Biggest Reasons the PlayStation 4 Is More Popular Than the Xbox One

And please nobody add "because it is better" to the list, because that is just an opinion. I have an Xbox One myself and it is absolutely fantastic, I couldn't be more pleased with it, but I can still see why people would buy the PS4 instead, particularly parents buying the console for their kids, and here are the main reasons why:
The Top Ten
It is cheaper

Not anymore

At launch it is around £350, whereas the One is £430. - EvilAngel

Xbox1s are like 800 bucks. buy the ps4.

It is a little more powerful at launch
It is smaller
It was pitched better

This (along with the price and it being released in more countries) are surely the biggest reasons it has sold that extra bit better than the Xbox One. - EvilAngel

It was released in far more countries at launch
Console is sexier
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