Biggest Waste of Money Footballers of 2011 - 2012


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1 Fernando Torres - £50 Million

Really? It asks me for an opinion? Doesn't looking at the stat sheet tell the tale? The Russian has made a lot of terrible purchases, but this is easily his worst.

Even if he had not scored the winner, Chelsea would have still gone through on away goals. He is total rubbish. Also, Soldado should have gone to the EURO.

I agree, what a waste of money. He had an horrible season, don't deserve to be in the euro. Soldado isn't in the euro? , what a fail from Spain coach

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2 Andy Carroll - £35 Million

Useless I don't know how he was so good at Newcastle and is playing such rubbish for liverpool.

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3 Jordan Henderson - £20 Million

He's had a good season but in reality he's a very average player

4 Charlie Adam - £19 Million

Looked good at black pool but waste money for Liverpool and stoke

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5 Romelu Lukaku - £16 Million
6 Stuart Downning - £19 Million

Not 1 goal or assist - aido17

7 Oriol Romeu - £9.5 Million

He is good but seriously - aido17

8 Sebastian Squillaci - £9 Million
9 Samir Nasri - £20 Million

Just look at it he is rubbish - aido17

10 Connor Wickham - £12 Million

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11 Phil Jones - £16.5 Million

Good player but insanely high transfer fee. Torres' fee was high but most of the money was recouped through shirt sales and image rights. This is much worse.

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1. Fernando Torres - £50 Million
2. Andy Carroll - £35 Million
3. Jordan Henderson - £20 Million



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