Top 10 Biggest Rivalries

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21 Gordie Howe vs Rocket Richard
22 NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox
23 Cats vs Dogs
24 DirectTV vs Dish Network

DirectTV is way better. - cosmo

There is no comparison, DirectTV is way better. You get 1000 channels.

25 Apple vs Microsoft V 1 Comment
26 Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson
27 Steve Young vs Troy Aikman
28 Nickelodeon vs Disney Channel

I created this list and I hate a hard time writing disney channel.
had a hard time there too.

Both these channels suck so I wouldn't be so surprised if they had a rivalry.

That's a hard one. I like both. - cosmo

29 Alex Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby
30 Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell
31 Goku vs Vegeta
32 Chocolate vs Vanilla

Chocolate. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. - cosmo

I'm with team Chocolate for life! - CartoonsGirl

33 Kellog's vs General Mills
34 General Motors vs Toyota

It has to be right after Coke vs Pepsi because the whole world is its battlefield.

35 Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

Yellow ninja vs. Blue ninja. Scorpion the dead man is planet to upworld, his id great kung fu fighter, is hand push scorpion deadly teeth. Sub Zero is life ninja to clan Lin Quei, deadli clan and Sub Zero is freeze monster. The Sub Zero is good fighter.

36 SRK vs Salman Khan
37 Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady
38 Hasbro vs Mattel
39 Mac vs PC V 1 Comment
40 The Simpsons vs Family Guy

The Simpsons is better for me. But Family Guy is still good. - cosmo

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