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21 In America, the police try to be over-smart

Today I got into it with a stupid officer who, when I told her I committed no crime and get your supervisor out here, declared, " I just love the drug paraphernalia in your back seat! " And I said "oh you must mean this broken UMBRELLA? " What an idiot. She kept up her shenanigans and I called to report her. She tried to hurry me my ID back when she finally realized she was getting in trouble.

What an ass.

Be, careful, they can easily plant stuff in your car without ever being punished. You must always "obey" and honor them, or else.

I hate cops too, most of them are jarheads from the military, who were too stupid to function in society

Try to be smart?! how dare they. they should be stupid! their cops! Pigs! are you stupid. because people try to be smart to make DESITIONS and if they look at an umbrella for drugs then don't act like you have somthing to hide. and you reporting her for doing her job is a dick move.

22 They tackle you

They tackle you even when your not running away.

Maybe your not listening

See it on T.V. all the time. Society is like a bunch of dumb cows and just ignore it.

23 They get up into your business when you don't do anything

I have been taken to jail four times by the retarded cops keep thinking I'm going to deal meth or I'm going to mug someone and I'm getting annoyed by this bull crap - TheSorrow1

Then don't act like an ass and jittery around them and they won't have probable cause.

I once saw a news story where some little girls got their lemonade stand shut down by cops because they didn't have a business license, that's pure oppression

I don't believe anyone here went to jail,but seriously,cops hacked in my iPad just because I had an Internet battle with somebody,luckily my dad is a technician

If you have gone to jail 4 times as an innocent person you are full of it. Officers have better things to do than take innocent people to jail. Let me guess, everyone in jail and prison are innocent too. Yup you have no future

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24 They ask you questions that's none of their business

Police officers pull me over for a busted tail light and started asking where I was going, where I was coming from, what I was about to do, my school, my job, my family and many other private questions

25 They eat too much donuts

Kids need donuts too

Their cars are called the donut mobiles.

Yeah, they need to relax and not be bothered by crime. If I call them they never show up.

You mean they eat too many donuts. Learn English and stay in school.

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26 Police cars are menacing

What does this have to do with police officers?

If you're not doing anything wrong, you have no reason to be intimidated

27 You can get a pizza quicker than the police
28 They are lazy

They drive around all day and get fat by eating doughnuts and drinking coffee. And when it's time to catch a criminal, they send the police dogs to the scene to do all of the work.

They just sitting while we stuck on traffic jam - ComelCumil

They didn't even go in columbine high school! - doodie

First of all, Most police don't even have dogs because they cannot afford a good ammount of K-9s
and the doghnuts and coffee thing is a steriotype caused by the simpsons, who should go die in a hole.
and when they do have dogs, yes they will use them because it is a tool and a copanion at their disposal that they are smart enough to not waste. but in most cases they sneek up on them and do a takedown.

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29 They do brutality on disabled people

It's because they are easy to catch

30 They use unnecessary force
31 Most of them are in the Ku Klux Klan

WHO the hell hires bigots and gives power authority a club handcuffs a pistol to these Dixies

Yup. Even the black, Hispanic, and Asian cops. All KKK. Yup. Keep thinking that you illiterate dumbass.

The same biggots who fight terrorisum and make the army and navy, and KKK? please. talked all about this on #8 cops are not racisit stop repeting the same thing.

32 They enforce the law.

Yes and they should. Without the police we won't get justice. If your family is in danger who do u call... The Police. However much people hate them they need to open their eyes to see the bigger picture. Whilst people run away from danger the police run towards it. They put their lives on the line everyday for the public! We need the police..

33 Take you to jail for no reason

I had never been to jail or in trouble until I was 66/y/old then a lady 50 y/0 made a claim I stole a gun from her. I wanted to show police the receipt. They refused for three month to get it from my attorney, then arrested me on my way to work. It was a junk gun I bought in a collections of items when the women said she was moving. The policeman has harassed me, calling me a bitch to three different neighbors, now for 6 more months while waiting to come to trial. I had some items taken from my yard. I different policeman came and he gave me a report paper. An hour later he told me the policeman that had been bothering me told him to tear it up and would not take my report or my neighbors.

34 They arrest criminals too much

I've been arrest 12 times for stealing a water bottle. I went to jail with 9 other people and they all stole water bottles too. It's an epidemic and we need more prisons for all these water bottle thieves. In fact I'm in jail right now, but I have to drink out of a cup instead of a water bottle.

This is a good thing. Except if that criminal commits a small crime, like stealing a water bottle or something small. - 906389

Yep they do their job too well

Really! They arrest TOO MANY criminals. What a dunce.

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35 You call 911 and they come and shoot you for no reason

The cops showed at my uncle's house without a warrant they THOUGHT my uncle was holding a shotgun but it was his cane he's in his 60s and they shot him in the arm.

Looks like he shouldn't have called the cops then!

If you are calling 911 you should be shot almost all calls are from rebelious liars and self righteous sociopathjs in need of a free hitman to both equalize and often nothing more than to make themselves feel better about themselves

36 They never understand the true story

This is why I hate cops

They believe nothing but lies and I hate them for it

37 They can't do their job without backup, weapons, K9s, computers, or snitches

Yes, its ridiculous that they use those and other useful tools, they should just walk around barefoot and wearing only a bathing suit.

38 They can be corrupted

1. Driving way over the speed limit.
2. Moving into a lane without turn signal.
3. Driving on people's bumpers.
4. Using their lights and sirens to run red lights--(i'm not kidding, I saw this a few days ago! )

Half of the cops in the world are probably sick of their salary and just care about pay checks so they chase take or accept whatever hits them

One cop nearly got me in an accident, jumped right in front of me nearly bumped his car into mine

To think you don't live in a police state with an us against them(the public) mentality is to be still a child or out of touch with reality. If you think these post are not being used to profile you too, you just don't get it.

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39 They can't accept the fact that they're not always right

This is true!

40 Most are conservative Republicans.
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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're stupid.
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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They beat you during interrogation.
3. They're stupid.
1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're criminals in disguise
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