Top 10 Biggest YouTube Trolls

This list is for the best Youtube trolls from EricDouglace to CopperCab. Which of the Youtube trolls do you like most? If you've never seen any of these Youtubers then you could check them out and post your opinion here.

The Top Ten Biggest YouTube Trolls

1 Durham Francis

This guy made a lot of people really angry by saying tornadoes don't exist, and that all the videos are a product of government conspiracy and tornado cult worshippers. He also made a channel with several ridiculous videos trying to prove tornadoes don't exist.
Total nutcase.

He trolls with videos and comments of how tornadoes do not exist.

Stupid lunatic thinks tornadoes aren't really, retard and maniac jerk be that troll

Durham Francis learned the secret knowledge allowing control of the YouTube comments and subscription supply. He initially offered to share this secret knowledge exclusively with Styxhexenhammer666 who for reasons undisclosed did not avail himself of the offer. Durham Francis subsequently revealed the knowledge to all who would listen, first on 4chan on Mar. 24, 2017 and then on Styx' own video some hours later that same day.

2 CopperCab

The biggest troll ever! He's the one who said Marijuana is worse than Heroin. He has made a very well-known viral video called Gingers have souls. He has been called a troll even by Raywilliamjohnson and is hated by basically everybody. He's messing around with us and telling everybody that there is going to be a zombie apocalypse. He's such a hypocrite and has been exposed by many people. This guy is trying to get attention to get your money! - joonpark

His rants are more extreme than hitler's...

Coppercab faked his own channel hacking for views he has youtube partnership and he sell merchandise.

There are so many things wrong with his Gangnam Style video. First, CopperCab says that Gangnam Style is from North Korea when it is actually South Korean. He then calls PSY Kim Jong Il. The dumbest part of the video is when he says that we are at a civil war with North Korea. A civil war is a war within a single country. It is not possible to be at a civil war with another nation.

3 PhyloFilms

He hates almost every video game except SimCity which is one of the lamest game I played, he even hates almost every superhero movie which are the best he's the worst troll I've ever heard in the whole YouTube history.

He said pikmin 3 sucks

He says critically acclaimed films suck, acts like a moronic douche, constantly responds to criticism, and intentionally mid pronounces words like ex machia and rogue. Yeah, he's a troll alright... Or at least I hope, otherwise I'll lose faith in humanity.

I find him funny troll bomb!

4 mariotehplumber

He is a racist for being against all types of people who are primarily not American (He lives in Canada) and always calls Knuckles the N-word, a sexist for being against all types of women, including his "girlfriend", a homophobic, a vulpophobic, a fascist/socialist for shoving his opinion down people's throats mercilessly, a complete hypocrite, a manchild because he always makes a big deal over anything that actually isn't that bad, screaming, cursing, throwing a fit, causing major damage to his property like a spoiled child, and won't take criticism refusing to admit he's trolling, and none else but a complete troll, whether you recognize him as one or not. He deserves absolutely NO fans, and I mean NO fans at all! Period!

He also claims to be a big Nintendo fan, when he only likes Mario and Zelda, claiming that F-Zero is a rip off of Speed Racer when it actually isn't, and ranted about Samus' current appearance, claiming he only played the first Metroid game for the NES, despite that he says everything rips off Mario and Zelda, when it actually isn't true. Since like late 2011 or 2012, he says he's outgrown it, realizing that Nintendo is just as bad as Sega, evident with his New Super Mario Bros 2 review and his "Pretendo" video he had last year. I understand what he meant, but I'm gonna have to disagree with him. I myself, grew up with Nintendo and video games in general, because I was very grateful, but he needs to be very grateful, as well, if he wants to be a true Nintendo fan. That's one of the reasons to prove he's a complete hypocrite despite that it's his opinion.

He once started off on the Sega forums website as he is making a big deal over anything. It got so annoying that even the administrators can't take it anymore, so they deleted his account for good, only to come back many times more. Like the others, he is the main definition of "persistence." He moved on to YouTube to cause even more trouble by doing the same old things until a few years later, his account got deleted but like what he did on the former website, he comes back in different accounts to protect himself, but they probably got deleted once more. Now he sadly has his original channel back, it is best to forget about him completely. Oh, and despite that I said he deserves no fans, unfortunately, he as plenty; the ones who want to agree with him just because they have similar opinions.

