Ht's Analysis: 2019 NFL Draft NFC Draft Grades

Unlike the previous year I will highlight the player drafted as well as give them my thoughts, and also the ultimate score tallied up together who shined, who is near middle, and who is in trouble after all this once the season commences. Let's take a look at all 16 teams from the NFC Conference.

Arizona Cardinals:
Kyler Murray (Day One Starter) C-
Byron Murphy (Day One Starter) B-
Andy Isabella (iffy starter) C
Zach Allen (Day One Starter) B
Hakeem Butler (Upside, iffy starter, Steal) A-
Deionte Thomson (Backup, Steal value) B+
KeeSean Johnson (Backup, Utility) C
Lamont Gillard (Backup, utility) C-
Joshua Miles (Backup, Utility) C-
Michael Dogbe (Depth, Backup) C+
Caleb Wilson (Has decent hands, slow in speed but possible casualty) D

Arizona to me had to score huge in this draft if they believe that a guy of the same height as I is the answer at quarterback. Then the next thing they did was try to replace Patrick Peterson who of course towards the mid season of 2018 said he wanted to be traded to a new team they denied that maybe they could do it before, or mid season in case of how Byron Murphy does. What I found most interesting was them taking splashes rather then trenches because I look at some of the teams they face their O-line will not mix well. They got three wide receivers drafted which means if 2 out of 3 are good that means Larry Fitzgerald's days are done if not should of been in the 2018 season. Zach Allen is a guy who could be big right away or a guy you develop to eventually become a big pursuit defender. I felt Arizona did some nice things, but didn't do everything they could even with the amount of picks they had.

Score: C+

Atlanta Falcons:
Chris Lindstrom (Reach, Day one starter) C
Kaleb McGary (Reach, possible day one starter) C-
Kendall Sheffeld (Backup, could play nickel corner) B-
John Cominsky (Depth, backup another possible cut) C
Qadree Ollison (Depth, most likely a casualty) C-
Jordan Miller (Depth, Backup, possible cut) C-
Marcus Green (Depth, most likely a casualty) F

The Atlanta Falcons had to me a very unimpressive showing in terms of what they could do to get better. They chose to overreach on offense lineman I didn't understood until later after looking at the glaring whole itself. This feels odd considering that your head coach is a defensive minded guy, and you only give him a corner who has a semi shot of starting from day one I mean that's not gonna get you any better quickly especially like many other teams in what must be a make playoff type of season for Dan Quinn.

Score: F

Carolina Panthers:
Brian Burns (Day One Starter, I'd argue offense was the bigger grab though) C
Greg Little (Day One Starter) B+
Will Grier (Backup, depth for the future) C
Christian Miller (Backup, utility player) C-
Jordan Scarlett (Explosive backup tailback) C+
Dennis Daley (Depth Value backup) B-
Terry Godwin (Depth, Casualty) F

Carolina is in a weird state when they approached their draft, and I can get behind thinking ahead for the future with one notable pick that being Will Grier of West Virginia. This could either be a franchise game changing steal or this blow up in their face if they believe Cam Newton is at the end of his playing career by just giving him one lineman, and (no weapons hardly). The stakes could not get any higher in the NFC South I must say there not the only with a coach on the line either, but these picks aside from Little i'm very skeptical of.

Score: C-

Chicago Bears:
David Montgomery (Day one committee starter) C
Riley Ridley (Depth player who has major steal upside) B
Duke Shelley (Depth, casualty too small) F
Kerrith Whyte Jr. (Depth, casualty) D-
Stephen Denmark (Greedy like size, sadly could be their casualty even for the value as there last pick.) C-

With all they got from last season da Bears didn't need to do a whole lot with their draft, but get whoever was still on the board, and just got with what was starring at them at the appropriate landing spot, and out of these picks I see two guys who might stick around for them team.

Score: D

Dallas Cowboys:
Trysten Hill (Provides great depth for a rotating lineman) B-
Connor McGovern (Depth player who can move around the line if necessary) C-
Tony Pollard (iffy backup, a mistake selection perhaps) D
Michael Jackson (He ain't the musical artist so...) D
Joe Jackson (He ain't the baseball player so...) D
Donovan Wilson (Depth backup safety) C-
Mike Weber (Potential steal Ohio State connection with zeke) B-
Jalen Welks (Potential, but looks to be a cut) C-

Cowboys for the most parts did not go for flashy players really they just took what they needed to gear up with for next season and it started with the trench. Working their way to oddly celebrity related names. There are two picks in particular they shined most was their first choice in Trysten Hill, and a guy who could make the roster in Mike Weber. Weber may not have been that great of a tail back as zeke Eliott is, yet I think with the Ohio State connection being a Dallas love there's a chance he can make an be a strong #2 even. I fought putting them Cowboys on the worst drafted and I fought about I understood their identify better than some other teams in more ways than one.

