Top 10 Biggest Sony Pictures Animation Cash Grabs

Sony Pictures Animation is a pretty hated animation studio. For reasons like cash grabs, making sequels to every successful movie they make, etc. Some of their cash grabs almost Go the Distance. They make so many cash grabs, sequels and overshadows some great movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. So, let's talk about some of the biggest they have done and see just how big, not put thought into, or simply make it to get money they have made. Illumination when they have enough movies will also probably earn this list. Sony have hope however, with the upcoming animated movies Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse which I am highly looking forward to. Most of these movies suck, pretty much like most of their movies. But they need to get their act together. Fast.

However, Sony seems to have some creative people with good ideas to get them out of the quicksand they seem to be in and evolve. Because at their best, it is on the level of Dreamworks's best works, their best movie without Aardman is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, an excellent film and honestly beats most Pixar works, except for 7. It shows that the cash grabs are taking over the other films which have heart and dedication thrown in. Will they do it? Honestly, I do not know but the new Spider-Man movie I am highly looking forward to but they need to stop doing the sequels, cash grabs, and do a creative idea that will maybe work.

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1 The Emoji Movie

If you thought this is a cashgrab, check out Wreck it Ralph 2. It completely ruins the point of Wreck it Ralph 1 and instead tries on purpose to get revenge on this movie for taking their aspects and making a whole new story out of it. What you get in the ripoff to this movie is far more product placement, 5 minutes where they talk about nothing than the overrated game called Fortnite, shameless self promotion, Ralph and Vanellope going turbo and no one cares about it, Felix hardly appears anymore, they all seem out of character, Vanellope moves to the Grand Theft Auto like world at the end, ruining all chances for Wreck it Ralph 3 to ever happen, the movie encouraging kids to play violent games like the ones I mentioned before and so much more. Even fans of that movie including me were really disappointed with the weak cashgrab. That should have stayed as a standalone movie. Maybe The Emoji Movie is best being just a standalone movie in case they try to follow the footsteps of Disney ...more

How is this a cash grab? It sold bad, making it so it's not a cash grab. - MarioMaster101

In my old cringeworthy self, I proclaimed I love this movie. In reality, I hate this movie. This movie directly rip offs The LEGO Movie, having a character so they can have Wlydstyle. In fact, their character design is similar. The LEGO movie is amazing, and should be loved. We have HI-5, voiced by a horrible voice actor James Corden, who is a terrible comedian by the way. We have Patrick Stewart play poop, no that is not clever. However, the movie also thinks it is super clever. This is a big issue, as it is not clever. It is pandering on every sense of the word. In fact, Gene voiced by the OK comedian, TJ Miller, is also not a good character. In fact, the animation is kind of decent. That unfortunately makes the movie even worse as they put in that effort for the Emoji Movie. In fact, the message is just "be yourself" not clever with messages in animated movies coming out with movies like "Zootopia", "Inside Out" coming out with great messages. The jokes are near Eight Crazy Nights ...more - iliekpiez

When a poop emoji is talking you can't help but *throws up* - TriggerTrashKid

2 Surf's Up 2: Wave Mania

I really like the original Surf's Up, it deserves much more attention then it gets. Now, a sequel came out, but it did not even try. It was basically just to serve as a crossover with WWE. WWE thought that they would mix. Oddly, enough this was a terrible, terrible film. First of all, this does not mix at all. Wrestling and Surf's Up do not mix, oddly enough like all the Hannah Barbera crossovers they have done: (The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, The Jetsons all were in a crossover with WWE. Second of all, you kind of ruin the characters. Chicken Joe is unfunny and annoying, he was funny in the first film. Jon Hader, returns wasting a good voice talent on a terrible film. Next, Cody is ruined and his character is very different and worse from the original. The voice acting all the wrestlers (except for Cena) do badly, as they cannot voice act. Overall, this is one of the worst animated movies of 2017. - iliekpiez

What even is this movie?

I loved the first one. When I saw the trailer for this one, I was disappointed. I'm sure it's a fine movie for young family audiences. But I still wanted something more. - ShuhBanggg

I hope that Jeremy Shada got paid a lot for this... - phillysports

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3 Open Season: Scared Silly

Open Season, a severely underhated film series, which are all bad and all worsen in quality, was not even worthy of a sequel. Let alone 5 movies, and was Straight to DVD, thank god this was not released in theatres, it is not the worst animated movie of 2015, far from 'Minions', and 'Strange Magic' exist. But the ability it has to be so unfunny in every single sense of the word, that was a Halloween special that will be remembered, hopefully as a Halloween Stinker of a movie, with some of the most unfunny jokes that nearly on the quality of the Emoji Movie. The characters are very annoying. What are people complaining about with Mater? They reach a level that HI-5 is on. Ed in particular is the worst character, and this movie and franchise needs to stop. - iliekpiez