This guy is a huge troll. He claims to be the #1 Sonic fan, when in reality, he only likes the games with classic Sonic. He also claims that Mario and Zelda are the only good games and every other game rips off Mario and Zelda. He also drops f bombs every two words and does piss poor reviews of games. It is also proven that he is racist, due to him calling Knuckles the racist n word.

5 BG Kumbi

Best person on youtube

It's obvious he's a troll. Although, he's only like 12 or 13.

One of the funniest trolls ever.-LitSavage

He is genius!

6 gligar13vids

He is very biased, and calls everyone who likes something "autistic", etc. He is totally immature. He thinks that everyone should copy his own opinion. His arguments are flawed, and he fails really hard at trolling.

He also hates any and every non-hardcore games that's new or old; and for some reason, he hates pokemon too, yet he has GLIGAR (a pokemon's name) in his profile name.

This guy complains about EVERYTHING Nintendo makes, new and old. Instead of caring about gameplay, all he cares about is the controls and graphics. He is a PlayStation and Xbox fanboy, never mind, he complained about one of the most well - received Xbox games, Half - Life 2! Don't use his reviews as the deciding factor whether you should buy a game or not!

All he does is bash games everyone likes and when he says something bad about a game he barely says why it's bad and moves on to some other stupid as hell thing. All he seems to like and play is shooters and some racing games but I don't hate his videos nearly as much as his comments just go there your self I can't even explain how bad it is. Also he bashes people for not agreeing with him sometimes I understand but other times it's ridiculous. Not going into any more details I explained enough.

7 Jack Goff

Obviously this dude is a troll just by reading his name...

Jack Goff? Jack off?

This dude's a jackoff alright...

A Real annoying person who seriously must die for being the crappiest person on planet!

8 dishwasher123a

He is obsessed with Call of Duty and he HATES Grand Theft Auto 5, he always says Call of Duty is more realistic! I HATE HIM!

He really is dishwater

If you want to laugh search up Mainstreampopsucks3 on youtube.

9 LifeInATent

I remembered him uploading a video where he advertises us to "Thumbs up for 'epic' earthquake" when in fact that the earthquake killed many victims in Japan (I know it's a year ago, but that earthquake is a monster). Not only that, but during his Skype chat with BlackBusterCritic, LifeInATent got owned and butthurt.

I forgot to mention he came back as FuturisticHub on YouTube and created that Minecraft sex video that got deleted! Gosh I hate him! - AnonymousMann

Born in August 29, 1984, 32 years old, LifeInATent (Or simply abbreviated to "LIAT") a was very mean, cruel, hostile, and (negatively) insane person on YouTube and Skype. He is a very racist and cyber-bullying attention seeker. He got a 14-year-old boy owned, and he made an advertisement saying "Thumbs up for 'Epic' Earthquake! " whereas that earthquake killed many innocent victims in Japan. Like Trent Morrison and Harolds Cat before him, he was very lewd, but he in fact didn't just do it by comment, he (and really) did it on video (Made a lewd video involving him taking off his shirt and sending a cruel message to some people)! He was even allies with other trolls full-time until he got terminated, he was allies and friends with MeganSpeaks (The hell? ). He even sent death threats to other people! He was in a Skype chat with BlackBusterCritic, and he, LifeInATent got really hurt after he chatted with him. - AnonymousMann

10 Super Minecraft Kid

One of the biggest trolls this year.

(sarcasm) yeah, Zelda's such a ripoff of Minecraft, they're exactly the same because Minecraft is about being creative and Zelda is about fighting monsters and completing puzzles, and Zelda came out about 20 years before minecraft.

Why is this kid so loud, before watching any of his videos. Please turn down your volume. The YouTuber, I Hate Everything hates Minecraft and this drives this kid crazy. I don't like I Hate Everything because he hates Minecraft plus Minecraft is the best

He has said some of the dumbest things ever, such as: Seamus is a ripoff of the master chief, the legend of Zelda is a ripoff of Minecraft, Minecraft was the very first game ever. Yeah...

The Contenders

11 Chris-Chan Christian Weston Chandler (now known as Christine Weston Chandler and best known as Chris-chan), is an autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; three more.

This person should banned from Youtube, Chris Chan should be banned from earth for doing pointless and useless and thing.

