Top 10 Biggest Rivalries

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1 Coke vs Pepsi

Why choose between the two when I could get both, and mix them together into a concoction that would make fans both drink fans cringe.

Coke is way better than Pepsi. I like Pepsi, but it's too sweet compared to Coke which is more refreshing.

I'd like both and Pepsi and coke are refreshing

This is the biggest rivalry in the world!

2 Microsoft vs Apple

everybody knows windows bit off apple
I tripled the profits on pc
all the people with the power to create use an apple
and people with jobs use pc
you know I bet they made this beat on an apple
nope, fruity loops, pc
you will never ever catch a virus on an apple
but you could still afford a doctor if you bought a pc

Microsoft are better when it comes to computer products, but Apple excel in making mobiles.

I like Apple from the 80s to early 2000s but now I like Microsoft

Microsoft for life

3 Marvel vs DC Comics

Marvel and dc have lots of notable characters so it is hard to choose

Marvel for the win

DC takes the win.

So sense.

4 Britain vs USA

I choose UK, sorry americans, but I just find the UK better

5 McDonald's vs Burger King

McDonald's... Burger Kings fries taste weird and there burgers are known for having horse meat in Europe... McDonald's is the best

Both are bad, but since I have never been to Burger King I maybe choose McDonalds

Most definitely burger king

I like both sooo

6 Playstation vs Xbox

Enough with the console wars! I don't have PlayStation, but I do have Xbox...

Two of the most famous video game console series

I just have a lame PlayStation so I think ps is better

They should team and make an xstation57

7 Metallica vs Megadeth

I was expecting this

That’s what I was thinking.

8 Winston Churchill vs Adolf Hitler

Who the hell would pick Hitler?

WINSTON CHURCHILL, of course. He saved the world from Hitler.

I Personally would choose Hitler if he was like in 1933-1939, Churchill will only be my favourite if he is like in 1939-1945

9 Napoleon vs Duke of Wellington
10 Mario vs Sonic

People need to forget Sonic 06 yes it was bad but it's not the current game is it? I mean hey SEGA could be making Sonic Adventure 3 as we speak

Both video game series are good. But I'll pick Mario any day.

Mario didn't make sonic 06. I think we all know who wins.

Oh come on! A choice between my two favorite video game series's of all time? Aww crap. Look both game series are amazing, but I like Mario 0.000000000000001 points more than Sonic.

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11 Shreya Ghoshal vs Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi Chauhan is best singer for pop music, sweet voice as seen in fanna she also sings English songs very well.
Shreya Goshal is also a good singer which has a sweet voice she sings classical songs very good.

Shreya! Shreya! Shreya!
She's the undisputed queen!

Sunidhi is the best

12 Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Tired of hearing about this one because we all know that one is clearly more skilled than the other.

Messi is the god of football

13 Reason vs Emotion
14 House of Lancaster vs House of York
15 Red Sox vs Yankees

This is THE biggest rivalry between any sport teams in history. #1 all the way!

Lets go yankees

16 Pelé vs Maradona
17 Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton
18 Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

Genesis does what Nintendon't

Nintendoes what genisisnt great games OH

19 USA vs Russia
20 Pakistan vs India
21 Tupac vs Biggie Smalls
22 Benjamin Disraeli vs William Gladstone
23 Celtics vs Lakers
24 Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell
25 Spy vs Spy

Kinda hard, but spy is a good choice.

I remember this.

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