Top 10 Biggest Rivalries Between Users On TheTopTens


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1 Puga vs. SevenLizards

What happened? - RoseWeasley

This being anywhere other than first is extremely disrespectful - Puga

Lol, fella puts himself in first and this in fifth. - Puga

This was happening around the time I joined. I had no idea. - BeatlesFan1964

2 Danteem vs. Therandom

The strongest one ever - TwilightKitsune

This is one of the best!

When I was on the site in 2015, I knew nothing about this war. The only reason I heard of Danteem was because he wrote an offensive comment on one of my lists - AggressiveBlaze

This should be #1. - RalphBob

3 Element119 vs jack2244

huge - AlphaQ

My and jack's rivalry has been going on for a while now and has turned into quite a fight between the two of us. But things probably won't change between the two of us in the near future, and I don't plan to be on good terms with him anytime soon considering his actions. - Element119

I was involved too on this war and was on jack2244's side. Gee, this was huge. This was probably the first time I've ever been in a conflict on the site... - AlphaQ

This needs to be a lot higher - EpicJake

4 Bobbythebrony vs AggressiveBlaze

It was huge during it's time, but eventually died out as BobbyTheBrony got suspended and abandoned the site and Blaze started fighting with other users.

Should be in the top 3. Main rivalry that destroyed TheTopTens wikias permanently.

Blaze may have fought with users like Powerfulgirl10 and Therandom, but they were nothing compareed to this.

The Puga vs SevenLizards of the Wikia.

5 PositronWildhawk vs SelfDestruct

Yeah that was big - 2storm

6 TwilightKitsune vs ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm not sure who's side I'm on to be honest. MSBS did overreact but at the same time I'm not sure if I should pick a side.

Hmm... once close now all of a sudden turn on one another. Depending on what side your on will there be a verdict reached between these two as if it was a Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith sequel lol. - htoutlaws2012

I don't like picking sides but I agree with Kitsune on this.

I am out of the loop here, what happened?! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

7 Puga vs ModernSpongebobSucks

My rivalry towards him could be described in the 3 H's: Harsh, Hostile, and Hellish. - Puga

8 PositronWildhawk vs. Britgirl

Rivals? We're very good friends! - PositronWildhawk

Pos is right, we ARE good friends. Which is why he know I'll let him beat me in most things :P - Britgirl

No y'all probably aren't rivals at all. Y'all are some of the nicest tenners ever. But it's the people who compare y'all and get annoyed when y'all say nice things about each other. I like both of you, but people have made it sound like this. And y'all are both smart, nice, and active, making you comparable tenners. I don't think this should be a rivalry, but people are treating it like one - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

Since when was this a rivalry - Yoshiandaglover

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9 SomePersonYouHate, and MindCrime Vs ProPanda

Ah, I remember this. - NightmareCinema

This is gonna be good. - 445956

This is over plagiarism apparently. - htoutlaws2012

This is finally over.

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10 Disney1994 vs. ModernSpongeBobSucks

My rivalry towards him could be described in the 3 H's: Harsh, Hostile, and Hellish. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This was a rivalry?

The Contenders

11 Therandom vs M4j0r45

Thank God this is over, it was so dumb. At least they're friends now - TwilightKitsune

12 Puga vs. 445956

We're friends now - 445956

I'll just ignore him - 445956

13 Puga vs. Linnea

Could've said danteem, as Linnea and danteem are the same person. - Therandom

14 Velitelcabal vs. BlueTopazIceVanilla

Sometimes I'm thinking if I'm actually feeding a troll.

15 ModernSpongeBobSucks vs. Therandom

Um, we're not really rivals. Sure, we may have differing opinions on certain things, but overall, we're pretty much okay with each other. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Camaro6 vs henry_danger_is_great

Yeah he needs to stop. I am not backing down on this. - Camaro6

I'm on Camaro6's side. - Userguy44

She pissed me off in so many ways. - henry_danger_is_great

It happened for a bad reason. She hates me for nothing. - henry_danger_is_great

Actually, it was not for nothing. It happens for a good reason that you couldn't get. - yamionthetrap

