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41 1969 Mets def Orioles in World Series

they don't call them the "miracle mets" for nothing!

42 Matt Serra beats George St. Pierre for The UFC Welterweight Championship
43 New Zealand Draws With Italy 2010 FIFA World Cup

New Zealand only just made it into the WC, they have only one professional football team, and they drew with the defending champions, becoming the only undefeated team in the 2010 FWC

44 Holly Holm KO's Ronda Rousey

This is not an upset. It's about the fact that Holly Holm was not intimidated by Ronda. This confidence helped her do it. Plus, once Holly took Ronda beyond 1 minute, Ronda's plan was shattered. It was all over right there.

This was the biggest upset in ufc history - Sabbath

45 Kansas Jayhawks upsets Oklahoma for NCAA Championship in 1988
46 Chaminade defeats No. 1 Virginia - Dec. 23, 1982

Really? 45?

Chaminade is the equivalent of a community collage and they beat the #1 overall team in the nation, Virginia, who had just manhandled the China national team.

NCAA Men's Basketball - Virginia had the best player in the country, 7'4" Ralph Sampson and the #1 ranking, and were beat by a Div. 2 (then NAIA) Chaminade.

The number 1 team in the nation, a basketball powerhouse led by college and pro hall of famer Ralph Sampson is defeated by Chaminade from the NAIA. A school with 8000 students, and no real athletic program.

47 India def. Sri Lanka In the 2011 Cricket World Cup
48 #15 Seed Hampton U def #2 Seed Iowa 2001 NCAAs

#15 Hampton University MEAC champions, defeats #2 seed Iowa in the first round of the 2001 NCAA championship. Had not happen before and has not happen since.

Iowa State not Iowa

49 Florida Def Ohio State 2006 BCS Title Game

Gators surprise the Nation by defeating the heavily favored Buckeyes for the National title 41-14

50 Oregon St. def Cal 2007
51 Seahawks defeat Broncos In Super Bowl 48

This game was UNBELIEVABLE. I could not BELIEVE how far my team fell. I had high expectations for this to be an exciting game, but the second Seattle got that safety and THEN a touchdown, I knew it was over. I had no fun watching this game.

As a seahawks fan I Will Never Forget this

Mainly for how lopsided the score was - Curti2594

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52 Oregon upset by Arizona 2007

Not an updset we lost dennis dixon and that's why Arizona won

53 Golden State Sweeps Washington in 4 in '75
54 Soderling defeats Nadal: French Open 2009 Fourth Round

This is still the only person to beat Rafa at the French Open!

55 France vs Italy 2006 FIFA World Cup
56 Jaguars def Steelers Twice in Pittsburgh in 2007
57 Knicks def Heat 3-2 in 1999

Knicks eight seeded team defeated number one seeded heat team in the first round and then later on went to the nba finals.

58 Mets vs Boston World Series game 6

A soft roller to first base was missed to cost Boston the World Series.

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59 Phelps Beats Cavic by 1 One Hundredth of a Second

That's faster than a blink of an eye. One Olympic race. Only one gold medal. When you've trained more than 10 miles a day, for over a decade, and win by one hundredth of a second... Add to that that the race helped make Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian ever, any sport... Epic!

60 Tim Bradley def. Manny Pacquiao
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