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41 They get annoying lights in their cars

When you are walking around at night and you see a car that has its headlights off but amber lights on, that's a cop car. This is most notably in Crown Victorias. The spooky thing: they drive very slow and sneak around, looking for innocent people to annoy.

When you are pulled over at night, the cops shine the flash light right in your face. Lots of their flash lights are extremely bright!
"excuse me officer but can you please turn that thing off, it's blinding me! "

42 They're liberal V 2 Comments
43 They drive to the doughnut shop even though it's right across the street from the police station

Ha ha, that one cop crashed his car into a Dunkin Donuts, so funny!

I'm serious! why would they drive there if it's just across the street?!

Why would they drive there then?

Stop this steriotype, now. its rediculess. Cops Like donughts and are lazy! its not like they exersize or anything. o wait yes they do and most don't even like doughnuts.

44 They get away with giving people bogus charges.

If your blasting music that can distract driving, it is illegal. they are allowed to pull you over

I was arrested for not rolling my window all the way down apparently I was "resisting" when I wasn't under arrest they had pulled me over for loud music smh.

I remember in my first appartment I lived in someone called the police on me for having my "music too loud". I was like really!? They could have just called management or came and talked to me. SMH.

45 They don't follow moral codes or righteous choices just bureaucracy
46 People hate authority

Some people dislike the thought of not being left on their own to preform moronic actions

47 They don't care about kids

Every time when child is being treated horribly by their parent. The parents end up calling police and the police tell kids to listen to parents no matter how horrible things parent does. They don't care about what kid is experiencing because they're dumb people who were disrespected by their own parents. - Shadowpaev

48 You kinda get scared when someone is being arrested
49 You just want to steal something you need, and they try to stop you.

This is ridiculous. The sense of entitlement at play here is just hilarious. It's an "I deserve anything I want and it's cruel of you to stop me" mindset going on, and it's depressing but at the same time extremely amusing. Just think, these kind of people will be leading countries someday and shooting up others with their fighter jets, unprovoked, because "I want your oil sands, so therefore I should have them and you are horribly unethical not to give them to me". Very disappointing but also very good fodder for jokes.

Stealing is our best option if we can't afford anything. If stealing from stores, make sure you look out for security cameras and be out of range of the cameras. If the door alarm goes off, then run with the item for your dear life!

Stealing is better than buying because it's cheaper. If you want an item that looks really cool, but has a huge price, just take it anyways and don't pay for it.

To avoid alarms, you could also just go around the sensors... Might look suspicious, but it's easier than fleeing. And I'm not encouraging you to steal. Actually, I strongly discourage you from stealing unless in a dire situation, but if you're going to steal, be smart about it - mpgami

They all narks and just care about the law blindly. Without having some humanity and empathy for homeless or poor families. There all capitalist pigs

I can sum this up with one word...millennial!

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50 They're sinful

Right on. Every one is sinful and miss the target. Just asking that they at least be aware of the target.

Everyone is sinful, you hypocrite!

51 They (supposedly) have tanks

S.W.A. T always uses their guns without even trying human behaviour in hostage negotiation. And when they always have a chance to kill someone they take without hesitation. They understand death and destruction not peace or resolution

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52 They beat you up instead of arresting you

Maybe the police were taught that you finish things physically, not legally. How inconsistent.

53 They try to kill you instead of arresting you

I'm tired of cops killing innocent people. Cop's do not get the point in life. One cop killed a little boy because he was holding a fake gun. Those kinds of people never had a chance to live the rest of their lives.

Zimmerman wasn't a cop

George Zimmerman killed an innocent teenage boy.
Another thing is, he's alway getting arrested and doesn't really go to jail for it. Why can't they just lock that guy up for the rest of his life.

I know zimmerman wasnt a cop, but I'm tired of us black people being killed off for no reason. treyvon was only 17 and his life was cut short. up to this day, I'm still very sad about treyvon, and I nearly cry every night.

54 They kill innocent dogs

I'm just glad that did not happen to us. Its not the dogs fault if they may be aggressive, they are raised that way. No one is born a killer. To be a killer, you must be made a killer (revenge, raised, cruelty, etc). But killing innocent dogs who love to hug/kiss/whatever? That's way off the top.

Police are like a box of chocolates, they kill your dog

55 They're uptight about the wrong rules

Once my grandpa was sitting at a broken light that no one was fixing, and it was stuck on red for like 10 minutes so he finally ran it since no one was coming and hadn't been for the past ten minutes and we got pulled over for it (we were on our way to church, and the guy still insisted on giving him a ticket! ) - mpgami

56 They kill innocents

Is anybody tired of them killing our children or people who are unarmed? I know I am!

Children are easy targets. Shoot em up officers because that is what they do. Geez some people are so ignorant.

57 They're evil

Yup, the people who risk their lives to protect your own worthless one are certainly deeply evil, no doubt about it.

Their violent behavior is the proof that they're evil.

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58 They trust lies
59 They refuse to lodge complaints and FIR's.
60 They stalk you on social networking websites

They're serial killers, rapist, murderers, and children.

Police are background checked for those sort of things, also if you are a criminal and they take note of those websites, your only complaining because your a criminal and have somthing to hide.

Actually, a serial killar, rapist, murderer or child can not be a police officer.
Police can be arrested, you and must have a clean record to become one.
And... And a child?
Please say that was exaggerated

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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
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1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They beat you during interrogation.
3. They're stupid.
1. They are working for the politicians and not for the people.
2. They're criminals in disguise
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