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21 Leicester City win 2016 English Premier League (5000-1)

Yes, that's 5000-1, odds widely given by bookmakers at the start of the season in August, 2015. The Premier League boasts many of the world's richest and most successful clubs and players, but for the past 25-30 years had been only won by a small group of elite, wealthy clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

With just a few games to go at the end of the 2015 season, Leicester City (who had only been promoted to the division that year) were facing almost certain relegation to a lower league, but managed to somehow cling on and win enough points to stay up for another season by the skin of their teeth. When the next season began, no one gave them a chance of even staying in the league, with bookies offering 5,000-1 on them winning the title. With no star players in their ranks, the team worked relentlessly match after match, combining great teamwork with a tireless work ethic, plus a fortunate lack of injuries, and breakout seasons from 2 relatively unknown players ...more

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22 John Daly wins the PGA

It should be #3 after ASU vs. Michigan. Daly was the last alternate added. He never played a practice round. He just "gripped it and ripped it" for four great rounds, shocking the golf world along the way.

23 Australia beats Argentina - 2006 World Cup Germany

This never happened, where is your information from?

24 #16 seed Harvard def #1 seed Stanford in 1998 Women's NCAA Tournament

Only time a 16 seed has beat a 1 seed, and Stanford had home court advantage!

25 Texas Western def Kentucky 1966 Final Four Championship

Are you kidding me, best basketball upset of all time, like the Emancipation Proclamation of basketball! Definitely put Rupp in his place! - crimson_stampede

No other small college basketball team will win the National Championship!

amazing upset. They made a movie. It's really good. - ziggy22

Ranks #1 of the all time sports upsets.

26 Holy Cross 55 def. Boston College 12 and then the Cocoanut Grove fire

stunning upset followed by real tragedy

27 UConn def Duke 1999 Final 4

I hate Duke SO much. This is without a doubt one of my favorite upsets ever.

28 Houston Rockets def Orlando Magic in 1994
29 Pitt beats West Virginia 2007

Best upset of 2007 after app state Michigan. Pitt won 13-9 over the no2 team West Virginia Go pitt

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30 Cassius Clay knocks out Sonny Liston

In hind sight it shocks no one. In 63 Clay was about the only one who knew how immensely superior a boxer he was compared to Liston.

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31 BYU def SMU 1980 Holiday Bowl

jim mcmahon throwing the last hail mary to win it with 3 seconds left!

32 Japan defeats South Africa Rugby World Cup 2015

Number 34?
Take off the American glasses. This was simply huge in the rest of the World.

33 UCLA def USC 2006

UCLA kept USC out of BCS title game

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34 St Kilda vs Collingwood 1966 AFL Grand Final

Barry breen kicked the winning point what a heartbreak - browney115

35 Uruguay beats Brazil in the MaracanĂ  to win 1950 World Cup Final

To beat a Brazilian soccer team in a world cup final in front of 200,000 fans.

1950, Brazil host nation, MaracanĂ  stadium built for the ocasion (capacity: 200.000), Uruguay won 2-1. "Never 200.000 people made a silence so big" - Uruguayan Journalist - torneca

36 Steelers Win Superbowl XL from the 6th Seed

come on who can't see this as a upset that can never been broken just tied.

37 1969 Mets def Orioles in World Series

they don't call them the "miracle mets" for nothing!

38 Matt Serra beats George St. Pierre for The UFC Welterweight Championship
39 New Zealand Draws With Italy 2010 FIFA World Cup

New Zealand only just made it into the WC, they have only one professional football team, and they drew with the defending champions, becoming the only undefeated team in the 2010 FWC

40 Holly Holm KO's Ronda Rousey

This is not an upset. It's about the fact that Holly Holm was not intimidated by Ronda. This confidence helped her do it. Plus, once Holly took Ronda beyond 1 minute, Ronda's plan was shattered. It was all over right there.

This was the biggest upset in ufc history - Sabbath

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