Score: D-

Detroit Lions:
T.J. Hockinson (Great blocker, supposedly good hands i'm not loving the pick, but I understand it) C+
Jahlani Tavai (MASSIVE Overreach at its finest, a round 5-7 pick at the least, not a day one starter) F
Will Harris (Special teams guy, not a Day one starter) D
Austin Bryant (Provides utility in the D-Line) B-
Amani Oruwariye (Great steal value, iffy day one starter) B+
Travis Fulgham (Backup, has upside) C+
Tyron Johnson (Depth, casualty) D
Isaac Nauta (Unnecessary throw away pickup at the Tight End position) F
P.J. Johnson (Depth, casualty) D-

The Lions knew what they had to do to get better, and they at least in my view did not seem to do a good job of that in fact some of these picks seem like tributes to Martin Meyhew and or the Matt Millen era the first two specifically feel like the bad times for the SOL that never dies here. Bob Quinn had the biggest brass on and chose to go for a need that did make sense even though it made being the worst case scenario for the Lions. There's a good chance the midway way of the Lions will be scarped quickly if this draft class looks as shockingly bad as it looks on paper. I mean let's look at this okay, Hockinson Day starter yes, who is Jahlani Tavai? Seriously nobody knew who he was, and he was taken as the 2nd pick for the Lions the heck man! Based off of what I see, and what I saw when it went down Bob Quinn got a guy he Way overreached on that was a day 3 picks that ESPN did not have footage so what gives here. There next pick also babbles me somewhat Quinn did this last year they took a safety I initially never understood why, but Tracy Walker now looks to be the starter for the departured Glover Quinn, but was it necessarily to take another safety in Will Harris whose not gonna be a starter and in fact will be on the benched don't get that one bit. I'll admit a rough first three picks some of the day three picks actually seem okay Austin Bryant feels in for D-Line, Oruwariye could be a very good #2 corner (if he starts that is). I'm kinda against receivers, but Fulgham I can see being on the team more than I could see in Tyron Johnson who I think is a wasted pick, and also the Tight End they chose in the 7th round. I felt a bit outraged as you can tell, but I hope i'm wrong, but for now this doesn't look good the whole regime could be going if this disaster holds up.

Score: Borderline D-/F area

Green Bay Packers:
Rashan Gary (Iffy day one starter, injury concerns) C-
Darnell Savage Jr. (Overreach, Fills a need) C-
Elgton Jenkins (Day One starter fell into their lap) B
Jace Sternburger (A make or break pick for Aaron Rodgers to have as a weapon) C+
Kingsley Keke (Iffy day one starter, has some upside) B-
Ka'dar Hollman (Depth, casualty) D-
Dexter Williams (Good value, could be huge seeing he came outta Notre Dame) B
Ty Summers (Depth, casualty) D-

Green Bay can they get better quickly or will they take their time forming themselves together again? Well the first two picks felt like typical Green Bay picks in defense which they have been doing for the last decade it is something of a trend to notice. I immediately cheered knowing the Lions didn't draft Rashan Gary because that one would of been more rejected than Hockinson, but anyways I feel Packers took the worst of the U&M players in a guy who was hurt for the most time in his junior season from what I see of him he just does not seem to be that pro caliber defender thus is he a guy who will ever take the field since he still hasn't taken the surgery. Their next pick also feels kinda odd, but in the sense it does feel the need in completing the safety spot with Adria Amos signed and now you got Darnell Savage who i'm kinds surprised they didn't get Nasir Adderly based off of the lineage there, but hey if that guy is indeed a savage i'll east my work on that one. They end up going offense the next day, and got Elgton Jenkins who makes the void look good, and also got a rookie Tight End who may either starter or just learn from the two old veterans of the game which would be wise to do in this case. They good two gem picks that might stand out maybe in Keke and Williams. I just didn't feel like Green Bay did a lot for me to think there gonna be a contender, and thus i'm at the opposite end thinking that the coaching will be the step in progress to look at for now.

Score: C-

Los Angeles Rams:
Taylor Rapp (Could be great if mentored correctly) B
Darrell Henderson (Provides depth at tailback, has a chance to be a backup) C+
David Long (Their new nickel to #2 shut down corner possibly) B
Bobby Evans (Depth, backup) D
Greg Gaines (A need to have next to Aaron Donald addressed) C+
David Edwards (Incredibly tall, but will he make the roster?) C+
Nick Scott (Depth, casualty) D
Dakota Allen (Depth, casualty) D-

Rams are already a loaded team, and therefore will mostly load up on backup, but it doesn't hurt to find other areas were maybe you could theirselves fortunate. There first three picks could prove to be that strong case. not too much to say, but than again they ignored one big spot in the defense and that would be the linebacker position despite taking one last way too late since they have not yet re-signed stud Cory Littleton.