This guy is literally one of the worst people to ever live on the face of the planet. He made Sonichu, which happens to be a rip-off recolor combination of Sonic and Pikachu. What the heck, man?! Chris also can't sing and his drawings are outrageously hideous, and sometimes just as downright hilariously bad and THE WORST as he is. Case proven and closed. I arrest my case.

Leave him alone. He is autistic, and has sadly probably gone mad. Try and help him get the help he needs. - TopTenTed

He drinks his own semen, he makes sex videos of himself (in which he's either doing it with a blowup doll or a PlayStation 4), he wears a diaper, he wears bras, and even dances around naked (yes, COMPLETELY naked). I wish I was making this up, but sadly, I'm not. It's all true, and it's just sad.

He's a massive creep. Please don't look him up or you'll regret it.

12 Pipweed

Perhaps one of the cruellest trolls on the internet. He has a twitter account, a deviantart account and tons of youtube accounts so far. Such as: PipweedTheGiant, PipweedTheDuke, Pipweed E.T.C. nearly hated by everyone in the world for mocking disabled people and people with things such as cancer and aids. He also mocks tragic events such as the titanic and the twin towers. His most popular trolling is when he mocked animator and youtube legend, Edd Gould AKA. EddsWorld. So please get him off the internet.

He needs to be hacked really badly and lose all his stupid Youtube channels, and be thrown in prison for a very very long time where he will make many interesting friends. Enough said.

If he makes fun of people with autism I'm offended cause I have autism and when people make autism jokes I get really depressed and sad.

Uploads videos that mock cancer patients and laugh at disabled people, made a video laughing at the families who lost loved ones during the 9/11 attacks. General scumbag

13 Dillon the Hacker

This guy is obviously a troll. I don't know what everyone is thinking, going up and insulting him as viciously as they do, for his brilliance in trolling is actually rather remarkable, and I do respect him. Since I really am a pretty naive person, it did take a little bit of digging up evidence to support my idea that he is a troll, but his troller reality can be found in a certain PewDiePie video, "PEWDIEPIE IS HACKED! (Fridays with PewDiePie - part 113)." Obviously, in that video, the "hacking" of PewDiePie's video is set up by PewDiePie himself for comedic effect; Dillon definitely did not hack the video. But where did he get the never-before-seen Dillon video that played inside the PewDiePie video? Dillon must have somehow sent/given the video to PewDiePie to use in the video, meaning that they were working TOGETHER for that video. If they did work together, it proves the whole Dillon/PewDiePie rivalry was a publicity stunt, including Dillon the Hacker's apparent hatred for ...more - tiger821x

A troll who hate Pewdiepie, Bronies and Women who pretends to be an epic hacker.

He trolled a large part of pewdiepie’s fanbase and was an all-around legend. RIP

Wannabe Hacker that yells and screams at the camera and takes his shirt off

14 ChachaHindustani

I eat cows whenever I want.
And even if Hinduism is promising, no thanks. - BorisRule

Let him worship his cows, and we will eat it for him :D

Some crazy cow obsessed Hindu prick who posts on videos that aren't about religion such as top 10 videos and rants about how his dead "guru" grandfather's dying wish was for everyone in the world to become Hindus before it's too late and how we shouldn't eat cows because they're our friends and we must drink the piss of "mother cow" and he's so deluded that when he's called out on his trolling he responds with : Thank you very very much my brothers and sisters for LOVING ME! Please Keep LOVING ME My brothers and sisters Thank you very very much for yours LOVE.

15 Trent Morrison

I'm Honestly Shocked On How He Went From A Squeaky Clean User In 2014 To A Pedophilic Fetish Lover in 2015

He was actually still dirty in 2014 (Began being dirty in March-April 2014 in fact), though he was clean in 2013. - AnonymousMann

He Used To Have Good Grounded Videos, But Then He Started Getting Bad Later On - JPK

He ruined our childhoods with "Thomas and Friends Gets Grounded". I'm glad he got banned from both YouTube and DeviantArt. But Trent somewhat has a soft side for VeggieTales.

16 GyaradosBlood
17 Caiden Cowger

I wish he was just a troll, but unfortunately he has a very real radio talk show, where he spouts very real hatred about homosexuals and masks it under the stereotypical Christian facade of:

"I don't hate the sinner; I just hate their sin."

