Biggest Travesties in Video Game History

Sometimes thinking you know better is not always the case. Yet we the consumer are treated to sellouts that are not what we see as enjoyable. Although there are times where you feel why would they do this, or the system's malfunctions. These 10 definitely show that distinction of just depressing moments ever as a gamer.

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1 The Zelda CDi Games

By far! The Zelda series in its entirety was nothing, but awesome. Like Hotel Mario instead having just a single game, Zelda got it the worst when it had 3 that's right 3 games on that system. None in which are good in fact terribly dreadful to even look at in fact. ''You dare bring light into my lair, YOU MUST DIE! ''' Incredibly cheesy, and yet so horrid at the same time. Words can't describe that what if these games never existed. What if we went back in time, and stop Phillips from making that horrible deed to have 3 awful Nintendo games. If those were removed Legend of Zelda would probably have been the greatest video game series of all time no doubt about it. - htoutlaws2012

I do not want to talk about these games. - ShigeruMiyamoto

2 The Mario Cash Grabs

Mario never had a bad game in its franchise at the time, but in the 90's there was unfortunate a pair of them. The SNES had its share of great memorable Mario games, but do you remember the cash grabs that tried to capitalize like Mario is Missing, Mario's Time Machine, & Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun. Yes, that's right a trilogy of Mario games that were notably bad. I guess I should also throw in the biggest tragedy in Hotel Mario the fact it exist is depressing. Great job Nintendo deciding to give the best of your franchise to Phillips result in this, oh but for how sad this was it is not nearly like number. - htoutlaws2012

Think they were just targeting a younger audience. It's smart business to introduce games for a younger audience when games with the same characters was successful before. I thought mario is missing was decent. It was actually educational for me as a kid

Why do you call it Mario Cash Grabs. We wanted young children to learn with Mario. - ShigeruMiyamoto

3 The Crash of 1983

Everyone should know this story by now, it most single handedly is Atari's downfall as a gaming company. The 2600 was dominating the other rival consoles at the time, but in 1983 things changed for the worst. First let's back up a year to give you an idea what caused it to trigger badly. 1982 had some of the worst games Atari has put out there. From porn games ugh... to possibly the worst port of Pac-man, to Custers Revenge, but none of those top the game that was acclaimed the killer of it all E.T. They tried to recover, but to no avail. The 5200 did absolutely no favors maybe because it had arguably the worst controller in video game history. The 7800 while works okay was not what the audience was into as a rising company Nintendo pretty much saved the gaming industry from the black hole period they were in for the last 2 years. Atari last stand came in the form of a Jaguar which was sad, and a commercial failure. - htoutlaws2012

4 LJN Destroys Every License Movie Title They Make

Okay rule one never give the courtesy of having LJN make any license movie games, otherwise have fun with that game being labeled as one of the worst in history. I mean the list of great movie titles are endless Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Karate Kid, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, Jaws, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure. The point is how were the able to get away with making these games? There not by any means quality, but what was it at the time? LJN is easily one of the top 5 worst developers of all time, and this may prove to be why. - htoutlaws2012

5 Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One Console

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. First and foremost E3 is about games. Nintendo showed off their games. Sony showed off their games. Microsoft on the other hand spent way too much time talking about it's functionality as a cable box, and how you can watch T.V. and movies and have Skype and Facebook. It didn't help they said the following: The console must always be connected to the internet. The Kinect sensor must always be on. No used games period. And perhaps the all time stupidest thing they said was no backwards compatibility. A 500$ price tag didn't help much either. This is why Microsoft is in the state it is. This is why Microsoft ending up losing in sales ( I couldn't find exact numbers which is never a good sign). They may just save themselves with the Xbox one x, but who knows? - Frouze

Okay look I get its not the worst thing out there, but at the time how could not give this system the total rejection it deserved at that time. Its 2013 a big E3 year how did Microsoft approach their conference glad you asked. By telling the world you needed to have the thing play for 24/7 like what! If you do not follow the thing will shutdown, and not come back up that is even more pathetic than it sounds. The worst thing on that Cherry in this case Tuesday? The man presenting this crap Don Mattrick, ended up leaving the company for Zynga which he would end up leaving 2 years later, and now is jobless. Oh man did the crowd totally give the biggest rejection to a any console ever at E3, boo'ed to no end like they should be. If you stick toplan the 720 this would not have been this abominable as it was painfully executed poorly. Later that night PS4 recovered everyone to the tragedy that took place noon that day. - htoutlaws2012

6 The Multiple PlayStation Network Hacks

The first time it happened was just a shock the way it went down. In 2011 April that year near the mid point of the month. Suddenly the biggest news of that decade was the the 1st time hearing about a hack on a console company. To me this played big role that perhaps the 360 ended up getting the upper hand on them because of this. The hackers came back around 3 years later when the then PS4 was the new hot system. In 2014 the PS4 was almost too dominate in sales, then again did they not learn from the 1st time. Secure yourselves from these vile internet trainwreckers. Only this time the group identified themselves as the infamous Lizard Squad. You would think Sony had this all maintained when they were gone nope it was a trap, and tragic the way it happened on Christmas Day of that same year. 2014 left on a depressing note for video gamers. - htoutlaws2012

