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1 Element119 vs jack2244
2 Puga vs. DapperPickle
3 LeRoiDesSapins vs Lucretia and pocorn

This rivalry is just so childish. Basically the latter two are among the most infamous users on BAND currently and everyone hates them. If I had I'd side with the majority but seriously why can't people just ignore them? They're making adding fuel to the fire and they won't stop when they recieve so much attention. That's why I'm staying out of this war - darthvadern

I can't stand them anymore. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Both of them are annoying me. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I think Lucretia is right, she is cool and I like her

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4 NightmareCinema vs. Lucretia

I support Lucretia, seems like NightmareCinema is just milking it honestly.

NightmareCinema overreacts over most things, Lucretia is being normal

Lucretia is my favorite user, I support her.

I am supporting Lucretia.

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5 Kevinsidis vs. Stylysht

@SteelCity99 I actually like him... did he do anything? - -w-

He had a troubled past but he's mostly improved except that he needs to deal with anger in a more mature way other than just cursing everyone out and telling people to kill themselves

He's trying to expose and shed under my skin! - Kevinsidis

Rustled by science.. damn - WorseThanDeath

6 UltralunaX vs. TwilightKistune

Not sure who's in the right and wrong - darthvadern

She's mad at me because I exposed her fake rape story so she went around badmouthing me - TwilightKitsune

UltraLuna correct. I'm glad someone is an attention seeker. People need to STOP billying us attention seeker.#JusticeForKody-ImaTired

This is cool but shouldn't be number 1 - WorseThanDeath

7 NightmareCinema vs. pocorn

I'm on NightmareCinema's side. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

He said a lot of awful stuff other than that, that’s just some of it - -w-

8 BoredJeff vs. Larrythefairy

I'm kind of past this, and try to ignore him on BAND the best that I can. If he hates me, then I'm okay with that. Still going to leave bands, that involve him to some capacity. He's not on my private band, because I don't want to argue with them. I just want to burry the hatchet, and not worry about him annoying me on my own band.

One of the strongest - darthvadern

9 Nightmarecinema vs. Gamermike
10 Nightmarecinema vs. Dapperpickle

I remember this - darthvadern

The Newcomers

? SplashMoun10, NightmareCinema, Not_A_Weeaboo and -w- vs. Puga and GamerMike

This rivalry is so dumb

? Charlette vs. -w-

-w- needs to leave everyone alone. - SomePersonYouLike

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11 Puga vs. Demon_Kitty

You do not mess with the chief. - ModernSpongeBobRocks

You actually tried to mess with the chief,LMAO - DarkBoi-X

A lot of people need to stop fighting Puga. He's stronger than us all. - TheDarkOne_221b

12 ReltihFloda and iliekpiez vs. darthvadern

Um this is over - darthvadern

13 Darthvadern vs. Gamermike

This should be in the top 10 at least - -w-

They argue about literally everything. - -w-

One of the stronest at the moment - darthvadern

14 DarkBoi-X vs. -w-

First one was when she started acting rude to me for no reason and when I exposed her antics she began guilt tripping.
The next one, not only did she guilt trip, she sent death threats to me and several other users. - DarkBoi-X

The biggest at the moment. Also I'm considering suicide - -w-

I don't know what to say... - Userguy44

@Userguy44 please pm me

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15 Gamermike vs. -w-

This rivalry is over now, he wanted to make peace so - -w-

I'm on Mike's side as well. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I'm on Gamermike's side. - SomePersonYouLike

He just harassed me a lot. - -w-

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16 Froodmar49 vs. Nonopinionated

This is outdated I think - darthvadern

17 BitXhy ItXhy vs. Iliekpiez
18 Pocorn vs. Captainmowzker
19 Demon_Kitty vs. Iliekpiez

Demon kitty has a rivalry with all users - darthvadern

Wow - Userguy44

20 ReltihFloda vs. -w-

Let me guess, this happens because she defends Camaro? - Userguy44

What happened with them?

21 TheDarkOne_221b vs. iliekpiez

He has band?

This isn't a rivalry at all. I was against Piez at first, but now I've made peace with him - TheDarkOne_221b

22 Demon_Kitty vs Lucretia

Why do I see your name so much on here? - Userguy44

Lucretia stop saying a bunch of bull crap on here. - -w-

23 Gamermike vs. Lucretia

I'm on anyone but Lucretia's side in any rivalry at this point

I'm on Gamermike's side. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Mike is is the right obviously lol
he's probably my fave user - -w-

Mike is great uwu - -w-

24 CharismaticKat vs. Camaro6

Camaro is gonna lose - Userguy44

@Demon_Kitty Kinda a lot of stuff
Camaro got mad at kat because she harshly criticized her friend and Camaro and camaro claims kat did a lot of other stuff (shd doesn't want me to say it) and it feels like kat isn't trying to let her improve at all - -w-

Gonna get hate for this but I don't care. From what I was told and saw. Trippie Red started hating Dark Moon because she defended her friend or something like that, but Trippie Red seriously rustled someone because of bad spelling. Like seriously. Like I get it, she got annoyed by the friend for some other reasons as well but none of the reasons were harsh criticism-worthy. I'm sorta Dark Moon-leaning but I'm not going to get too involved in the conflict. Doesn't mean I'm not going to express my thoughts on the rivalry. And no I'm not doing it because Trippie Red is becoming pro-rustler to impress on the rustlers, it's because her acts are completely stupid - darthvadern

25 Ur mum gay vs. Iliekpiez

Insulting username T_T - BorisRule

Who the heckity heck is your mum gay and bitxhy itxhy

26 Darthvadern vs. Kevinsidis

That happens when you gonna be anti-rustler. - Userguy44

This rivalry got resolved - darthvadern

27 Demon_Kitty vs. CharismaticKat

This was more of on here than band - -w-

28 Gamermike vs. Demon_Kitty

Haha - Userguy44

29 B1ueNew vs. CharismaticKat

This is over... - Userguy44

30 NightmareCinema vs Puga

This rivalry was so stupid

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3. Gamermike vs. -w-
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