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61 India Defeats West Indies at 1983 Cricket World Cup Final

India an Underdog went on to defeat the mighty Caribbean side at 1983 cricket world cup final

62 North Korea 1-0 Italy 1966 FIFA World Cup
63 Florida Gulf Coast beats Georgetown and SDSU- 2013 NCAA Tournament
64 Atletico Madrid beats Barca 2016

14' okay but in 16' it shocked everyone. Barca was favorites to win the Champions Cup(not mine but more people's).

65 Western Bulldogs def Sydney Swans - 2016 AFL Grand Final

Go you Dishlickers!

The Bulldogs were not meant to even get past the West Coast Eagles in the elimination final, thanks in part to several injuries sustained during the year, including skipper Robert Murphy. They did. Surely the Hawthorn Hawks would cut them down to size and keep their four-peat hopes alive. Nope. Then the GWS Giants would surely push them out on their way to their first Grand Final in just their fifth season. Wrong again. On to the Grand Final vs the Swans, the Bulldog's first in 55 years The Swans had more experience, having won the 2012 decider and losing the 2014 game, as well as finishing as minor premiers. What a game it was, a see-sawing contest for the first three and a half quarters. But then, the Bulldogs pulled away to win it all for the first time in 62 years. All after finishing 7th on the ladder (out of 8 teams that can make the finals).

Tl,dr: Bulldogs finish 7th on ladder, then defeated the West Coast Eagles, Hawthorn Hawks and GWS Giants on their way to Grand ...more - JackMM

66 Pitt beats Clemson 2016
67 1950 World Cup: U.S. defeats England 1-0

The result was so unexpected that English newspapers thought that there had been an error in the result, and that England had won 10-0! - GrahamClayton

68 Canadiens Def. Capitals and Penguins: Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010
69 1980 North Stars defeat Canadiens in 7
70 Australia def Japan - 2006 World Cup
71 Mexico vs Brazil 2012 Olympic Final

The team expected to win the world cup on home turf in two years is stunned by a humble mexican side

72 Zalgiris Kaunas wins 1999 Euroleague
73 USA beat England in 1950 FIFA World Cup
74 L.A. Kings beat Vancouver Canucks In 5 Games 2012

Yes the Kings Cinderella Cup win

75 TCU def. Oregon 2016 Alamo Bowl
76 Chris Weidman defeats Anderson Silva UFC 162
77 Blackhawks 38' cup

The cup was a day late

78 Juventes beats Real Madrid 2015

Big upset more than Monacao and Arsenal, and who saw Real loosing out to the Old Lady. I didn't. Real we're defending their title and were favorites

79 2000 - Rulon Defeats Karelin
80 Chicago Fire defeat DC United 1998 MLS Championship

Biggest upset in MLS hands down. Nobody picked Chicago to defeat the two time defending champions DC United (Washington). Nothing has topped that one since. - SteelCity99

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