This is not a cash grab. I kinda like these movies, it's the third movie that was bad, at least that's in my opinion. - DinoLover4242

I agree - B1ueNew

4 The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs movies (cartoon and live action ones) will be remembered as some of the worst movies that Sony Animation has ever done. While the Smurfs is beyond bad, the Smurfs 2 is one of the worst sequels of the 2010s, saying quite a lot. Smurfette is the focus. Now, I feel like she is only the focus because they have a big celebrity, in this case, Katy Perry. A very distracting voice actor. Of course she makes friends with the the other smurfs, of course they get accepted, blah blah blah, just as cliché as the movie Avatar. It also has very bad CGI, not improved the first film, tells you just how much thought, innovation was put into this pile of garbage which is nearly worse than the Green Lantern movie. That is saying a lot, considering that movie's quality. The characters are awful. None of the actors are good, they have as much personality as Kristen Stewart in Twilight. The character by the way, are awful and almost insult the actual good cartoon. - iliekpiez

Ew Smurfs. The worst part is they put Katy Perry in it for cash and views.

5 The Angry Birds Movie

Black fat rollie pollie birds who just explode without a scratch? Hm. - TriggerTrashKid

Actually a good movie. Not great, but still somewhat good. - KalloFox34

You can like this movie, that is perfectly okay. But. A movie based off a popular mobile game, that is severely oversaturated, boring and not very interesting and having many different themes just to get more downloads. (Angry Birds Star Wars-just why? ). Anyway, we have a cliché story, where someone didn't trust someone, they proved to be right and the untrustworthy person is the villain (the pig). Also, this is worse than Sing. (pretty impressive to me). We also have a message about controlling anger, blah blah. It also has some very bad jokes, I mean a lot, this is a awful animated comedy. We have one good thing: Terrence is kind of funny. (He's got one funny moment). But then we have characters like Chuck. Chuck is terrible and worse than Gene from the Emoji Movie. This movie sucks. Sucks hard. - iliekpiez

Ugh why does this atrocity exist? - Randomator

6 Open Season 3

Open Season has a trilogy. This is a part of the not so good series, that were getting worse and this is the worst of the trilogy. Scared Silly is worse, but still this movie is not very good. Another terrible movie by Sony, that was bringing up the effects of Open Season 2 but in fairness to that movie, it was a 4/10. This movie is a 3/10 but very nearly on the level of Scared Silly. This movie has hit the run out of ideas button and has a circus, a misunderstanding and is so predictable it makes other two movies look like The Mona Lisa. The comedy never made me laugh, and the character remained as annoying as ever, no change at all there. Also, the fact that got terrible reviews makes me happy. - iliekpiez

The worst Open Season film, at least that, in my opinion, the first, second, and fourth are better. - DinoLover4242

7 The Star

Sony had a not very good year in 2017. That is kind of just scratching the surface, they had the worst year of all the animation studios in 2017, and maybe the worst in studios in general. The Star, sucks. It is pretty crap. Now, we have a donkey who wants a bigger life, which has been done so many times it deserves its own cliché studio. In fact, I think that they focus it on animals just so they can get more money out of the movie. In fact, if they focus it on Joseph, who was interesting by the way, not like these animals who are bad characters, but also bland characters as well. We also have some very bad jokes, and some very annoying characters. (sorry if I am getting repetitive, Sony has a knack for doing this a lot). In fact, the story is not very interesting and gets boring pretty fast. A bad movie in a bad year for animation. - iliekpiez

A movie about uh baby Jesus?

As a Christian, I was totally disgusted by this nonsense filled, unfunny, generic, clichéd film and the fact they had to associate the story of Jesus with something like this. There were better film versions of the story, like Rankin/Bass' The Little Drummer Boy which came out 50 years ago and still has aged like a very fine wine, while this one will age as well as cow's milk.

And the fact they had a bird twerking, is there some zoophile somewhere behind the scenes? Stuff like that needs to go away from family films. - SailorSedna

8 Hotel Transylvania 3

I really like the original Hotel Transylvania and I personally enjoy the sequel it was pretty bad. I could not say more than that, I enjoy the animation and I like other monsters (excluding the girl wolf, Mavis) and I still enjoy Dracula, but the jokes do not work, the story feels reused as Drac zings again, (you should zing once-according the first movie) and the character of Johnny has dramatically devolved from the first two, and is almost as annoying as tow mater. The villain is pretty weak and bland and the character of Dennis, as he has also devolved. The fact that it is on a cruise ship, 100% shows they just went and pressed the run out of ideas button. - iliekpiez

This movie is amazing in my opinion - darthvadern

I wasn't angry at you, it's just I get upset when people think I'm a troll - darthvadern

This third sequel was pretty meh in my opinion its literally a hotel on a ship which is an actual line in the movie. - egnomac

Thank you

9 The Smurfs

I don't find this movie series bad, but the fully CGI movie of 2017 was way worse. - DinoLover4242

