Top Ten Biggest Things That Happened On Total Drama All Stars

The Top Ten

1 Mike's Evil Personality Took Over
2 Courtney Lied About Wanting To Go To The Finale With Gwen

She didn't lie. She changed her mind

3 Gwen Dumped Duncan
4 Duncan Blew Up A Building
5 Courtney Got Kissy With Scott And Cameron
6 Alejandro Watched A Clip About Mal's Bad Behavior
7 Alejandro Broke Free From A Robot Suit
8 Ezekiel Captured Chris On The 100th Episode
9 On The Finale, Everyone Was In Danger, Even Chris And Chef
10 When Mal Tampered With The Votes To Eliminate Cameron, He Blamed It On Alejandro And Made Everyone Vote Off Alejandro

The Contenders

11 Owen was not competing so Chris uses him to trap the eliminated contestants in balloons, and all except the ones that were free were blown away

I was surprised this was not on the list. It was a must-add.

12 Mal Crushes Alejandro's Wrist
13 Mal Throws a Tire at Alejandro
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