All he does is bash games everyone likes and when he says something bad about a game he barely says why it's bad and moves on to some other stupid as hell thing. All he seems to like and play is shooters and some racing games but I don't hate his videos nearly as much as his comments just go there your self I can't even explain how bad it is. Also he bashes people for not agreeing with him sometimes I understand but other times it's ridiculous. Not going into any more details I explained enough.

I am especially pissed off at Gligar13Vids for insulting Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda franchise, Sonic Before the Sequel and Grand Theft Auto III.

He's probably the only one in the world who dislikes Half Life 2, Mother 3, Portal 2, Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, WATCH_DOGS, Thief, etc. And he insults everyone who is against his opinion. He's the worst example of a Call of Duty fanboy. If this is not enough to make him worthy of this spot, I don't know what is.

He bashed MOTHER 3 on the graphics by saying that NES games had better graphics. Then he went on to claim that the battle system is just mashing the a button, when in reality, there are abilities, psi attacks, and rhythm combos. He claims that the game sucks and never even finished the first chapter. He sucks.

All of his "Game reviews" don't show a single plausible reason to back up his argument. For example, telling that the main feature of a danmaku shooter, Filling the screen with bullets, is fake difficult (Touhou Review) telling the graphics are bad, not noticing was made in 2001 (Sonic Adventures 2 Review. and also, most of the images that is shown at his videos are (Probably0 himself playing the game his ranting about... and sucking at it. - ScytheSoldier

His fans are even more annoying then this troll.

How is this guy not number 1? He cannot accept other opinions and he even hates games that mariotehplumber likes! For example he hates ocarina of time wich is mariotehplumber favorite zelda game!

He hates Pokemon yet his name is gligarvids13 and he loves Xbox one but now he hates it because they confirmed that they will removed the stuff on it and he loves hitler. WHAT AN IDIOT! - brandonburgan

He does not know a good game when he sees because he's dumb - brandonburgan

He also shows hate to valve because "of HALF 2 IS NOT HALF LIFE 1" - TominatorXX

I wonder why BAD GAMES: Sonic 06 (or why it sucks in a nutshell) got more dislikes (it has about 750 dislikes) than likes (it has directly 400 dislikes) despite being well-received for a gligar13vids video. I give this game a 2.5/10. - Kieran Stark aka The Ulitmate Daredevil

Ok Gligar13vids. I am sick and tired of you trying to destroy me. Quit saying bad things about games that are already out in 2016. This is your last chance. You will go to the doctor to not say bad things about games. Worse than that, your YouTube channel will and I mean WILL be terminated forever. You been warned.

It surprises me that he is not number 1

He hate the Lego movie for no reason

Hates mother 3! And he didn't even finish the first chapter

I wish YouTube terminates his channel right now. Saying bad things about new games from this year, last year, and the year before that are complete nonsense. I don't like his insult to every game.

He's another Call of Duty fanboy that's all that needs to be said

To tell you the truth I don't mind gligar - TriforceLegend64

He is a furry. For real not just hater

He's a bully that wastes his time online, trying to bring others down just because they enjoy the games that he hates.

He said something bad about Call of Duty black ops 3, Black Ops declassified, battlefield hardline, watch dogs, kingdom hearts, mario games, sonic games, titanfall, pokemon games, Grand Theft Auto 3, tf2, halo games, shadow the hedgehog, goldeneye 007, metal gear solid, and the rest of those games like that except for slender! I wan't his official youtube channel terminated forever and that is final! I don't care if it is everyone's opinion! Let's get together to get his youtube channel terminated!

He said something bad about Black Ops 3, Black Ops Declassified, Battlefield Hardline, Kingdom Hearts, Mario games, Sonic games, Halo games, Pokemon games, Grand Theft Auto 3, Splatoon and the rest of games except for Slender the arrival.

He will never say anything bad about those games except for Slender the arrival again. He also said something bad about Titanfall and Hour to victory. He will be terminated forever and ever.

His reviews suck. Look at The Mario Kart 8 one.

He also faps to Pokemon and digimon, which I think is just plain disgusting.