Right Caiden, so you don't hate homosexuals. You just hate their entire way of life and everything they stand for... but you still love them because God teaches you to love everyone... but they're going to burn in hell unless they repent. Lovely.

We are all sinners, we should rebuke but still love like a sibling should.

18 PimpinMasterDX

PimpinmasterDX is one of the worst Youtubers ever existed because his spelling is horrible and etrosious.

I don't really have much to say, all I can is that he sucks, I really hate his top ten 10 worst consoles, I also think he is really annoying, and I am really glad he has been inactive for 2 1/2 years now! Score: 0/10 Sign, LuxrayVision.

In his Haters rant video, he literally said to his haters that he is 22, but when it comes to his haters doing commentaries, rants, and parodies about him, they say that he sounds like and 8-year old kid. He likes Chad Warden because he thinks that Chad is his hero because the way he talks in his videos that he too sounds "pimpin" as well. In the video called, "EmoMasterDX" he was crying due to the fact that Chad Warden was closing his Youtube account that made PimpinMasterDX extremely emotional that his haters told him to kill himself that he was causing misery to the whole Youtube web page by making rants on Youtubers and on other features that the Internet has. In his Youtube Poops rant, he said that the Youtube poops videos were giving people AIDS that the videos was causing them to have a term of diseases. He also said that Youtube Poops have the right to make fun of Chad Warden because of his lack of stupidity on Youtube. And the last thing he said about Youtube Poops is that ...more

His voice is so atrocious!

19 Silverknight171

He is a 16-17 year old hardcore violence/war enthusiast who is classified as an extremist and can be reported by the police of the USA. He is deliberately searching for videos to insult people for what he doesn't like. He is a complete hypocrite, a homophobic, a fascist who hates freedom, love, romance, animals, always claims that humans are quote "God's most chosen and most superior, " a Warhammer 40k fantard, always claims that hatred, violence, and war is eternal life and beauty, and his typing skills, spelling, and grammar are extremely poor, as if he is deliberately using cacography. Is there any hope for this god-forsaken loser?

He is an extremist, a hypocrite, a fascist, a complete Warhammer 40k fantard, and a huge war enthusiast of a troll. I am dead serious. You can't even call this High School prick a "knight" at the slightest! He's an immature, evil, and random loser who makes humans look bad and he deserves NO FANS AT ALL! On the other side of the coin, I believe he only wanted to live in the world of violence, destruction, and warfare especially when he dies for good.

"makes humans look bad"

*inspired to write story about how aliens will think of us due to internet trolls* - Ikura

Since he is officially an extremist, he's just sick and tired of everything, correct? If so, then I rest my case. I believe he is deliberately searching for videos to insult people so that he can get them to blame him, which is what he really wants me to do (which is called trolling, by the way). For that matter, I have to feel sorry for this nimrod. Seriously. I also understand why he's against My Little Pony, including Friendship is Magic, since it's permeating the Internet with any fandoms of it that make no sense, and as a matter of fact that the animated T.V. show is supposed to be for kids, to learn what friendship is about. Just remember that I, for one, have nothing against bronies, or anyone who likes My Little Pony, including the series today. You also need to remember that what you are going to do to him is what he wants. Yes, he's rude as it is officially stated by anyone, but like I said, he's just sick and tired of everything. Trust me. I have learned the truth about ...more

I remembered him posting a cruel hate comment at some girl on YouTube who poses herself as Minerva Mink, causing her friend to make a serious message video about him. Unfortunately that guy who made that video deleted it, probably because Silverknight171 is old news like the rest.

20 JustinRPG

This fiend is most notorious for marrying the Pokemon Reshiram and being idiotic with it at that. He's kinda like Nascar221 except he's doing it to an actual Pokemon and not a trainer. Also he doesn't even do any drawing of any kind. It's just edited pictures with some added pictures of himself, Reshiram, other pokemon he loves, etc. into the background. He also made disturbing fanfics of Reshiram and other Pokemon, and the one with Reshiram has him be a "sex slave" to his so-called waifu (Reshiram). - AnonymousMann

Uh... JustinRPG isn't a troll...

21 SammyClassicSonicFan

I hate him. Why? Because he trolls us with the words freaks, ear deafness sound, and he would not let us release sonic adventure 3 and sonic heroes 2. The worst video of all is the rant of sonic fanbase being ruined. I have words to say to sammyclassicsonicfan. You're a crook. You're a cheat and a swindler. That's what you are! How could you do a thing like this!? Build up Leopold's hopes and mine and smash it to pieces! You're a inhuman monster! I won't see you again! Goodbye!

