HT's Analysis: NFC West Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 To me the west has been ruled by the Seattle Seahawks, and it may keep going for awhile, unless I'd be surprised, but that might not be the case, however was there anyone that drafted better than Seattle?

(Key: Team in bold, grade in bold)

San Francisco 49ers: To me there was no other that needed pretty much everything more than the 49ers. I mean not do you get two what looked to be great defensive players, but to get a lot of picks out of the bears is like saying hey you may win the lottery in the future. Next grab a corner classic John Lynch (not to be taken negatively). Grab a QB at round 3, no its not Davis Webb, or Joshua Dobbs its C.J Beathard. Not sure, but they needed one is all that we know. Running back the first pick of day is totally useless you have a tandem of Carlos Hyde, and Tim Hightower so why do this? Add depth at Tight End is okay, give the QB more weapons. Grabbing a D-tackle at round 6 looks like a promising steal. Then get a linebacker to help out with Bowman and the newly Foster. End with a 2nd corner which is a glaring weakness for sure. I did like what I did see from this John Lynch niners team that they took advantage of what was there. B-

Los Angeles Rams: To me this was not a miracle draft put on by the Rams. More so what exactly could they do to fix the mess? Grabbing a tight end first nope, Jared Goff barely even used a Tight End for goodness sake. Hey were giving him more weapons, as opposed to trying to build a supporting O-line that needs serious help. Oh hey the first actually need is addressed at safety took long enough. Yeah why not give Jared Goff plenty of weapons, even after all this what if he can't run for his life every time his down on the ground. Linebacker was more of the Rams stronger position getting one here is like no you're wrong! They did it again with the last pick WRONG! Why a full back? Seriously they waste a pick on a fullback. I guess grabbing someone at D-line kind of makes a bit of sense. Overall the Rams draft just drives me nuts, what were they thinking? D-

Arizona Cardinals: What was the mindset for this Arizona team that enters with players with there last gasp of hope. Haason Riddick is a beast, and all, but the Cardinals have a ton of linebackers that already look like they could look very lethal in the middle of the field. The Budda Baker pick does make sense, they needed someone next to the honey badger for support. Not sure why they went the wide receiver route, Carson Palmer can get by with very average Wide outs we've seen it before. Add depth at Guard, and tackle seems right for a team that had strange problems on offense. I have no clue why they thought they need a running back is beyond me. Then draft another safety for depth. C

Seattle Seahawks: Seattle had a unique approach to where were gonna do in this draft, they traded down for so long until finally they pick Malik McDowell. To me that was a steal he fell to the 2nd round, grab a center because they need it that offensive line took great hits the past 2 years. A corner to support Sherman, a safety in case of either Chancellor, or Thomas go down again. more depth at D-tackle, a steal in Darboh who might very fit there offensive scheme they get by with very average receivers. then they draft 2 more safeties one I found pretty funny. Mike Tyson Safety, I thought ''his coming out of retirement'' (jokes all around). A tackle late at round 6, more depth at wide out, and a running back probably not going to make the team. Overall the Seahawks played a very slither like styles they did not strike until they felt like it was the right time to do so. B+

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