Biggest Teams Absent From the 2014 FIFA World Cup


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1 Sweden

I'm so sad that we wont be able to see ZLATAN play in the world cup he is a great player and the best to not be in the world cup

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is such a talent! Too bad we won't see him at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. - Magnolia

Zlatan says, " don't watch the World Cup, I'm not playing."

Zlatan doesn't do auditions!

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2 Czech Republic V 2 Comments
3 Paraguay

Paraguay could just be the better team that we are missing. Much experience and quite frankly I see them with more talent than a select few of qualified contenders, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Honduras

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4 Ukraine

My native Ukraine was so close... Well, maybe next time. It's a pity, I really wanted to see the Ukrainian team in Brazil - Irina2932

Ukraine should be #1. What the hell are countries like Turkey, Paraguay, and Serbia doing ahead of them?

Our team is very strong now. We were available to beat any opponent in play-off... But not France.

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5 Denmark
6 Serbia
7 Republic of Ireland

Small country that competes well on the world stage in a number of sports. Would love to see Northern Ireland join the Republic for soccer as they do in rugby. New coach, Martin, has improved morale and vision opening things up after Trapp for the better.

4 years ago a frog denied us entry with his hand... This time we had to face Zlatan, Ozil, Muller, Gotze, Reus and many more in qualifying. The Irish are brilliant and the likes of Whelan, Keano, Long and Robbie Brady will be missed at this World Cup.

Yes they got
Messi NEYMAR silva Gerrard lampard keane mcgeady Torres and suarez

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8 Turkey
9 Romania
10 Poland

Robert Lewandowski is awesome too bad most of the rest of the players are terrible. - PolishGuy

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11 New Zealand
12 India

Dhoni won everything in cricket... Make him captain of Indian football team... Wc ourselves

Kholi and Tendulkar best midfielders in the world... once they have finished with cricket... just watch out soccer nations!

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13 Wales

Wales in the biggest team that will miss the world cup. because they have player like bale and ramsey...

14 Egypt

Egypt was so close for Brasil but anyway thank you, ALLAH
Maybe next time
Egypt country of pyramids and nature deserve a chance

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15 Scotland
16 South Africa

Pity that the South African soccer team does not have the national pride that the rugby and cricket teams have :( The national soccer team need a change of heart. Karin from Cape Town

17 Afghanistan
18 Venezuela

And we were so close... :( - TailsTheFox

19 Hungary
20 Singapore

Football crazy country. World class fans but no world class team.

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1. Sweden
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1. Sweden
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1. Sweden
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3. Czech Republic

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