Some pissed off little prick who claims to be a 15 year old gamer, his original account was closed, he isn't even a real gamer, he is just a lonely kid raging at a bad camera

At least he actually wishes there would exist Pac-Man World 4. Don't get me wrong, I thrive for there to be a Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic Heroes 2 also.

Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase was absolutely, sickeningly hilarious and incredibly memorable. I'll give him that. - xandermartin98

22 Jessi Slaughter

She's a sellout. Why bother giving her attention?

Her videos are starting to bore me. Also, his father died in 2011 from the other video from her, because someone said bad things about her videos.

Jessi is great! So cute and badass back in her heyday. Too bad she turned into a slug...


23 XboxAddictionz

I hate this guy he is so mean to teenagers and needs to get banned in everything he plays

Unlike other people on this list, this guy is actually a good kind of troll. His Minecraft videos are so entertaining and you gotta love the classic sky-high lava grief trick. He and Master of Luck, another good troll, are really good together, and both of them can troll any kid well. Good going, guys.

This evil guy Trolls some teenage boys and girls and uses the voice changer to make them sound like 5-7 years old boys raging

He's so evil! Avoid him at all! If he makes you sound like 6 years old boy raging, He will make people think that your just a 6 years old kid

He is a Minecraft troller. I like his videos. His trolls are pretty good, and these kid's reactions are hilarious. But when the kids scream "OW! " When their character gets hit, it's annoying.

24 Da Bezd Chanl

He reviewed Super Mario Maker before it even came out

I wish this guy should get a life and worst There's another channel called the bezd chanl RFFA

I was in a flame war with this dumbass, and, it was not a fun experience. - IceCriticGamer1661

Why isn't this guy higher

25 The RFAA (Rabid Fanbase Assimilation Army)

Nothing beats the Bezd Chanl, TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel, Betterskatez, etc. Oh and I'm also part of this group. - venomouskillingmachine

26 mrkmusic13

He's a loser who wants attention

27 Sandcastles666
28 Mandaswaggie
29 Meganspeaks

The girlfriend of LIfeinaTent

30 TheLonelyGoomba

This guy needs to die REALLY! THIS GUY SHOULD BE IN THE LIST! he sucks and he should get a life!

I'm not a fan but how is he a troll exactly? - 50

He Bullies Fanbases - JPK

31 Gavinofree
32 Hentai Media Guides

He should get nuked like Japan

33 TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel

He should get a life worse than UTTP

CuteFuzzyWeasel should feed this guy.

This guy thinks he is the real CutefuzzyWeasel (He is not). He hates Minecraft and loves Big Rigs, Bubsy 3D, Call of Duty and Skylanders. He uses speakonia too.

I give Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing an F-.
I give Bubsy 3D an F.
I give Call of Duty an F.
I give Skylandes an F.

34 ourthirdlife

2 girls, 1 terrible account. Sometimes there is a guy, they are epic at satire and kill at pissing people off

-whEEZE- Boy, I don't know if they are a troll but- “Stop CALLING ME A ME-ME” I- -WHEEEZE-

They are one of the best satire channels on Youtube.

They're trolls?

35 homelessgoomba

He's the funniest and the best troller there is but doesn't troll so much it starts to get boring

He's in venturiantale he's like the best one

36 Time4NRG/PSPfan98

Time4NRG is a dumb 14 year old kid who reviews every mainstream game that comes out and tries to spit on the supporters. He says his opinions are facts and rubs it in everyone's faces.

37 cmpuke101

This guy is hilarious! Laugh out loud

This guy never stops spamming about Ryback and he never gets off the internet

He's a wrestling troll. - MageSword

Cmpuke sucks ryback is the only legend

38 it8nky0u

Not rare to find a top comment responding to one of his stupid ass posts. Also uploads interesting troll videos.