17 Birdechosplash vs Velitelcabal
18 Darthvadern vs. Iliekpiez

@iliekpiez, so by "simply", you mean sending a hate message under the title "What did you like about the Shwshank Redemption? " and then procceding with saying "Ha, you have not seen it" for the sake of being immature and annoying? You're not the first who has done this, and you did it for the sake of being annoying to me even though you don't know anything about Sweden! - darthvadern

And it all happened over whether or not Darth watched Shawshank redemption. - DarkBoi-X

When movie critics collide! - htoutlaws2012

This wouldn't have started if he hadn't decided to bring up a completely irrelevant thing just to annoy me! - darthvadern

19 Charismatickat, Darthvadern, Camaro6, and Userguy44 vs iliekpiez

This was so funny - iliekpiez

Oh wow. - Kevinsidis

Fun - iliekpiez

This isn't gonna end well... - RadioHead03

20 BoredJeff02 vs. WonkeyDude98

We're no longer rivals I apologized to him and it's all water over the bridge now.

21 jack2244 and AlphaQ vs Lucretia
22 Darthvadern vs. Puga

Why is this so low? This fight is bloody (not literally) - darthvadern

This rivalry is bigger than me vs. iliekpiez (which isn't really a rivalry anymore at this point) - darthvadern

23 CaptainMowzker, NightmareCinema, and AnimeDrawer Vs. saturatedsunrise

As much as I hate this I think it should be higher because almost everyone was pick sides and usually either HATED one or another or liked

I'm involved in this too. I'm on NC's side of the war

I’m saying it here: Both sides are in the wrong.

Update: I'm not sure if I'm on Cinema's side anymore...
Jeff/Jeffery0206/ BoredJeff02/ SomePersonYouHate/ CaptainMowzker,

24 CaptainMowzker Vs. Kevinsidis

Both sides are annoying. One is an overreactor and one is hypersensitive - darthvadern

This one was so dumb. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I'd rather forget the whole damn rivalry... - Kevinsidis

Really dumb rivalry - Nonpointed

25 DarkBoi-X vs. -w-
26 CrimsonShark vs. ModernSpongeBobSucks

Like with christangrant, one that is actually friendly and competitive. I also need to add that I consider Kitsada as one of my favorite users and one that I normally talk to. We are of different generation, but to be honest, I care more about making Kitsada better in some areas and vice versa. In the end, though, we're still friends and that's all I want from him. - CrimsonShark

27 ModernSpongeBobRocks vs Demon_Kitty

Update: This is over. So I suggest stop voting for this.

This isn't a rivalry. It was him sending stuff to me thinking it's gonna rustle me and me either clapping back or laughing at him

I'm on ModernSpongeBobRocks' side. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

She annoyed me a lot. - ModernSpongeBobRocks

28 SirSkeletorThe3rd vs. BlueTopazIceVanilla
29 UltraLunalaX vs. Twilightkitsune
30 CharismaticKat, Kevinsidis, and Userguy44 vs Morlaturtle8

Does this rivalry exist? - MorlaTurtle8

Lol - RadioHead03

Fun. - Userguy44

31 davidcat vs ModernSpongebobSucks

All because he added Uncle Grandpa to a list

32 Nightmarecinema vs Dapperpickle
33 Puga vs. EpicJake

Classic pre-policy. - EpicJake

34 ModernSpongebobSucks vs LarrytheFairy
35 MorlaTurtle8 vs. CharismaticKat

This one is gonna erupt soon.

Yeah you know it Morla. - Userguy44

This is stupid. It all started as one of these users decided to rustle the other for some childish reason - darthvadern

I don't get this rivalry. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

36 B1ueNew vs LeRoiDesSapins

This happened for a dumb reason - B1ueNew

Bring this higher, This will go down in TTT history - B1ueNew

Oh my... - B1ueNew

LeRoiDesSapins isn't here anymore so move on.

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37 Camaro6 vs Admin

Oh boy, this is gonna be tough. - Userguy44

Admin has gone too far...this is real. - Camaro6

Can't stop laughing - Puga

Not a rivalry, admin won't listen - iliekpiez

38 Puga vs. Nightmarecinema, Splashmoun10, and Not_a_weeaboo

Oh boy... - RadioHead03

Possibly one of the dumbest rivalries to date. - SplashMoun10

Happened on BAND. Should not be on the list. - B1ueNew

I'm not getting involved, and that's honestly for the best.

