Top Ten Biggest Worries About TheTopTens

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1 Running out of list ideas

*cough* sadical *cough* - sadical

I try to come up with original ideas. In fact, I feel like I've been losing something that my oldest lists had. Now, I honestly have no clue for mine, I end up getting my inspiration from other lists I've seen, or something I have on my mind - kaitlynrad11

Don't worry about this problem, guys, new things will occur & be created, & people will be able to make lists of those future subjects. - Luxam

I doubt this will happen. There are thousands of ideas still out there. Just find inspiration. - bobbythebrony

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2 Too many lists that repeat the same idea

Tis true - jmepa1234

3 Some list ideas being ignored

I like the older top tens lists - jmepa1234

4 Too many compare and contrast lists

As long as the comparisons are reasonable I'm fine with it - jmepa1234

5 Lists getting outdated

I don't think these kinds of lists should be removed; they should just be edited by the admin so people can see them, but they can't vote. - Luxam

Bands and Artists You'd Like To See Perform at the London Olympics! People still vote! Haha. Incredible!
I have some outdated lists too but I don't think ANY lists should be removed just because they're outdated. They are a great part of TheTopTens history. - Britgirl

Should be removed - ADMIN! - jmepa1234

6 Justin Bieber this, Justin Bieber that

Just stop with Justin Bieber already. - cosmo

And it's even on this list! - SamuiNeko

Justin Case you missed it the first time... Justin Bieber! - Britgirl

He would always be on the list, but mostly in a metaphorical sense.

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7 Having to vote on something you disagree with, just to comment

To be honest, I just reply to already existing comments so I don't have to vote on the list and help it get to number one. - Turkeyasylum

Situation:Need to comment...oh shoot it just went up a rank. - SamuiNeko

There needs to be a function to change that. - Luxam

8 Too many troll lists

Curse those trolls... - jmepa1234

JustinBIEBERLOVER, KoolGuy2288 (sorry if I got it wrong), BarneyTheDinosaurRocks, you name them. - Luxam

9 Removing subjectivity from lists

Then that means 90% of the lists on the site have to be removed.

I agree - jmepa1234

10 Focusing on admiring or insulting other TopTenners

I like the admiring side of things... - jmepa1234

They focus more on interaction with other users instead of making content.

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11 Comments becoming too one-sided

Opinions are most likely to be one-sided.

Except for the obvious users... (Danteem, JBL, BTDR, etc) - jmepa1234

12 Disliking a comment for the sake of disliking it

I like it for the sake of liking it! - jmepa1234

50% of the time I'm doing this. If I don't catch on or get what the comment is saying, then I dislike. though still funny and annoying to people. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 Stupid lists and comments getting approved
14 The words running off the pages

This is a real big pet peeve for me. It makes the site seem unprofessional and unattractive, drawing less people to it. I hope this glitch/bug/whatever gets fixed. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Admin having favorite users

Too late! - Therandom

N is for Nonce
O is for nonce
N is for nonce
C is for nonce
E is for nonce - Puga

16 Retirement rate dramatically increases
17 Too many people you like not following you back

Yes! I waited so patiently for AGES for EvilAngel and MatrixGuy to follow me. - Britgirl

18 One new troll per month

I got a rude and dirty and discussing message from a certain troll a while ago. - RevolNiartRuasonid

They keep things fresh though. - Therandom


This month is Linnea(Danteem),who'll be the new troll of December? - SamuiNeko

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19 Choosing who/what to vote for


20 Admin becomes overly strict
21 People seeing it as a social media
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1. Lists getting outdated
2. Too many lists that repeat the same idea
3. Some list ideas being ignored
1. Running out of list ideas
2. Stupid lists and comments getting approved
3. Too many troll lists
1. Running out of list ideas
2. Some list ideas being ignored
3. Too many compare and contrast lists

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