HT's Analysis: AFC East Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 Everybody thought that the AFC East was going to be a tough division well that was undelivered, but two teams made the playoffs, and one obviously went on to win the 5th super bowl. Can the Dolphins up one New England, or is Belichick just that awesome of a coach?

(Key: Team in bold, grade in bold)

New York Jets: You would think with Quarterback being a glaring weakness the Jets would take the chance Nope! Instead they take Jamal Adams who in made sense, because the Jets are petrified at drafting a QB for some odd reason. Then to draft ANOTHER Safety its like what are you doing? I get the Wide Receivers selections at rounds 3 and 4. Brandon Marshall is gone, and Eric Decker is your number 1 yikes. Might at well roll with it. The Jets draft a very tall Tight end at 6'6, will the Jets take great advantage of that in use to that very weakened offense? Absolutely no need to draft a linebacker, same with running back Powell, and Forte. The they take a corner, as we all know Revis island is most likely not coming back to play for any team in the NFL with what he ended up doing. Because of that the Jets to me should had that addressed first, but did not instead wait this long to do so. I'm a homer I like Clark, but his not nearly as good as Jourdan Lewis who i'll get to next and final division draft analysis. Also again going late for a corner, they must have little faith in Morris Claiborne whom was on the Cowboys last season signed with the Jets. My big con, and this won't surprise is the fact they did not even draft a single QB is very puzzling, while safety was a need, was it necessary to take two early in the draft? When corner was more of the major concern if anything. D+

Buffalo Bills: At first I did not think it was as terrible as I thought, but you know what I see why the owner in Buffalo had to fire the remaining remnant of Rex Ryan left behind. Which could very well make me cross a lot of what I thought originally that I ended up changes different routes. At first the Bills didn't look very foolish, yes they traded down to get a corner which makes a whole lot of sense they just lost their number 1 who went to the enemy territory. I mean the day 2 picks seems to make sense, a #2 WR, and a tackle for much needed depth, but then maybe I start to realize maybe the owner was onto something, because all the rest of picks go down the tubes, as the take NOT one, but two linebackers. To me that wasn't as big of a need as more depth that was needed at Offensive line, or maybe supply Tyrod with more weapons would of been fine for me. Oh here's the real kicker to all of this they draft another QB near the end of there draft. So its going to be a backup faceoff between Cardale Jones, and Nathan Peterman. I was surprised the Bills did that after it happened if so how the hell does Ryan Pace still have a job, and he had the most horrific draft of all the teams I graded, this one is just as close as the others though. D

Miami Dolphins: To me there was one team that just had a solid draft top to maybe almost bottom, and that is the Miami Dolphins, I liked the style they did in this draft, they knew what was needed, and expected, and they did not screw around. They got Charles Harris which fits better than a lot of other teams he was projected to go with near the early 20's, he'll fit in well next to Cameron Wake on the other defensive end. Then to draft something that the Dolphins were feared to go into the unknown, a linebacker. I mean Raekwon ,McMillan might have great potential to thrive in what looks to be a defense they may finally get better to the point they could maybe finally one up New England. Then you get a corner, just in case Byron Maxwell is overrated as a #1 CB like he was in his Philly days. Sure I had them taking Lamp with there first, but you know what this is just as fine as well getting a guard near the 5th round. Two monster backups for Suh just in case he ends up not performing at his highest as a feared player in the league. Sure why not add another Wide Receiver that would not hurt. I gotta say if there's a dark horse coming into next season, don't sleep on the Miami Dolphins. A-

New England Patriots: For the Patriots, they just felt like they did not really need that much in this draft, so they had traded down, then suddenly trade up to get some players when they wanted, and ultimately they were needs, its just 4 sole picks in the draft. There not much more I can say other than yes the Patriots will be great because Tom Brady isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and with those four picks will they turn out great? D

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