7 Sonic's Sudden Regression From Grace

Sonic in the 90's was phenomenal, one f the best franchises at its time, but in the transition into the 2000's was not terrible early on, but when the Dreamcast ultimately discontinued in 2001. Came to import Sega's games on the then 6th gen of consoles. Sonic Heroes was not that bad just nearly the same levels as the games before it. Shadow the Hedgehog came mostly with mixed feelings, and yeah... that was a sign of things to come. That very next year was indeed a Halloween story Sonic 06 the first in the series that was considered horrid (Despite the soundtrack sounding cool). The nerd basically said all the flaws the game has, and why it failed. Jump ahead 8 years later, and now we found two horrific Sonic games in its lineup. Sonic Boom is just one of those games that should not of been at all. While other Sonic games in between and present are at best okay. There is no overlooking the fact of these two games alone. - htoutlaws2012

8 The Red Ring of Death

This is infamous for the fact that in your original version of the Xbox 360. After playing it for quite, you never would of guessed the system had a Red Ring of Death kill switch inserted into the system. Again this almost killed Microsoft in the console race, but strategically it worked they outsold Sony that gen. I still the 360 and all, but there's no overlooking the fact that the system did implode in your face when it showed you the red ring of death detonated. - htoutlaws2012

9 THQ Filed Bankruptcy

I almost literally forgot about this one, THQ was best known for publishing mostly Wrestling games, and quite the grand collection of underrated gems in that time span. To me when you think wrestling games you think of THQ right away, you think Saints Row THQ, Red Faction you guessed it THQ. It left a pretty big spot for the 2000's, but in 2013 bad luck struck as Wells Fargo was the cause of their misfortunate demise almost like they were forced to file for bankruptcy. - htoutlaws2012

I never knew this happened, but that is pretty sad. They were really good. - RalphBob

10 Rare Gets Bought By Microsoft

The Contenders

11 Minecraft Bought By Microsoft

I'm sorry, I need to vent about this.
Every time Microsoft gets their grubby hands on a great game, guess what happens?
Future updates suck, the community actually does better than the creators with mods.
I'm not even joking about that: let's compare a mod to Mojang's recent update, 1.12
Added parrots
Bug fixes (Duh)
Added new Terracotta Block (look ugly as hell when paired with other blocks)
Added Concrete (the only good thing)
Added 5 new noteblock sounds (The other only good thing)
and finally, Changed colored textures.
Now for a mod:
Creepers turn red before exploding
Tons new biomes, like a Underground mushroom biome, Crystal caverns, biome specific caves, etc.
New black quartz in the end
New slabs/stairs
New green purpur like blocks
New Banner designs
New glass shards (no more silk touch!)
New colored wood
Pumpkins on armorstands
Armorstands automatically have arms
Chest sorting ...more - mattstat716

12 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

''Oh now wait a minute Outlaw! A singular game, the one sole game on the list is let alone that bad! '' Yes good sir, it is a steaming pile of vomit. When I heard there would be a new game of Tony Hawk Pro Skater I was stoked, that immediately turned into one of the biggest bait switches of being suckered in paying 60 dollars on this game. This along made the franchise have its only horrible game so sad never should of touched it. (Activision) - htoutlaws2012

13 The Low Budget Copy and Paste Video Games

You know the ones you were forced to play when you were 4 or 5 years old. Imagine having a Data Design or even a Phoenix game in your collection that will be burned in your mind of hatred. Those come to mind immediately because they are the kings of copy and paste all there games in their library. - htoutlaws2012

14 2014

This was just a terrible year for gaming. So many failed launches, stupid Early Access, Sonic Boom. Not to mention that one of the best things that year, a new Silent Hill in the works, is no longer a thing (because screw you Konami) making that factor meaningless. - cjWriter1997

Although for Nintendo fans it was great for others I can see why it wasn't all that. - htoutlaws2012

Not to mention the Playstation/XBOX Christmas Day 2014 DDOS attacks. Left on a depressing note indeed! - Ededdneddyfanredux

Yes exactly I can't believe nobody else remember the way 2014 ended was the most saddest of any year. - htoutlaws2012

15 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Basically apples to the crash of 1983, you could make argument it maybe the sole reason, but keep in mind that they had multiple terrible games that following year you can't ignore as stated. - htoutlaws2012

16 Superman 64

Aside from being the worst superman game how big of a travesty did it really led to for the N64? - htoutlaws2012

17 Xbox's Great Squeaker Explosion

Xbox's online was nice and fun, peachy to say. And then once Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 or 2 came out, squeakers rushed into Xbox Live and now, about all Xbox live is ruined from these cancerous devils. It spread from Call of Duty and Minecraft to GTAV, Halo and more... everything in Xbox live is dying because of these punks, etc. Fin - EliHbk

The squeakers must be made by the devil himself, the illuminate confirmed! - htoutlaws2012

18 Intentional Ripoffs

What I mean by this is if their is a game blatantly looks way too alike from the other than they tried to be like that popular game, but failed miserably. - htoutlaws2012

19 Kingdom Hearts

Right! Right! (sarcasm) Did absolutely nothing wrong for the PS2, in fact it helped make the system more dynamic than it already was in 2002. The only one on the list that is no where for consideration, and yet here it is for what reason ask the guy who has always added it to a lot of worst related lists. - htoutlaws2012

20 Ninjabread Man

While it may have not ruined the Wii, its more so in the vain of low budget copy and paste games mentioned eariler from that company. - htoutlaws2012

21 Star Fox Zero
22 Catwoman
23 Flappy Bird Flappy Bird
24 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Ruined gaming

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