Biggest Scandals with Gate in the Title

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1 Watergate

Members of the Richard Nixon campaign burglarized the Democratic National Committee Headquarters located at the Watergate Hotel. This would be followed by Nixon covering-up his involvement. After revelations of his involvement and threatened with impeachment, Nixon ultimately resigned in 1974. - BUETBU91

Lol what a unique list idea! - Ananya

As bad as this seemed at the time, subsequent political scandals like "Whitewater Gate" have been much worse.

He would of been a good president if he wasn’t so paranoid - RawIsgore

2 Deflategate

In Spygate, the Patriots were caught videotaping the defensive signals of their opposition. In Deflategate, the balls were said to have been deflated following the AFC Championship game in 2015 by the Patriots. - BUETBU91

I'm a Bills fan so of course I'm voting for this one. - aj2005

It’s sad that people care about sports this much... - emraldYE

You get paid millions too win of course you are going to care this is not middle school football now should you cheat no but I can guarantee you that every team cheats in its own way - RawIsgore

3 P***ygate

While running for president, Donald Trump was spotted on video having a racy chat involving women. Among the things said was Trump stating that you "grab them by the p***y." - BUETBU91

4 Bottlegate

Upset over a controversially overturned call late in the game, Browns fans threw bottles of beers to the field, which forced the refs to end the game early. - BUETBU91

5 Billygate

President Jimmy Carter's brother Billy once legally represented the
Libyan government as a foreign agent and received a $220,000 loan - BUETBU91

6 Bountygate

Between 2009-2011, it was revealed that the Saints' defensive players had received financial rewards for an illegal bounty scheme ran by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. - BUETBU91

Never forget saints fans when you call out the refs just remember you screwed 3 teams from the super bowl - RawIsgore

7 Waitergate

A play on the Watergate Scandal, Bart Simpson, who skipped school, had seen a waiter accidentally injure himself, but didn't tell the truth at first for realizing he would be punished by Principal Skinner. Meanwhile, another waiter was accused of beating the injured waiter. Anchorman Kent Brockman suggested the case be called "Waitergate", but was shut down. Bart eventually fesses up and tells the truth while he would get punished eventually. - BUETBU91

8 Punchgate

On UK's version of Celebrity Big Brother, actress Roxanne Pallett accused fellow housemate, actor Ryan Thomas of deliberately and repeatedly punching her. Though Thomas would get a warning despite not doing it out of viscious, she was criticized for over-exaggerating the light play fighting and has since called it a "horrible mistake" after leaving the house and seeing the footage. - BUETBU91

9 Fajitagate

In November 2002, three off-duty San Francisco police officers allegedly assaulted two civilians over a bag of steak fajitas (which were mistaken as drugs), leading to the retirement of the chief of police and the firing of his successor. - BUETBU91

10 Donutgate

Ariana Grande was seen on video licking unpurchased doughnuts and stating "I hate Americans. I hate America. That's disgusting." As a result of the investigation, she would apologize and canceled her performance at the 2015 MLB All-Star game. But she would use oral surgery as the reason why. - BUETBU91

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11 Camillagate

The phone exchange between Prince Charles and his then mistress (& now his second wife) Camilla, where they both fantasize about him being her tampon. In fact, she wished that he was a whole box of tampons for her to use! - clusium

12 Envelopegate

There are 2 incidents called Envelope-gate. One was on the Jeremy Kyle Show involving an actual envelope being shown at Jeremy Kyle, the other was the Academy Awards fiasco involving La La Land

La La Land briefly won Best Picture for about 5 minutes until some Brokeback Mountain wannabe was announced the actual winner.

After hearing about that he was the father of his girlfriend's baby, some guy named Kev threw an envelope at Jeremy Kyle's head on air.

13 Gamergate
14 Nipplegate
15 Plebgate
16 Spygate
17 Elsagate
18 Whitewatergate

Just another shady deal b y the clintons

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