Score: C

Minnesota Vikings:
Garrett Bradbury (Day One starter) B+
Irv Smith Jr. (Iffy Day One starter) C+
Alexander Mattison (Day One backup starter) C
Dru Samia (Great value, could be a starter) B-
Cameron Smith (Backup depth) C
Armon Watts (Has monster size for a nose tackle) B-
Marcus Epps (Iffy day one starter, fills a need) C+
Oli Udoh (Good value, could be a starter or just another casualty) C+
Kris Boyd (Depth, casualty) D-
Dillon Mitchell (Depth casualty) D-
Olabisi Johnson (Depth, casualty) D-
Austin Cutting (Unnecessarily pickup) F

If all goes well in my view point the Vikings look like the biggest winner of the NFC North right now with what they added overall with premiere guys going in right away. The center solid rock hopefully, secondary tight End he probably can't block, but could be a mystery piece for Kirk Cousins. Mattison ugh... iffy at best, but the switch will be much different from how used the running game two seasons ago. The two lineman have a shot for major improvement for the offensive side of the football. In terms not making any sorta silly moves overall Vikings could be that bounce back team after major disappointment.

Score: C+

New Orleans Saints:
Erik McCoy (Day one starter) B-
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (Potential steal value) B
Saquan Hampton (Unnecessarily depth at safety) F
Alize Mack (Backup potential, could make the roster?) C
Kaden Eliss (Fills a need, but will he make roster despite the football lineage discovered) C-

After a controversial way to be eliminated the Saints lose Max Ugner to retirement which means the only true need to be had was Center. and they got one in Erik McCoy. From than on it was pick who you think could provide as a backup, and how Gardner-Johnson fell hard i don't know but there is value for the Saints right there if there not too careful Bucs had the opportunity to get him, but chose an undersized safety instead. This is about all the Saints could do with only five picks, will they be stunned by anybody in the division... probably not.

Score: C-

New York Giants:
Daniel Jones (Awful overreach of a guy who looks like a disaster, the G-Man are going back to the days of Kerry Collins) F
Dexter Lawrence (Great monster presence inside the trench) B+
Deandre Baker (Fills a need, A Day One starter) C+
Oshane Ximines (Fills secondary support, as well as good value) B+
Julian Love (A potential steal who could play as the extra third if Janoris Jenkins gets even worse than expected) B
Ryan Connelly (Backup, decent depth at the core of position) C
Darius Slayton (Depth, casualty) D
Corey Ballentine (Get shot while getting picked... terrible to hear that) F
George Asafo-Adjei (Depth, a need, but a casualty) C-
Chris Slayton (The one Slayton brother?, casualty) D

Oh boy and after getting rid of a crap ton of great talent the G-Man have become the new Lions, and Browns of their respective division, and that's pretty embarrassing I must say such a low for Dave Gettleman. Especially with his first pick being a guy from Duke in Daniel Jones. I just have it hard to believe this is gonna be the G-Man future at quarterback meanwhile look at your rival Washington let Dwayne Haskins come right to him at the perfect and you to overreach for one who probably won't even look like a top 10 player in due time. After that travesty New Yorkers had to see it actually got surprisingly better with Dexter Lawrence being the next pick he is gonna be a monster for them to stop the run. Deandre Baker could be a very good piece for Janoris Jenkins to pick up the slacks after the awful year he had. Dave than actually grabs to valuable gem early in day 3 in Ximines, and Love two guys who could starter on this very unknown defense. I'm not saying they lost the draft entirely, but there are some pieces here that are not total bustable compositions.

Score: C-

Philadelphia Eagles:
Andre Dillard (Backup value, but could of gone corner with the first pick) D+
Miles Sanders (Potential upside for a backup tail back) B-
JJ Arcega-Whiteside (Unnecessarily Wide Receiver grab) D+
Shareef Miller (Depth, casualty) D
Clayton Thorson (Has major upside and could learn the playbook quickly as a backup) B+

After coming a touchdown short from the Saints what can Philly do to add to their team. I get the idea of getting an extra lineman, and that might be all set and good especially with Jason Peters could reaching his end real soon, but when I look at near future will he starter sooner than later? Two guys I liked most were Miles Sanders who definitely fits their running scheme with Jordan Howard as a possible #2 tailback. Clayton Throson being their final pick might be a massive steal due to the fact that Carson Wentz has been hurt the last two times he started now granted one of those was having a great season, but last season he got s banged up Nick Foles saved their season. Maybe Thorson could be the next NIck Foles perhaps? I didn't understand the way Philly was going with overall, and thus they ignored the cornerback position which I felt was utterly ridiculous you had six corner play, and get hurt last year this should been a #1 priority I mean right? There far by than the Giants at least you can't get lower than that you have a stacked team compared to them.

