HT's Analysis: NFC East Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 Finally our last one, and probably the most impressive the big league division, Philly put on a great draft (show), but how about the style of draft? How about the N.Y Giants how well did they do, did Washington make the best moves, Did Drew Pearson do the ultimate troll job will never forget let's see.

(Key: Team in bold, grade in bold)

Philadelphia Eagles: All I have to say is Philly put on a show as far as entertainment, but can they draft just as great let's see. Oh boy! They picked up Barnett the man with the most sacks in Tennessee's history, previous record held by the legendary Reggie White, this picks has great potential. I have absolutely no problem in them taking two corners on day 2, they needed help in the defensive secondary. Then they finally start to draft weapons for Carson Wentz, who has shown he can be a great quarterback if you give him the right arsenals at his disposal. A safety has had some issues, probably won't make the team, and end with D-tackle. In hindsight I have no real big problems with what they did in this draft for Philly. B+

Washington Redskins: What would the Redskins do, there were possibly trades for Cousins if the right deal was done, that was not to be. I gotta say I love the fact how far Jonathan Allen slid exactly where I thought he would end up as a redskin, very fitting yet so right. I do not think Linebacker was that big of an issue as to others were at that point in time. A #2 CB next to Josh Norman, More depth at running back, much needed help at safety. No sense of getting a Tight End if both Jordan Reed, and Vernon Davis are still there. A center who will be used as a backup, much needed depth at WR with there departed Pierre Garcon, and DeSean Jackson. Ad another safety considering they nobody back there to help out Norman really. Lastly a corner who is gone. Washington did not have a terrible draft, but it wasn't the greatest either. C+

New York Giants: Give it up for them New York football giants! Who knew in less than a year, the Giants defense went from almost dead last, to one of the top 5 best defenses right now. Hopefully the team learns a lesson to not take a day off to Miami. Otherwise they probably would of beat Green Bay if that didn't happen. With there first pick, and this the only pick I may pick apart is the selection of Evan Ingram who I did not think would be the 2nd Tight end to fall off the board where he was. I think he was reach by the Giants, and makes me wonder if he was still there at round 2, because frankly the Browns would not of taken him. I do like the much needed D-tackle at round 2, that defensive line has been that great since guys like Michael Strahan, and Justin Tuck left. Tine to revive it now. I really like the Davis Webb pick, that might indicate that Eli's time in getting closer to its end. I would of loved to see the Giants take a running back at 23, but I guess I can forgive there 1st pick with its 4th round pick instead. Then to end off with more depth at defensive line, and also grabbing a tackle. Not a bad draft, its a good draft, with one reach early on. B

Dallas Cowboys: Here we go, please welcome Drew Pearson (Philly gives round of boo's) other than that unforgettable moment, the cowboys did actually draft very well in what they got out of it. I like there selection of defense there first 3 rounds, then fond very fitting that they select a man named Xavier Woods, and I go ''oh well I did not know he had two profession referring to the pro wrestler. Oh did I mention they drafted 3 corners talk about a much needed for success, Add that in with two Wide Receivers for depth. End with two D-tackles that were also needs, Dallas was not only impressive in the way they went with this draft, but also Drew Pearson man, bring him out again next year. B+

That is all for now, until next time, NFL previews: the AFC North. Coming near you in the summer.