I know added the sequel. That does not change that this terrible film was not made for money. The Smurfs was a good cartoon, but oversaturated. I would not pick them out do on a movie on. Sony did anyway, of course. And the film made money, but critics hated it. The acting has as much personality as a paint can. Neil Patrick Harris looks bored and probably wondering why he signed up. We have Katy Perry, because a big celebrity has to be needed. Azaria does do a good job as Gargamel, so credit to him though. The CGI is very ugly. Now, they did not even put effort into this. Surely, they did not put any effort what so ever. Next, make the most cliché plot for these movies (cartoon-live action) is to have them stay with a human/humans and they end liking each other, making the story very cliché. Another thing is that it is cartoon live-action incarnation in that they are never good (excluding who framed Roger Rabbit). Almost as bad as the sequel. - iliekpiez

10 Peter Rabbit

Instead of taking cash for movie tickets, they should have taken carrots so Peter Rabbit could give a better performance. - TriggerTrashKid

This is Sony Animation's first film released in 2018, and it was pretty bad. Yeah, it definitely wasn't good. The CGI has barely evolved from The Smurfs, which is not something to brag about to the people. Also, the character of Peter himself is my least favourite character. I kind of hoped that the farmer would roast him so he would stop being so annoying. He was very unfunny, James Corden, a very voice actor, and comedian. Gleeson does give a good performance as the villain, I will say that as he is a very good actor. But, why waste that on Peter Rabbit? I mean, the film is bad, I cannot worsen that status but, yeah, bad, but not more than that. - iliekpiez

Twerking, making fun/cheering of an old man dying from a heart attack, that allergy mocking, and especially that love triangle/borderline bestiality subplot should not belong in a film based on a beloved children's book for kids and families, it's bad enough that a lot of films in that genre nowdays has stuff that is not appropriate (even the cover is stupid, with Peter looking like he's posing for some pin-up magazine).

I can't believe this crap got decent reviews from critics and was supposedly a box office success...and am angry this shallow, terrible version of the story (which is nothing like the book) is how a lot of people nowadays will be introduced to the story of Peter Rabbit...Sony Pictures Animation is to family movies as LJN was to publishing video games as Central Park Media was to licensing anime. - SailorSedna

This film is one of the worst I have ever seen. - B1ueNew


The Contenders

11 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Instead of telling you why this is a cashgrab, let me review this movie.


Seriously, Sony? If you're gonna make a sequel, at least make the story, um, y'know, NOT FROM THE ORIGINAL?! They take the first film's plot, replace raining food with food animals, and add in one of the most obnoxious environmental messages in an animated film I've seen. "OH LOOK HOW CUTE THIS LIVING STRAWBERRY THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE IS, OH, THE CROCODILE-TACO HYBRID HAS CHILDREN, OH, OH, SAVE THE ANIMALS! " Well, instead of doing that, Sam, I will recommend you SHUT UP. The humor, as well, is very unfunny, with the food puns being EVEN MORE PAINFUL than the first film (but, yes, I do like the first, I just hate some of the food puns)!


The animation here would be good, if they didn't mess up their own concepts. Let's start with the stuff that does work. I still love the detail and creativity put into the food, especially now that their living animals with ...more

What? This movie was a masterpiece (at least in my opinion), the story was actually pretty good even though a bit clichéd - darthvadern

12 Yandere Simulator

That would be hilarious - KalloFox34

This sure as hell isn't a Sony Pictures film. Knowing them, however, we may get this crap. If one can make a movie or emojis, they can make one of anything, no matter how stupid.

This isn't even an official film. - SailorSedna

13 Smurfs: The Lost Village

This is the worst of the Smurfs film, way worse in my opinion than the live action/cgi hybrid film versions, using so many non-movie-related cliches and is predictable compared to the live action versions. This is the true cash-grab that Sony Pictures Animation has made. This movie doesn't deserve to exist. - DinoLover4242

14 Goosebumps 2

Have been bitter against this abomination for 8 months after 3 months of hype.

I had to stop it after 20-30 minutes...

It was crap

I haven’t seen this movie, but after seeing Chris Stuckmann’s review of it, I think it would be a waste of time for being painfully average if I chose to see this instead of the original. Maybe sometime I will see it, but even if I ended up liking it, I wouldn’t consider it Sony Animation’s greatest non-cash-grabbers like Arthur Christmas, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, The Pirates! Band of Misfits and Surf’s Up 1.

15 Open Season 2

The fact that people bash ElectricDragon505 for bashing Sony Pictures Animation films such as the Hotel Transylvania trilogy, The Emoji Movie, the live-action The Smurfs films and so forth (yet he was also in trouble for praising Aardman in general and Surf's Up 1) is why people are sickened.

16 Hotel Transylvania

This movie sucks! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

17 Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania as a whole has too many dated jokes. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

18 Open Season
19 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
20 Detective Pikachu
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