Biggest Signs that You're Too Edgy


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1 You Call Hitler "Daddy"

That's not edgy. That's pathetic. - Swellow

Is this seriously a thing? - SoulEater8

I feel bad for whoever actually had to have Hitler as their dad.

I don’t even refer to my father as this. I call him “father.” - irises

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2 You Cry at the Death of an Anime Character, but No Actual Person

Well, that’s rude.

If you do this, then you're a heartless being.
A vampire.
Vampires are edgy.
Ohh, I get your reasoning now. - mattstat716

3 You Have A Pepe Tatoo

You spelled tattoo wrong. - mattstat716

Uh, how bout a tatooine (or watevr the starwarz thing was spelled like) - EliHbk

4 You Tweet About Your Death Note Filled With All Of Your Family's Names
5 You Put Razors On Your LED Fidget Spinner

My Boi Social Repose did that - RoseCandyMusic

Okay, to be fair, this actually sounds kinda cool. A weaponized fidget spinner. - mattstat716

6 You Have Rainbow Emo Hair

That's not edgy, that's just retarded - Mcgillacuddy

Isn't... isn't rainbow emo hair black to white? - mattstat716

Not edgy at all. Seriously.

7 You Actually Act Like The Typical Stereotyped Try-Hard Call Of Duty Player
8 You Have 3 Monster Energys a Day, but Only After Your Starbucks and Energy Shake

Who drinks monster anymore...? - mattstat716

9 You Run Around Town Yelling "Mr.Beast, Mr.Beast!"

Haven't done this in such a long time. Yesterday, in fact. - Britgirl

I don’t run around town. I would get tired after 1 step.

10 You are a Hardcore Feminist


True - EliHbk

The Newcomers

? You deny that you love Lele Pons

I love Lele Pons

I do too

- g0thbab3z123

I do that everyday RAWR uwu
- Lel3p0nz123

? You literally eat a bowl of nails for breakfast

Without any milk. - Redrocm

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11 You call anything you hate “cancer”

NO! - BorisRule

I do

I love doing this on a daily basis. #cancerous
- Lel3p0nzzz123

12 You Run Down The Halls Like Naruto, Yelling "Wake Me Up Inside, Call My Name And Save Me From The Dark!"

Most of my friends do this *cringes* - Nikka

13 You act like you were born in the 90s when really you actually were born in the 00s
14 You swear too much
15 You Consider Dark Pit to Be Your Favorite Super Smash Bros. 4 Character

It's true. - SteelCity99

Shulk is my favorite, but my friend's favorite is Dark Pit. And what does that have to do with edginess? - LordDovahkiin

16 Reaper is Your Favorite Overwatch Character

Mine is Soldier 76, but I used to always use Reaper because he says “die, die, die” in a weird voice.

17 Your favorite Undertale characters are Chara, Gaster, Undyne and the Amalgamates

Wait, wait, hold up.
Gaster is kind of a mystery character. Don't see how edgy people like him...
Chara? Yeah, makes sense, too edgy.
Undyne? Wait, why edgy people? Makes no sense.
Amalgamates? They're creepy more than anything.

Weird. - mattstat716

18 Your favorite movie is "A Serbian Film"

NO! - BorisRule

19 You call anything you hate “cringe”

I do this.-DarkBoi-X

20 You streak in public
21 Shadow is Your Favorite Sonic Character

I mean... to be fair, he is a badass variant of Sonic... but I see your point.
(pretty much everyone likes the badass variants of things) - mattstat716

22 You constantly bash religion and act like a complete misotheist
23 You wear a Nazi swastika in public
24 You listen to too much black metal and dress like one of the musicians
25 You are a militant atheist
26 You hate kids shows
27 You respond to anything with "That's not edgy. That's pathetic"
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