Top Ten Biggest Types of Debates in 2017

These are the world's biggest conflicts ever in 2017. Are you interested in these subjects? Then this list is for YOU.

The Top Ten

1 Whether or Not God Exists

This is DEFINITELY the biggest conflicts to ever exist in this world. Religious conflicts are ANNOYING. Personally, I think they should stop going way to far. I so religious people (Not the smart and wise religigous people. The dumb and stupid ones.) protest in the Star Wars Episode 7 theater. Seriously! Why are they doing that nonsense? Its just a movie bro! - TheGoldenRifle

2 Whether a President is a Good President or a Horrible One

Unlike the top one, they aren't going too far. Trump hadn't made any mistakes that would affect the whole United States yet, but he did make some minor mistakes and insults to the disabled people, women and the people with different skin color, like me. I am an asian, and I'm critically annoyed by these kinds of people. I also respect those who is disabled.
Stephan Hawkings is one of the disabled people, but he is the new Einstein now. So I completely agree that this is a conflict that is really needed. (If I said anything that made you angry, I'm sorry. As I said before, I am an asian so I don't know how to be polite and respectful in this language yet.)
EDIT: Now I am really confused. Some people are stating that Trump DID make a huge mistake and some are saying he didn't. What the heck is going on?! - TheGoldenRifle

3 Whether the Movie is Bad or Not

God... Lion King fans are close minded, they bully the haters or people with different opinions (like myself) for no reason, and go as far as treating TLK like it is God when it is not. Seriously, I know you have your precious "I love The Lion King" opinion, but you have to accept that it's not one of the best movies ever and there are better movies out there.

OH GOD. Can anyone stop this for once? The fans don't respect the haters and the haters dosen't respect the fans... please STOP THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I did become a hater once, but not so much now because I knew this was nonsense. Oh, you saw my profile page and saw me comment on a hater list and agree with them? That was because I was incredibly bored. I wasn't serious about anything I said and THSESE PEOPLE ARE BEING SO SERIOUS ABOUT IT! - TheGoldenRifle

4 Which Video Game is Better
5 Whether the History Record is Correct or Not

These conflicts should be kept up. These have purposes for recording the correct history. - TheGoldenRifle

6 What is the Best Song

Yeah, right. People had debated this for a long time. A debate where you can disrespect other's opinions and won't get kicked out. - TheGoldenRifle

7 Who is the Best Sportsman

These are pretty common if you are interested in sports. But if you are not, you won't notice it so I was pretty concerned about this being on this list but when I realized people debates hours for this stuff, I am not THAT concerned now. - TheGoldenRifle

8 Whether a YouTuber is Good or Not

SEROOUSLY! Can people just stop having a conflict about him? His just a youtuber.
He's fanbase and his haters conflicting lead to a massive argument that never ends.
I see him in the worst youtuber and in the best youtubers. - TheGoldenRifle

9 Whether an Emoticon is Annoying or Not

Troll, Lenny, Kappa and Illuminati became a famous emoticon across the world. But these people that rarely enjoy troll's activities (Which, I love trolls and their silly comments
and their bonus lenny faces.)and social media HATES these emoticons like they are the worst thing ever. - TheGoldenRifle

10 Whether the News is True or False

Dumb people thinks the news is a god and every word they say is correct, which surprisingly, is mostly correct. But sometimes, no. Just no. The news broadcasting is done by a HUMAN. Human makes mistakes, right? So these conflicts are really common with people with different opinions. - TheGoldenRifle

What TheGoldenRifle said - TwilightKitsune

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11 Which Shipping is Canon and Which Isn't

The shipping wars... Good grief!

Haha! - TheGoldenRifle

12 Whether an Animal is Good or Evil

I actually agree with this one! - TheGoldenRifle

No animal is evil and the Earth needs all animals to exist to survive.

13 Which Character is Better
14 Capitalism vs Socialism
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