started raging because he was still not a character. If you read the comments on the trailer, 99.9% is about Waluigi. The 0.1% was either people who were thankful for the game or people who told the Waluigi fanbase to SHUT UP. I don't mean to sound rude but there are like more than 60 other characters in the game but you are just gonna be all whiny just because one "major" character was not included there.

"Waluigi wasn't in Smash for ten years straight"
"They added Daisy. Why not him"

Pretty much because they find it WAAY too strange that Mario, Luigi and Wario are playable, but Waluigi isn't (Yes, I find it strange too. But at least you can MAKE HIM FIGHT FOR YOU). - TheYoshiPyro64

Sending 9/11 and Hitler Pictures of Waluigi to Sakurai because he was deconfirmed as an assist trophy in ultimate is NOT the way to get him into smash.

Honestly Waluigi really isn’t special. He really doesn’t have any personality since we only see him in Spin-offs. Sorry but just a tennis racket won’t get you into the roster we already have enough Mario characters in smash as it is! Waluigi lacks anything exclusive to him that other characters have. (Ex. Luigi: poltergust 5000, Mario: cappy,FLUDD, Olimar: Pikmin, Rosalina: Luma, and so on) it also doesn’t help his case any when the some of the fanbase decides to attack Sakurai after not being playable in smash Ultimate. Maybe if you commented something like (Can Waluigi be playable in smash? ) instead Sakurai would be more likely to put him in.

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9 They hate Rosalina

Because she got into smash. At least he's an assistant trophy hello. - ParkerFang

Because Waluigi is overrated

Because she's overrated

10 They think Waluigi is original

Oh come on he's just Wario and Luigi combined. Even his name - Randomator

Better than Yellow peach or Hentailina

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11 They think Waluigi is so sexy

He's crippled,deformed and looks like he has anorexia - Randomator

That mustash and purple is just so teasing

12 They just scream "WALUIGI TIME!!!"
13 They hate Wario

This shows how stupid this fanbase really is. Wario is the reason Waluigi even existed in the first place dumbasses. Do Research! - Randomator

14 They spam dumb memes

And shove it down to people's throats - hunnyqueen09

There are memes about him being rejected for smash

15 They hate Honey Queen

I disagree. Honey Queen isn't that great. I'm no Waluigi fan but he got robbed by an obscure character Especially with Waluigi pinball as a retro track - Randomator

Can't believe that I would ever agree with the Waluigi fanbase on anything but I agree with them on this - Randomator

16 They get triggered instead of respecting opinions
17 They overreact to anyone who hates him

They get so triggered - Randomator

18 They troll
19 They are always butthurt
20 They hate Ridley

They hate him for getting in instead of Waluigi

Why is this here twice

21 They hate Ridley

They hate him for getting in instead of Waluigi. - Mo-ManGaming

22 They don't accept Smash Ultimate because of his exclusion

Just because Waluigi didn’t get into the roster there’s still like 60 other characters to play as. Also nobody is ruling out DLC

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1. They always go on about his dancing skills
2. They hate Daisy for no reason
3. They bully Daisy and Rosalina fans
1. They attack other Mario character fanbases for no reason
2. They think he's the best Mario character ever
3. They're just begging for attention


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