HT's Analysis: AFC West Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 The AFC West really proves how tough rivals can be. Then San Diego (Los Angeles) while not a good team can put up a good game against all 3 teams. Denver maybe in the middle average team with a few weaknesses. Kansas City might be consistent for years, and them Raiders have been revived to what looks to be greatness. How comes out on top?

(Key: Team in bold, grade in bold)

Los Angeles Chargers: The chargers to me already looked surprisingly good on offense last year, it was just the lackluster defense that cost them games, or pretty much the head coach. The pick of Mike Williams to me in sense might make sense, but for me not really. Considering yes Keenan Allen maybe gone after this season, I get the choice its not who I would of picked at 7 though. Grabbing two guards on day 2 was a must. Now you might have a pretty good line if everything works out well. grab two players from defensive secondary not a problem you lost Weddle a few years back its about time addressing those bigger needs. Extra depth at O-line, and D-line to end the draft. They may not be standouts, but it looks promising offensively, while they could of went for maybe a linebacker this is good enough. B

Denver Broncos: The Broncos need to try to return to form, but how can that happen? Getting a top tier tackle definitely makes sense. Trevor Siemian when he looks bad can do bad things for a team that is reliable on defense. An up front pass rusher is very necessary, but right here call me crazy I would of picked a linebacker, because you lost DeMarcus Ware. I'm amazed that was no where to be found. I really don't understand in the Broncos getting a corner at round 3. Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, and a rising Bradley Roby. You want to talk about big steals, when John Elway got Jake Butt I was like great steal. I've seen him play great before the injury, while he may not be a day 1 starter due to his injuries, I think he'll be the long term tight end over there in Denver. Not sure why they needed a Wide out it wasn't really that needed as other positions like of running back, speaking of that that's what they did after this pick. The problem is his 5'7 he won't last long, this years Mr. Irrelevant is Chad Kelly a QB picked last. Normally its like a position you don't expect the player to thrive in, but in this case you never know, what if Siemian gets hurt, or Paxton Lynch. C+

Kansas City Chiefs: I gotta be honest I did not like what the chiefs did in this years draft, while I like that they gave up a lot to get hopefully the guy to replace Alex Smith, but if his the next Todd Blackledge that won't look good. The defenisve end pick makes a lot of sense, a lot of those key guys there have all been let go. Makes me wonder how different will this team be with that one weakness at defensive line. The pick at running back is kind of interesting, but likely not to be the starter, 4 running backs need I go on. They reach on Chesson who was projected near round 6th to 7th rounder. They drafted a linebacker that was not needed, and end with a safety whose probably going to get cut, because they got Eric Berry. D+

Oakland Raiders: For now there still called Oakland, but don't worry even I have to adjust to Las Vegas when the time comes. The Raiders the past few years have drafted tremendously, this years was very interesting in the way they went. With their first pick they take Gareon Conley, a guy whose being accused of sexual assault. Very risky pick for a guy I thought would slip the 2nd round. I really don't understand either safety picks they did draft. You have Karl Joseph who made an impact last year, and Reggie Nelson who also pretty good as well. They add depth at tackle which seems alright. Grab a D-tackle which is something they needed to take at some point. A linebacker to help Bruce Irvin. near the end draft a running back which is now pointless because beastmode is in town, and back as a Raider. C-

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