Top 10 Biggest Signs that You're Too Edgy

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1 You call Hitler "Daddy"

Imagine calling a dead person daddy. Edgy or not, it makes you look like a Neo-Nazi

I feel bad for whoever actually had to have Hitler as their dad.

If you call anyone that's not your dad "Daddy" you have issues.

That's not edgy. That's pathetic.

2 You put razors on your LED fidget spinner

My Boi Social Repose did that

I've done that before

Everyone who does this is retarded emos

Edgy as hell

3 You have a Pepe tattoo

I wish I could have one.

4 You swear too much

What the actual (CENSORED) are you talking about (CENSORED) who the (CENSORED) says I (CENSORED) swear to much (CENSORED) oh you think you so funny (CENSORED)(CENSORED)(CENSORED) well (CENSORED) you then!

I swear a lot, but not in front of my parents.

I swear in video games when I'm pissed a lot

I swear sometimes.

5 You call anything you hate “cancer”

I used to do this a lot.

I do this all the time

Sometimes, I do this...

I hate cancer

6 You have rainbow emo hair

That's not edgy. Real edgelords have straight black hair that covers one eye. Rainbows are for little girls.

That's not edgy, that's just retarded

Only degenerates still have emo hair.

Not edgy at all. Seriously.

7 You run around town yelling "Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast!"

Haven't done this in such a long time. Yesterday, in fact.

I don’t run around town. I would get tired after 1 step.

8 You streak in public

I do this every year.

9 You cry at the death of an anime character, but no actual person

It’s called a joke.

Well, that’s rude.

Yes I do this because I feel like I can relate to the person that died and there friends and families pain

10 You tweet about your Death Note filled with all of your family's names

I suggest you don't put things like that on the internet

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11 You are a hardcore feminist

So Piplup is edgy?

What the hell?

12 You call anything you hate “cringe”

To be honest, I think most people on this site do this.

I never actually knew what cringe means

Well I do this all the time so yeah.

I'm guilty of this.

13 You respond to anything with "that's not edgy. That's pathetic"

I see what you did there

14 You act like you were born in the 90s when really you actually were born in the 00s

I am actually born in the 90s...

15 You call everything you hate retarded or autistic

I don't. I call people idiots all day, though

That's too far

I somtimes do this but not all the time

yessir always

16 Dark Pit is your favorite Super Smash Bros. 4 character

Shulk is my favorite, but my friend's favorite is Dark Pit. And what does that have to do with edginess?

It's true. - SteelCity99

17 Reaper is your favorite Overwatch character

I can agree that reaper is my favorite character

I like even reaper itself I like death =)

Mine is Soldier 76, but I used to always use Reaper because he says “die, die, die” in a weird voice.

18 You hate kids shows

No I am edgy and watch Danny Phantom because he is a ghost!

19 You have 3 Monster Energys a day, but only after your Starbucks and energy shake

I can drink 2 Monsters/Red bulls in a week only

20 You spam lists with hate comments
21 You act like the typical stereotyped try-hard Call of Duty player
22 You pretend to be suicidal and depressed.

That’s not edgy, that’s a stupid way to seek attention

23 You deny that you love Lele Pons

I don't know who she is

I do too

- g0thbab3z123

I love Lele Pons

I do that everyday RAWR uwu
- Lel3p0nz123

24 You show people the middle finger all the time

I do that and walk away whenever I want to end a conversation.

25 You constantly bash religion and act like a complete misotheist
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