Top 10 Biggest Signs that You're Too Edgy

The Top Ten Biggest Signs that You're Too Edgy

1 You call Hitler "Daddy"

That's not edgy. That's pathetic. - Swellow

Is this seriously a thing? - SoulEater8

That's just idiotic. - BorisRule

People do that?

2 You cry at the death of an anime character, but no actual person

Yes I do this because I feel like I can relate to the person that died and there friends and families pain

Well, that’s rude.

It’s called a joke. - Userguy44

If you do this, then you're a heartless being.
A vampire.
Vampires are edgy.
Ohh, I get your reasoning now. - mattstat716

3 You have a Pepe tattoo

I wish I could have one. - DarkBoi-X

4 You tweet about your Death Note filled with all of your family's names

I suggest you don't put things like that on the internet

5 You put razors on your LED fidget spinner

Edgy as hell

My Boi Social Repose did that - RoseCandyMusic

Okay, to be fair, this actually sounds kinda cool. A weaponized fidget spinner. - mattstat716

6 You have rainbow emo hair

6ix9ine is edgy I guess

Not edgy at all. Seriously.

That's not edgy, that's just retarded - Mcgillacuddy

Isn't... isn't rainbow emo hair black to white? - mattstat716

7 You act like the typical stereotyped try-hard Call of Duty player
8 You have 3 Monster Energys a day, but only after your Starbucks and energy shake

Who drinks monster anymore...? - mattstat716

9 You run around town yelling "Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast!"

Haven't done this in such a long time. Yesterday, in fact. - Britgirl

I don’t run around town. I would get tired after 1 step.

Lmao I get it

10 You are a hardcore feminist

So Piplup is edgy? - Userguy44

What the hell? - N3GAT1V3


True - EliHbk

The Contenders

11 You call anything you hate “cancer”

Sometimes, I do this...

I hate cancer - Ashes

I do this all the time - DarkBoi-X

I never do this. - Userguy44

12 You act like you were born in the 90s when really you actually were born in the 00s

I am actually born in the 90s...

13 You swear too much

I swear sometimes. - Userguy44

I'm guilty of this

Guilty as [REDACTED ON ADMIN REQUEST] charged. - Ashes

14 You run down the halls like Naruto, yelling "wake me up inside, call my name and save me from the dark!"

I tried Naruto running and almost broke my glasses - Ashes

Most of my friends do this *cringes* - Nikka

I love evanescence, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, Remy zero, and eminem...😈😈😈😈☠☠☠💀

15 You respond to anything with "that's not edgy. That's pathetic"
16 Dark Pit is your favorite Super Smash Bros. 4 character

It's true. - SteelCity99

Shulk is my favorite, but my friend's favorite is Dark Pit. And what does that have to do with edginess? - LordDovahkiin

17 You streak in public

its fun

18 You deny that you love Lele Pons

I don't know who she is - DarkBoi-X

I love Lele Pons

I do too

- g0thbab3z123

I do that everyday RAWR uwu
- Lel3p0nz123

19 You hate kids shows
20 Reaper is your favorite Overwatch character

Die die die! - Ashes

Mine is Soldier 76, but I used to always use Reaper because he says “die, die, die” in a weird voice.

21 Your favorite Undertale characters are Chara, Gaster, Undyne and the Amalgamates

I hate them all, in fact. - N3GAT1V3

Wait, wait, hold up.
Gaster is kind of a mystery character. Don't see how edgy people like him...
Chara? Yeah, makes sense, too edgy.
Undyne? Wait, why edgy people? Makes no sense.
Amalgamates? They're creepy more than anything.

Weird. - mattstat716

22 Your favorite movie is "A Serbian Film"

Hell no - ElSherlock

NO! - BorisRule

23 You call anything you hate “cringe”

Well I do this all the time so yeah. - DarkBoi-X

I'm guilty of this.

I do this.-DarkBoi-X

24 You constantly bash religion and act like a complete misotheist
25 You wear a Nazi swastika in public

I wouldn't go, that far... to be honest.

26 You call everything you hate retarded or autistic

That's too far - Userguy44

I don't. I call people idiots all day, though - Ashes

27 Shadow is your favorite Sonic character

I mean... to be fair, he is a badass variant of Sonic... but I see your point.
(pretty much everyone likes the badass variants of things) - mattstat716

28 You listen to too much black metal and dress like one of the musicians
29 You are a militant atheist
30 You literally eat a bowl of nails for breakfast

With Carolina Reapers - Ashes

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon how tough are ya? - Randomator

Without any milk.

31 You read creepypasta

Most of them are pathetic - Ashes

They aren't scary - ElSherlock

32 You go on tumblr way too much
33 You spam lists with hate comments
34 You upload a video about being depressed and then upload another one an hour after congratulating yourself with 10 subscribers
35 You go to Hot Topic on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday basis
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