39 JaredMilton/JefferySparon

My opinion of Jared Milton:
WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?! IS IT A BOY? A GIRL? WHATEVER! THIS... THING IS A *REAL* MUTANT! NOW THAT'S THE CREATURE THAT MUST BE PURGED OF FOR GOOD! Anyway, with that aside, Jared Milton is a teenager who is a fantard of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, etc. Who brought trolling to a whole new level with an unbelievable million views on his two videos. One of the videos is that he wants to ban video games and the internet. Here's the solution: if video games are banned, people are going to make more of them! Plus, video games never caused drama; reality did! Another video it uploaded is that is wants SOPA back! Oh, and don't EVER get me started on this creature's music video! The creature's hypocrisy, the way it behaves and gestures, and its voice does render it a psychopathic mutant indeed. This... Thing is only trying to get your attention!

I got two examples proving this bug-eyed creature is an obvious hypocrite:
It wants video games to be banned just because they "promote violence" despite that it likes Call of Duty which DOES look explicitly violent with an M rating.

During a Skype chat, it says it didn't want anyone to love him, but went off saying they should love him anyway.

This guy is a terd. He said the internet should be banned on his YouTube video! Talk about stupid, and he made a video stating that it was to make a few friends laugh. He could've just sent it to his friends instead of posting it ON the internet. Oh yeah, and he bashed Pokemon for god knows why! - NerdyPweeps

He came out and said he took it too far and apologized. Watch his newest video. But he convinced me. Props to him.

40 IntelligentCODfanboy

I hate him. He's stupid, thinks his opinion is fact and is a total douche! Thinks he's smart but is really a moron! Please, get him out of here! Nintendo for the win!

He's made himself famous only by trolling! *Claps*

If you guys think he's a "troll", then why are you taking his opinions seriously? You dumb kids are encouraging him to troll

Call of duty for the win! Nintendo sucks.

41 ragegaming
42 Waterimslenderman 12 HGUA
43 Cindybin2001

This girl is absolutely insane! She is anti-marijuana, anti-alcohol, and anti-profanity which is extremely hypocritical because she swears. she literally just can't face the fact that everyone has an opinion so she cyberstalks people who don't agree with her opinion, she also has a twitter where she stalks and rages at people using caps lock, she claims that if you don't agree with her you will go to hell and says that marijuana is a sin and every marijuana smoker is going to hell which is not true. she goes to tons and tons of videos and says a bunch of false things of why she thinks its wrong. many people have proved her wrong but she continues to act like an idiot and start insulting them, she really needs to back off and close her channel because of how many people hate her and disagree with all of her false information, its been like 3 or 4 years and she still hasn't figured out that pretty much 98% of people on YouTube disagree with her and she should just shut up.

She's some crazy doll lady who takes things way too far, she bashes people's opinions and shove her opinion down everyone's throat. cannot beileve she still goes around, its been 4 DAMN YEARS since she started YouTube

I came across her the other day, and she was insulted that I never heard of her before. Listen lady my world doesn't revolve around you or any Youtube commenters. It was a never ending thread on one of her anti cursing rants, and I wasn't even one of the commenters doing the cursing, I was just sticking up for the one doing the cursing. Their is seriously something mentally wrong with that woman and that's no exaggeration. I finally cut it off and moved on, I can't deal with NUTS.

Absolutely insane! Dealt with this one before... She's nuts and the attacks from her demented mind... And the neverending "Oh you're horrible horrible horrible" if you don't agree with her. All in caps of course. Needs to have her internet privileges revoked - Permanently... Crazy ass biotch.

44 Sonicscatfan1999
45 xXMysteriousManXx

This guy insults many old video games and just any video game in general if it isn't Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. But when he reviewed Shadow of the Colossus, he said that it was a s***** game but gives it an 8/10 just for being on PS2. Any video game that is made by Nintendo, he thinks that it sucks. And this guy is a racist. Against all types of people. Such as Japanese people and Jewish people. He also says that he idolizes Hitler. And this guy is so arrogant. He said in his Top 5 characters that deserve their own game, that he put himself at #4. And tries to make a good argument when people give him hate, but he just makes himself look like a big idiot. He is also a hypocrite. He says that he hates Nintendo, when he has all this Nintendo stuff. And in his top 10 worst video games of all time video, at #10, he puts Skyward Sword and says "If you like this game, you are a threat to public safety" but then at #1 he puts Majora's Mask and says "Why? Because it's my ...more - randezzel27

This guy is a real modern moron. By "modern moron, " or "modern whore, " he is one of these people who take putting the past on their backs way too seriously. He has insulted many old Nintendo games that have been critically acclaimed, and compares them to the repetitive and overused Call of Duty, the overrated Final Fantasy, etc. His channel's motto doesn't make any excuse whatsoever, he comes up with plenty of random excuses just to get away with it from constructive criticism, and get this: It's funny how he calls himself a Mysterious Man just to hide is safety behind his screen by not wanting to show himself on camera, despite the fact that what he has done made him a rather notorious user on YouTube.