Score: D-

San Francisco 49ers:
Nick Bosa (Day One Starter) A-
Deebo Samuel (Day One starter for special teams, and at Receiver) C
Jalen Hurd (Iffy starter, but has major upside) B
Mitch Wishnowsky (I get it, but in the 4th round though?) D+
Drew Greenlaw (Provides as a backup maybe starter) C+
Kaden Smith (Depth, give or take backup/casualty) C-
Justin Skule (Depth casualty) D
Tim Harris (Casualty straight up) F

49ers had a very unique draft I must say after the predictable Nick Bosa pick they got Jimmy G some serious weapons to sorted around. You got maybe one value in day 3 in Drew Greenlaw, but the others not so much even the punter going early felt odd. By this standard John Lynch believe that this team will be great in 2019 they better sure be that way otherwise its time to make a new change by the end of the season.

Score: C

Seattle Seahawks:
L.J. Collier (Fits the need, overreached) C-
Marquise Blair (Fits the need, could be a day one starter) B
D.K. Metcalf (Great speed, bad route runner) C+
Cody Barton (Fills potential in this scheme of defense) B-
Gary Jennings Jr. (Good value, major upside replacement) B
Phil Haynes (Good value with extra depth should of been more toward O-Line) C-
Ugochukwu Amedi (Extra depth, cut casualty) C-
Ben Burr-Kirven (Shows great value, and could provide a backup role) B-
Travis Homer (Casualty straight up) F
Demarcus Christmas (Depth possible cut/backup) D+
John Ursua (Casualty) D-

Well Seattle looked like a winner in a way giving up one for the other, but really was it worth it time well tell. Seattle knew they needed their new Frank Clark, but i'm not sure if many people would of said the name L.J. Collier with the 29th pick feel similar to Rashaad Penny a year ago a reach, but instead this is actually a need. They than try to give Russel Wilson new weapons Doug Baldwin maybe quietly leaving the game meaning while you take the worst route runner, but is freakishly tall combined with Gary Jennings who if his related to Greg Jennings I considered that of good value. They grab in the middle of the defense two linebackers obviously not going to trust the one hand player it looks like. A safety who could become that next Earl Thomas Seahawks did at least addressed their needs, but how will it all turn out could that be like 2012 all over again and if not where could the direction of the team spiral out to?

Score: C-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Devin White (Day one starter) A
Sean Bunting (Iffy day one starter) C-
Jamal Dean (Day one starter) B
Mike Edwards (Day one starter, although there was one other player still on the board same position) D
Anthony Nelson (Tall, depth to backup useful) C
Matt Gay (Weird, but yet coincidental move) D+
Scott Miller (Casualty) F
Terry Beckner Jr. (Casualty) D-

Bruce Arians is here, and he wants the Bucs to be a relevant team again, and i'm sure if your gonna dot hat with Jameis Winston leading the way. The Bucs had one agenda find defensive players who will start well they did find them, but half to be questioned knowing the fact Buccaneers seem to long those short type corners obviously going back to Vernon Hargraves who hasn't really done much since being picked first a few years back. They could of maybe gone for offensive line depth a little bit more (seeing their backup seem to play better). Let's see what Tampa does in a very interesting year set p for them with no pressure other than its all on Winston to lead them if he can even prove it which he has not done yet.

Score: C

Washington Redskins:
Dwayne Haskins (Iffy, but should be the long term answer at quarterback) A-
Montez Sweat (Risky, but could be big rewarding steal) C+
Terry McLaurin (Day one starter) B-
Bryce Love (Depth, backup or even a casualty throw away pick) D+
Wes Martin (Depth backup) C-
Ross Pierschbacher (Depth, backup to maybe day one starter) C
Cole Holcomb (Provides a need, but will he survived the cut?) C-
Kelvin Harmon (Great value steal in the 7th round) A-
Jimmy Moreland (Depth casualty) D

Finally we end with what looks like the biggest winner of the conference, and wow how about that the Redskins did not look foolish they just picked up what they needed with the chaos all around them round by round they got the quarterback of the future. They might have a steal in Montez Sweat if the reports are false. They gave help for Haskins to have two new receivers in McLaurin, and Harmon who I can't believe fell hard in 200's range. Let's see what happens even if they don't make the playoffs this could be a big win win for the Redskins in the future to build on Haskins, and be rid of Jay Gruden.

Score: B

Next we look at the AFC Side of things, and take a look at that possible future hold up for the things to come. (stay tuned)