39 MusicMovieMinecraftMe vs. samanime

What caused this? - RalphBob

40 StrikingStreak vs MetalWorldOrder

I'm using the user named MetalWorldOrder because that's the name of our Group but anyway We all hate this troll because he
1 Ruins our lists
2 called htoutlaws2012 dumb for not responding to his messages
3 he harassed many users (including me)
4 his profile pic is awful
5 he tried to impersonate me and say that my favorite song was trash - christangrant

41 Pocorn vs Captainmowkzer, Element119, Therandom, htoutlaws2012, SpectralOwl, Reltihfloda, nonpointed, Splashmoun10, and Twilightkitsune

That's a LOT of users - B1ueNew

Looks like Pocorn rustled many people - DarkBoi-X

Now this must be the weirdest and most unlogical rivalry ever. Pocorn is the same user as toptendudes and he was joking and trolling. I wonder if this ever happened, because it's basically a rustler against rustlers. I agree with PeeledBanana. - Userguy44

This happened on BAND and to sum it up, Pocorn said disgusting stuff and tried to rub it off as jokes/ trolling even though it wasn't. And he mentioned the size of his dick for no reason, so I banned him from my band.

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42 CharismaticKat vs DarkBoi-X

Out of the loop here. Not gonna pick a side because I might miss out on a big part of the story, and I don't want to ruin anything, but what happened? - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

They're good with each other now.

This is over now. - Userguy44

We made peace

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43 445956 vs SomePersonYouHate

This fight is dead. If you give credit, it is not plagiarism, end. - 445956

Seriously, this is over. Forget it. - 445956

44 AlphaQ vs NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

This is erupting. They both made lists against each other. - Queen_Hoe

I remember this - LightningStrike

It’s still going on. Go team AlphaQ! - IceFoxPlayz

Is this why he got suspended again? - Userguy44

45 HaloFanboy vs TriggerTrashKid

TriggerTrashKid lost because he retired - HaloFanboy

He is just sparking a rivalry because I have DIFFERENT OPINIONS! - TriggerTrashKid

Though they were good with each other. - DarkBoi-X

TriggerTrashKid: *Starts harrasing me*
Me: *Gets angry*
TTK: *surprised pikachu face* - HaloFanboy

46 Alexandr vs. MatrixGuy

They have no rivalry... - Therandom

They don't have a rivalry. I don't know why they're on here - EpicJake

47 bobbythebrony vs BigBrotherSucks

Just a one sided hatred, and not a real rival.

48 Numetalmaniak vs. Redrocm

Be completely honest here, this whole rivalry was your doing

Why is it? Because all I ever did was tell you I do things my own way. I usually don't like to take suggestions because I get cluttered with many at a time, which by the way, you did on my own Q&A to the point I would no longer answer questions. It's too late to apologize for that one.

You and several of your friends will probably be seeing this and thinking the same thing you thought just a few days earlier, right? Deal with it, but creating a rivalry is pointless because I have better things to do. I wouldn't want to create a rivalry anyways. - NuMetalManiak

I wasn't even trying to start a rivalry between him. But I will state this. One problem I have with him is that I remember back in an old comment of his in which he agreed that the US is only getting worse and worse and how he hopes it will be solved soon enough, but yet he acts like a hypocrite and says "to hell with your list of Ways to Be a Good American. I live how I want to." I get that people are free to do what they want but if you're really gonna say that if you agree that the US is getring worse then that's just being a hypocrite (also Puga for some reason had the nerve to troll my comment on his post where he said that even though I didn't even say anything wrong).

49 Darthvadern vs. ReltihFloda

My rivalry with the rustlers as whole is just one big war if you ask me. Plagarizing my content on BANDs behind my back (and this doesn't go for the Marvel BAND only). I find this rivalry to be one of the strongest of the rustler rivalries due to events on BAND - darthvadern

50 Breadwinnersislofe vs XanderMartin98

He annoyed me a lot on my old account.

Breadwinnersislofe won

Breadwinnersislofe will win obviously

We aren’t rivals he just pissed me off in so many ways - Breadwinnersislofe

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