Top Ten Biggest Turn-Offs


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1 Self-Pity

Some people have far too much of an 'Oh wah wah wah, everyone feel sorry for me! ' attitude over the most minor things, even to the point where it gets in the way of the fact some others are genuinely upset often thanks to going through clinical depression, losing a family member, struggling with PTSD, dealing with a highly stressful job, or for another reason that's actually serious. So, self-pity wallowers, consider yourselves lucky. Millions and millions of people in the world today have it worse than you. - Entranced98

I can't be doing with all that "Woe is me" attitude. Agree self-pity and negativity are two massive turn-offs. - Britgirl

2 Chauvinism
3 Negativity
4 Laziness
5 Lack Of Humor

Oh so totally agree! What is one without humour? A wilting, dying flower, lost in a world that has deserted them.
A bit like this rather good list, really. - Britgirl

6 Smokers

This one is obvious.
Bad breathe, yellow teeth and smelly clothes. - Ajkloth

7 Untrustworthiness
8 B.O.

Imagine having to live and sleep with someone who had horrible body odor. I just can't do it. - maarilynmaanson

9 Facial & Body Hair
10 Bullying

The Contenders

11 Abusing Animals
12 Nagging
13 Stupidity
14 Poor Listeners
15 A Child
16 Lack of Confidence
17 Ungroomed Eyebrows

Like a unibrow for example. How hard is it to get a pair of tweezers?

18 Red Finger/Toe Nails
19 Rudeness
20 Uniformity
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1. Self-Pity
2. Negativity
3. Lack Of Humor
1. Bullying
2. Abusing Animals
3. Chauvinism



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