He always overuses the non-profane F bomb often in every two words just to make him sound cool. Overusing that word unreasonably does not make you sound cool; it makes you sound annoying.

He always overuses the word "'" often in every two words just to make him sound cool. Overusing that word often doesn't make you sound cool; it makes you sound annoying.

46 EricDouglace

EricDouglace is a troll on YouTube who happens to be a sarcastic Justin Bieber fanboy who cynically threatens to hack people if they disagree with his opinion and Justin Bieber. Need I say more?

One of the best trolls of 2010. Although it got our of hand and he got hated to the point of leaving YouTube. It all may have been an act though.

Eric. Why do you think that your seen to be plan to make everyone like Justin Bieber when about JB when about 99% of the earth hate him?

47 DarkMetalOverlord

He's this obnoxious kid who constantly posts obnoxious comments, always laughs about how much he hates the Xbox fandom, Nintendo fandom, etc.

Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud. its his language

This guy is a troll

The ultimate Xbot destroyer.

Automatic 420/10

48 3pac

He hates Eminem and more rap legends and he is a fat nerd who loves shaking asses and honestly.I think this guy likes Sam Smith and also he thinks he is the real Rap God no Eminem is the real Rap God and he doesn't worship 2pac and Biggie also he thinks he is the best rapper of all time no Lil Wayne is better than this crap and also I hate this rapper because he thinks he is cool no he is fat and ugly and also Nas and others are better than him.I hate this ass.

Lol he is dumb

The man is dead show respect

Think that's teds account. That guy hates me. LIKE HATES ME! Huhuhuhu!

49 CinemaSins CinemaSins is a movie-related YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel produces the Everything Wrong With...

All he does is post stupid sin numbers HE SUCKS!

50 TheReviewSpace

This man has just slapped the word "annoyance" on his face, most notably his "Fanboy Reviews, " which are, of course, extremely annoying, from start to finish! His intro, how he makes invalid points over Nintendo games he just made fun of, and how he repetitively concludes his Fanboy Reviews along with his voice. This guy is just trying to get the fanboys to blow up on him. Oh, and not to mention that he is also a grammar nazi.

Ahaha yes this guy this is the biggest troll ever all his videos suck you know if I was to give an award for the least amount of effort put in a video it would go to this guy for his "reviews" all the does is show a few pictures of the game put some text around it add some secure inducing colours and bum he's done ow whait he also commintates on the games with the stupidest writing I ever heard in his top 10 worst Pokemon games review which sucked by the way he said that Pokemon crystal rips off gold and silver but it didn't cause it's a sister game so it's like the tow in one and thence the next number he said that gold and silver rips off crystal the the fu£k lastly the said that "lastly he said that with all 3 legendary dogs running around its impossible to catch theme all we'll it's not I captured articuno zapdos and moltres in platinum and they were all rooming too so capturing 3 is not a problem is you have patients aka this guy sucks

His "Fanboy Reviews" are extremely annoying! He insults Nintendo games, claiming that Zelda is part of that "Illuminati" thing which I don't believe in and I never will. His voice, his intro, the rest of his videos, and his conclusions just slap the word "annoyance" on his forehead. He wants everyone to fanboy what he is trolling.

TheReviewSpace has gotta be the most annoying troll on YouTube and a complete laughingstock.

First of all, his intro is stupid. All it is, is this guy being a major tool.

Second, his "Fanboy Reviews" are annoying and repetitive. Sounding like a chipmunk, putting 0 effort into videos, and adding random text and colors that's enough to make you sick, is not entertaining.

Third, considering how random this guy's content is and how his videos only get 100 or less views or maybe 1,000 views or less, I've got a feeling that TheReviewSpace isn't gonna last long on YouTube. I mean, for crying out loud, this guy has been on YouTube since 2011 and his videos haven't changed or gotten better. They're the same stupid nonsense that nobody cares about.

Ah, well. Nice knowing you, TheReviewSpace. ✌

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