Biggest Problems with the Yoshi Fanbase

Ah yes Yoshi... the lovable dinosaur companion of Mario. He has a fanbase with some big problems.

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1 They think That Yoshi is everyone's favorite character

My favorite characters are Daisy and Rosalina. So no one has to like Yoshi - ParkerFang

I mean Yoshi is pretty much universally liked but they don't get how people can like other characters more - Randomator

I'm a yoshi fan and don't think this - YOSHIA2121

2 They go on and on about how cute Yoshi is

well he is - YOSHIA2121

Well, his cuteness is pretty much one of the reasons why he’s such a popular character.

3 Don't realize how overrated he is

Overrated doesn't mean bad. The Yoshi hatebase just uses that as an excuse just so they can prove that Yoshi sucks. - kdoraisamy23


4 Will not shut up

"Yoshi saved the world" "Yoshi can eat anything" "Yoshi this" "Yoshi that" Yeah I agree - ParkerFang

5 Don't realize that he's bland
6 They are crybabies
7 Hate Mario for "abusing" him

Mario doesn't abuse him, its just the graphics were not advanced enough in 1990s super mario world in order to make marios hand into a pointing shape, so it looks as if mario is "punching him" even though he is pointing, I'm a yoshi fan yet I still like mario and know he isn't abusing him - YOSHIA2121

That's the player. Also Mario is pointing not punching - Randomator

Yoshi kind of (only kind of)brought this on himself.In Yoshi island the entire race swore to protect him at all costs - Randomator

Yep. It was Yoshi's fault for being so nice in the first place. He could've just said no. - kdoraisamy23

8 Make him #1 on every list

Which makes him the most overrated character - ParkerFang

9 They hate toad

Yoshi's fanbase ain't the only people that hate Toad. I hate Toad but I am a fan of Red Paratroopa from Mario Kart: Double Dash, not a fan of Yoshi.

Toad deserves to be hated because his voice is obnoxious and he is a coward.

They started a pointless fan war over whose cuter. - Randomator

This is true, but everyone hates toad - YOSHIA2121

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10 Overreact when someone says that Yoshi isn't their favorite character

Worst than Waluigi fans

I know right?

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11 Hate every other character

That mainly hate Mario because of a dumb theory

Not true for most yoshi fans - YOSHIA2121

Mostly Mario - ParkerFang

For "abusing" him even though 1.) it's the players fault 2.) Yoshi pretty much swore to protect Mario at all costs - Randomator

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1. They think That Yoshi is everyone's favorite character
2. They go on and on about how cute Yoshi is
3. Don't realize how overrated he is


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